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I finally had a chance to sit down and close out the 4th quarter of 2008, and thought I'd share some interesting blog stats with you. Stats are incredibly important in my book. They help you gauge progress, and give you a starting point for creating new goals and challenges for yourself.

I'm sharing this with you for two reasons. And certainly not to brag, because these stats may not be that impressive to some. Its all relative. But I'm sharing them with you to inspire & motivate you, and also to let you know what's working really well for me...

I'll start by confessing that I dont work that hard at blog promotion. I could, given my background in online marketing, but I dont. Call me a lazy blogger if you like (fair enough), but the point is that you can easily achieve the same (or much, much better) results yourself.

The only promotion that I actively did during 2008 is:

I optimize my posts as I go for specific keyword phrases. I mention my blog posts on Twitter, and have my blog URL in my Twitter bio. And I have a blog broadcast set up through Aweber so that my readers can get updates every week on new posts here at the blog - which is completely automated.

So as you can see I am not out there commenting like mad, doing guests posts, article marketing, actively getting new inbound links, creating 300 squidoo lenses, stumbling or digging my own posts, or any of that stuff. I'm just blogging and tweeting, and letting the rest happen naturally.

Hmm. I should mention that I'm fairly active on MySpace and Facebook, but I dont do any hardcore marketing there either.

All that said, here is the interesting point that I wanted to share with you:

The month of December was my best month yet. Both in terms of traffic, and income. I was 259 shy of having 20,000 unique visitors, and my income that last quarter was more than double what it was in the first quarter of 2008.

That's interesting enough in itself, but if you remember... I was off on vacation in Australia for two whole weeks during the month of December, and came home just a week before Christmas - followed by New Years. 2 weeks vacation + 2 major holidays, well - it's not as if I was actively "working" that month.

And therein lies the real inspiration. πŸ˜‰

I'm even inspired. I am so inspired by what I accomplished (so easily) last year, that I'm motivated to actually work at it this year!

This is how I doubled my income (passively):

It's simple really. My winning combination is: Affiliate Marketing, SEO & Info Products. I use Affiliate Marketing and also my own products to monetize my blog posts, and then use SEO to make sales passively.

And by Info Products, I'm referring to cheap reports - and often sold elsewhere (not even through my blog) via the Fast Cash Strategy method. These reports have links in them as well, so they earn both on the front end and the back end - generally via affiliate sales.

That Fast Cash Strategy is my own personal method, by the way. I dont sell it publicly (yet) but I do let my readers download the first edition for only $10. You can read more about that here.

Obviously if you dont monetize your blog posts (or web pages), you're not going to make any money. No amount of unique content and good search engine rankings is going to fix that.

Personally, I have found that Affiliate Marketing and having your own info products (even if they're just cheap reports) are the two best ways to make money online. And I'll tell you why: both allow you to earn money passively, even if you're away from your computer for days - or weeks - at a time.

Obviously your content has to be seen in order for it to convert into sales, which is where the SEO comes in. And for those of you new to the scene, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It basically just means optimizing your pages for specific keyword phrases so that they rank well in the major search engines for those phrases.

Buried Blog Posts, That Still Crank Out Sales.

"Oh, okay - I get it," you say. "You're blogging about products and people are buying them. But how is that passive?" It's not. Blogging on a regular basis takes a bit of a commitment, as you've probably discovered by now.

But let's go back to December's stats. While I was on vacation I did very little blogging. I had several guest posts, and my own posts were photo & video updates from my trip to Australia.

πŸ’‘ The key is in having your money posts rank well, so they continuously make sales for you - even if you're away, or busy blogging about something else.

For example, some of my current Google rankings include: "traffic secrets 2.0 review" #1, "bans review" #3 & #4, "starting a free online business" #1 & #2, "free netflix account" #1, etc. Those are all older blog posts that are still cranking out sales.

And by the way, if your blog posts usually rank well and then tank out of Google completely, you'll want to see this post: Rank & Tank. It explains how I manage to get - and keep - those good rankings.

Of course, in addition to making money directly my blog has also contributed to the growth and sales on my other websites. It has been a great way to get more newsletter subscribers, forum members and webinar attendees for example.

Blogs are powerful. I hope this inspires you to start blogging, keep blogging, or get more serious about blogging. As I said earlier, it didnt take much for me to achieve these results - and you can easily do the same!


p.s. This needs to be the year that you start earning 5-figures per month from Affiliate Marketing. Stay tuned, because next I am going to dig into an in-depth review of some of the best Affiliate Marketing guides on the 'net.

And a quick reminder - there's less than a week to register for the hands-on workshop in Atlanta where we'll be there to help you learn it one-on-one πŸ˜‰

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  1. Good to see your traffic increase so well and I found that implementing the ideas from Stomping The Search Engines gave me a step change which nearly doubled my traffic.

    I must admit that in some ways I am even lazier - I haven't developed my own information products yet.

  2. Dan Reinhold says

    Geez...5 figures a month this year from affiliate marketing? Me??

    This is by far the clearest and most direct Internet marketing info of any kind I've ever read. And I've read a lot more than I care to admit.

    On a coaching call yesterday, the suggestion was made that I change WAHumor.com into a blog from its current regular ol' website status. I think I'd prefer it that way, but I'm still checking out what it might entail.

    This is most certainly the year I must make serious money, and blogging may just be the way to "get 'er done"!!

    P.S. Man, that workshop is looking really good. Bad timing for me after the big 20th, though...

  3. Jonathan Fields says

    Hey Lynn,

    Thanks for not only the dose of inspiration, but of transparency. It's great to be able to get a peek behind the ClickNewz curtain, see your actual numbers and understand how you've gotten there.

    Here's to doubling again in '09!

  4. I don't have a doubt in the world about why your numbers are growing so fast -- especially unique visitors to your posts.

    It's because you are one of the very few who understand about giving real value from a real person that is aimed at real people.

    Just this past week I unsubscribed from 15 newsletters/blogs/emails because of all the crap coming from so-called marketers.

    Your way of doing business is like a fresh breeze, Lynn. I hope you never change your philosophy of how to do business on the Internet.

    Thank you for what you do.

    Peace ....

  5. Lots of helpful tips. Much appreciated.

  6. Amy Miyamoto says

    Your post posts never cease to inspire me. You've done it again. I am grateful to have discovered you in 2008 and look forward to learning so much more from you in 2009!
    On twitter @LotusAmy

  7. Lynn, your info is always easy to understand, important - and most importantly backed by experience.
    The internet, indeed, is a large school of very hungry fish looking to for info on how to make money online. And, unfortunately, lots of those trying to make that money - are trying to teach it without the experience to back it up.
    The challenge for me has been to find something of interest to me - that can become an info product. I don't want to just "grab" someone elses real expertise - rewrite it and put it out there. That doesn't seem right - and I feel the internet is getting full of that.
    Info products are the best way to go - but what do you do if that is not your "thing"?

  8. Tom's Orchid Flowers Help says

    Congratulations on your positive traffic & income developement.
    Also thanks for the links to the Basic SEO and the Rank&Tank article.

  9. Dawnaurora says

    Thanks for that Lynn. My physical products site has been increasing, but I want to earn more money passively. This post gives great direction.

  10. Christina Lemmey says

    Thanks for the inspiration, Lynn! I love reading your blog and am happy that you're so willing to share this info.

    It's encouraging to know that even taking baby steps can help earn passive income.

  11. What a great post Lynn! I've been trying for two months to decide whether to do a blog or a website using Affiliate Marketing since I'm new at this.

    My question is - what if you're not in the Internet Marketing niche? Can you still be successful with Affiliate Marketing?

    Given my rookie status I don't feel comfortable having a website or blog about IM but that seems to be where in "money" is.

    Thank you for continually providing hope and inspiration for those of us who are trying to make it in the internet business.

  12. Party Plan Companies - Kristina says

    I would also like to know the awswers to what Sherri asked in her post. Thats a good point that if your not in the IM niche it might be harder?

  13. Mary Gallagher says

    Lynn, this is a terrific example of how simple you keep showing us this business model can be. Though simple, it still means commitment, consistency, common sense and direction. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and strategy. Making it come alive in my own situation will be a major goal this year. Thanks for the inspiration. Best for now,

  14. Thanks for sharing your stats. I love your blog and your posts are really informative! Keep up the great work....

  15. Sandy Naidu says

    Thank you Lynn for sharing the figures...Good luck in 2009...I love reading your posts....

  16. I am happy to know that others are successful.
    The growth for the entire year of 2008 is great. Looks like a 30%-40% increase in everything.

    You did mention that you sell your own products and this is a very important thing. It is better to sell your own product than someone else. This is where the real money starts.

    @ Sherri
    I think a blog is perfect for new webmasters it's easy to maintain and can teach the basics of owning a website. Once you spend about a year blogging you can better understand what it takes to run a more involved larger site.
    You can be successful in any niche. IM will take more work and time. People always say IM is where the money is, but the truth is 90% of niches make money. IM'ers are the only ones that tell you how much they are making and give stats. This is a great thing because it inform and inspire others. I saw john Chow's check and became a IM'er instantly.

    I saw start with a blog in a small niche and take your time making it grow and top the SERP's for your keyword. Take the time to test Adsense and Affiliate programs and build a solid understanding of both. Start from the bottom and remember to KISS (Keep it simple silly)
    It is not a JOB its a business your business.

    Sorry Lynn
    I know she asked you but....

    Keep up the good work and make a a double for 2009 .

  17. This is the very reson I am starting my blog. I litterly spent thousands of dollars and never got any good information, I always had to pay for it.

    So now I just want to help people from doing like I did , and maybe help just one person save a litell money than I have done my job!

    This is an inspiring site and I will send people here to get tips. This is a good resources for a newbie.

    Thank You For Such An Inspiring Site.

  18. Great to hear about your success Lynn. Gives us all hope and encouragement.

    I will have to knuckle down and get my own reports and ebooks written. Onwards and upwards....


  19. Great post. I'm really impressed by your stats. We are just starting out and don't plan to buy visitors so have a lot to learn and do.

    FYI, the word 'inspiration' is what made me click through to read this post, Lynn. Really appreciate your sharing.

    Also, as an Aussie, I enjoyed the posts of photos from your visit to OZ.

    Cheers and here's to a great 09!

  20. Dan & Sherri - I have both, blogs and static websites, and both earn me just as well as the other. Dont get bogged down about platforms and technical details - the real point is to put content out there offers value and has a call-to-action. Period.

    That said, obviously there are some things that are better than others - like WordPress on your own domain is better than Blogger or any other free hosted service. But so long as you're working on your own domain, the platform is much less important than the content & the consistency.

    My question is - what if you’re not in the Internet Marketing niche? Can you still be successful with Affiliate Marketing?

    Of course! There is tons of money to be made in Affiliate Marketing, in a wide variety of niches! We discussed this on today's webinar actually. Consider the last product you bought on the internet. Personally, I have recently purchased:

    A PS3, software, video games, a mini HD video camera, make-up, roller skates, books, home decor, and even coffee! Last year I even bought my computer desk, television & dishwasher online.

    There is a lot more being bought & sold than just ebooks around here πŸ˜‰

    See: Market Research & Niche Discovery

  21. Annemarie O'Bea says

    As you know, I am just getting ready to launch my ecommerce site. I am also very interested in setting up some affiliate sites for more passive income, but beyond understanding the concept, don't have much going on there. Would this workshop be a good way to get started, or better served served for someone who is ready to jump in feet first? I am thinking the latter might be more of the case. Your thoughts?

  22. Hi Annemarie,

    The workshop will be great for both actually. David addressed that on the post, where you'll find a full-on discussion about the workshop:

    We'll be breaking up into groups to work hands-on on the strategies taught, so it should make for a very good experience with a group of people on all skill levels!

    I'll be helping with those workshops, of course πŸ˜‰

  23. Ian Dunford says

    What another excellent Post Lynn

    Surly ClickNewz is the Capitol of the Blogging World.
    And you are the Queen of it
    (Queen Lynn)
    $5000 a month I believe you. that I will
    Following you while beginning to live out my own success.
    In your Debt
    Ian UK

  24. Definitely an inspirational post. I have learned so much from you and I'm thankful for that. Still have a long way to go but I'm starting to finally 'get it', this whole Internet/Affiliate marketing and SEO thing.

    Congrats on your SUCCESS! You deserve every bit of it.

  25. Franck Silvestre says

    Wow, that's a great milestone Lyn! Many people will consider it not quite an 'accomplishment,' but for people like me, it's very inspiring and motivating.

    As 'The Secret' puts it, optimism is the key! πŸ™‚

  26. Thanks for the inspiring post, guess it's time for me to try a new alternative πŸ™‚

  27. Far from it, Ian πŸ˜‰ While I am considered a "pro blogger" (meaning this is what I do full time and I make money at it), I'm more of a casual/passion blogger in the grand scheme of things.

    This blog (clicknewz.com) is relatively new - not even 3 years on this domain yet. I could have grown it much faster of course, but have really enjoyed taking my time getting a feel for it and getting comfortable with this new publishing model (after years of doing it 'old school') πŸ˜‰

  28. Angie - Thank you!

    Let's both commit to kicking it into full gear this year - what do you say?

  29. Ian Dunford says

    Hey Lynn,

    As yet I haven't read anything I didn't or didn't infuse me with inspiration.
    You are a writing machine.
    I always seem to get something out of what you write.
    I really appreciate the walk through types of Posts that you do for example


    I had a go at this today I didn't do very well but it was practice I wrote this down on my elite post mainly for myself.

    I really enjoyed doing it and will do more tonight
    Thanks Lynn Again.

    Kind Regards

    Ian UK

  30. Alan Petersen says

    Awesome post Lynn. I'm very grateful for all your help in 2008 via your blog posts, SSWT, webinars, etc. I followed your advice on creating high quality, low price info products and I love how they just keep earning day in and day out. I always follow your fast cash strategy principles selling my guides. I still get a kick that I can be Kayaking in Mexico and someone bought my $10 guide while I was paddling away. πŸ™‚

  31. Nicely written, Lynn, as always. I actually had my best year online this year also, but I didn't crack the $1,000 level; heck, I barely cracked the $500 level! lol

    But I have high hopes, as I keep reading both online and offline stuff, so we'll see if I can finally improve to the level I want to get to.

  32. Excellent content here and a nice writing style too - keep up the great work!

  33. I would like to mention that social marketing like your tweetering and facebook works much better for the pretty faces such as yourself. Your sparkling headshot gets the click. Yes you do back this up with great content. But what about the ugly car mechanics.

    My point is I have three hundred followers after a year of tweeter. A hot girl posts her pretty face and has 500 followers in 1 hour.

  34. In response to Mark the Car Mechanic, I'm relatively new to Twitter, but I would venture to say that the pretty face can have a lot to do with followers, BUT a snappy bio, and tweet content is what will determine the longevity of those followers. The Twitterers that have the most followers are honestly the one's that give back to the community the most.

    So, you have to ask yourself - what are you tweeting about?? Is it of interest to the types of followers that you want?

  35. Mark, you ARE kidding about "pretty people", aren't you?

  36. Paul, Was kinda kidding. I realize that quality will win the day in the end. But a pretty face sure can give you a jump start.

    Also Lynn pointed out that being famous can be more effective than looks. Although I do not think Ed Dale is Ugly. He just needs a new hair style!

  37. OnlineGist - Internet Marketing Blog says

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks a lot for sharing again. You are a big inspiration to me. I am definitely taking my blogging seriously this year and it is all down to learning so much from you. I plan to increase my subscribers, revamp my blog and must importantly offer value to my visitors. Have a great day.


  38. Blogging? What's that. πŸ˜‰

    Great stuff Lynn.

    Someone asked above if it would be a similar success being an affiliate outside the Internet marketing niche.

    Even better, I have found that niches are much better in a variety of ways, whle the IM niche is very active it is also a little jaded, where as the niches aren't like that so much.

    Those people you write for in the niches seem to be responsive in a different way altoghter, seems that those marketing tactics and ideas which annoy those in the IM niche itself work far better in the niches.

    Blog about a niche and APPLY what you learn in IM, apply what Lynn teaches here and you will have an easier time of it. πŸ˜€

    Then you have your own proof of what works by doing which means you can then blog or teach about what you learned in the niches.


  39. Petra Weiss says

    Hi Lynn,
    you are my inspiration! I have still a lot to learn, but reading about how you are going, and what you do, is truly inspiring.
    Yes, I have got your "Fast Cash Strategies" report and will put it to good use this year!
    Here is to a brilliant 2009!


  40. Just beginning to understand all of this. Congratulations on your growth & profitability.

  41. Jeffery Wood says

    Thanks Lynn for sharing your stats. It's encouraging to know that you don't have to put in 60+ hour weeks on your own business like I keep hearing.

  42. I came to your web site via Jonathan Field's blog. I listened to the entire interview you had with with Jonathan. Very inspirational!

    The stats you posted are very impressive. I'm wondering which web stat/analytic software you use to track your traffic. Are these numbers based on Google Analytics? Webalizer? etc.?

    I've tried a few different packages, but their numbers are all different (in some cases they differ by a factor of 2 or 3).

    I'm curious what your recommendation for web analytics.


  43. Mark Emmett says

    It's "don't" "don't" "don't"

    NOT "dont."

    Not "dont."

    Please, that, and other omissions of the apostrophe, is VERY distracting.

    • Mark Emmett says

      And, frankly, reflective of your relative intelligence.

      Which, BTW, I believe to be VERY high.

      But, you could use a proofreader/editor for your posts.

      • The lack of apostrophe's is a personal quirk of my writing style, always has been. And one of many I might add. I type over 100 wpm. I also share some pretty decent tips at a very reasonable price (free).

        It's all about where your focus is when you're reading along here at ClickNewz. Pick up what you can, apply it, ask questions if you have them... and feel free to let me know when you think I'm doing a fabulous job. πŸ™‚

      • It's NOT BTW it's by the way. πŸ™‚

        Sheesh, unbelievable!

        Someone elect you grammar police then. πŸ˜‰

  44. Dan Reinhold says

    Sorry dude...Lynn is admittedly "apostrophe impaired."

    She's allowed her quirks. The pursuit of perfection is a perfect waste of time.

    Except in resumes. πŸ™‚

    Now, how do you feel about the CONTENT??


  45. I enjoy the content. I see a lot of blogs cross my desk that offer little if any help or value. Thanks for a great blog.

  46. Dan Reinhold says

    Don't tell me, Ron...

    ...to get to the other side??


  47. Flash Design says

    What I think is special about your posts is that they are extremely easy to understand - you really K-I-S-S πŸ˜‰ and you still provide valuable information even for those who are somewhat experienced in the field of internet marketing.

    Thank you for sharing your strategy on your blog. I think it makes a lot of sense. How much traffic do you get from social networks? I can imagine it might be a considerable amount. Does it pay off to be active on facebook to drive traffic to blogs?

  48. Marty Saposnick says

    This is good beginning advice. Anyone who expects to earn significant money after a short period of time without the research,support,consistency, and with a clear succinct messeage will noot be successful.

    Our biggest asset is time and if utilized properly, on point, and with a new and interesting slant.

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