4. How to Make Money on eBay

Part FOUR of the 10 Ways to Make Money Online Series

The fourth method for making money online that Jimmy D. Brown shares in his free report (link above) is to sell products on eBay (pages 14-15). He mentions that you "won't find hotter leads than people who are browsing eBay, because they are obviously looking for products to buy".

Tapping into a marketplace of buyers is a smart move. People search Google for information. YouTube for videos. eBay... for products and deals.

So how can you tap into this marketplace? Jimmy suggests one of two ways, or a combination of both: sell products for direct profit, or use eBay strictly as a lead generator to funnel buyers into your sales funnel.

Most of you know that I used to 'work' eBay heavily back in the 90's. Not only did I train powersellers, I also parterned with two local wholesale companies where we were selling $20-$30k/month in merchandise on eBay. That was physical products of course, not info-products.

Jimmy points out an important note about selling info-products:

If you're selling downloadable products like ebooks, eBay now requires you to mail the product, which means you'll either need to make a print product, or you need to put the product on a flash drive, CD, DVD or other device.

Just this week I got an email from Alan Petersen with a link to download his free report on this topic: Selling Ebooks on eBay. It's an in-depth 30-page report, so if this interests you then you'll definitely want to download the report and give it a read.

Alan goes on to give more tips for selling info-products and building your list by using eBay, without having to create physical versions of your info products. See: Can You Still Build a List on eBay?? Oh Yeah! (be sure to check out the other video he links to there as well)

That should get you started with virtual products, but let's get back to the topic of selling physical products on eBay. As I mentioned I have quite a bit of experience with that, but I quit selling on ebay years ago. So I decided to pull in a more current expert on the topic...

Meet Lisa Suttora

Lisa Suttora is an ecommerce expert and successful information marketer. Online since 2002, Lisa first created a thriving ecommerce businesses selling physical products in two of today's top marketplaces, eBay and Amazon.com. A featured speaker at eBay Live! for 4 years running, Lisa has taught more than 175,000 people how build unique, remarkable & profitable online businesses.

Lisa’s website www.WhatDoISell.com is one of only 34 eBay Certified Providers worldwide and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Practical Ecommerce and Shop.org, the premier ecommerce trade association.

With a unique blend of more than 15 years of both online and offline retail merchandising experience, Lisa brings a fresh approach to the topic of what to sell and how to sell it.

Join Us Live: How to Make Money on eBay

Lisa has agreed to join us live for a Free Webinar this week to go into detail about how to make money on eBay. Since there are only 100 spots on the live webinar, you'll want to make sure you're signed up for the notification list so that you can get a link to the recording emailed to you in case you miss it.

Date: Tuesday June 9th
Time: Noon EST

Join us live, or listen in to the recording to find out:

  • How Lisa Got Started Selling Online
  • Why an eBay Business is Perfect for People Just Getting Started
  • The 3 Physical Products Business Models
  • Creating an ECM (eBay Cash Machine)
  • Finding Products to Sell
  • How to Get Started Selling on eBay Right Away
  • Tips for Selling Successfully

The live webinar is Tuesday, June 9th at Noon EST. If you can't make it, I'll send the recording out via email. I'll also have more resources to help you make money on eBay this week as well - so stay tuned 😉


p.s. Make sure you're signed up for my free weekly webinars. The link is: http://www.selfstartersweeklytips.com/webinars.htm You'll want to log in a few minutes early - the room fills up pretty quick!

p.p.s. Lisa's site is normally $47 to access, but she has set up this special link: http://whatdoisell.com/lynn for you to have a $1 trial. Enjoy!

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  1. lyle robinson says

    Hey Lynn. I'm surprised there's no comments yet...oh well...the webinar with you and Lisa yesterday was amazing...Lisa was so full of great info and the audience was smart as a whip as well. It made for a very informative hour. I'm definitely going to add Ebay as a potential business model. Thanks again for letting this happen and take care.All the best.


  2. Alan Petersen says

    Hi Lynn, I agree with Lyle. Your webinar on eBay with Lisa was awesome! As is the fantastic $1 trial offer you got for us to check out Lisa's site. 🙂 A lot of naysayers out there about eBay which I think is why many Internet and affiliate marketers stay away but eBay is still the bomb in my book. Although I've been using eBay as a list builder mostly, Lisa got me excited about selling products on there again. 🙂

  3. I think everyone must be busy checking out what we discussed, or brainstorming ways to tap into the eBay marketplace 😉 I agree, awesome hour... Lisa Suttora rocks!

    The replay can be found here: eBay Webinar


  4. Jeff - Starting An Online Business says


    My first online business model involved full-time selling on ebay.

    It wasn't until I joined WhatDoISell that I had a legitimate business and made regular income on ebay.

    I can't recommend her coaching and information products more highly. You'll make the money you spend back in short order.


  5. Thanks for the feedback, Jeff!

    For anyone that missed it, you can get the $1 trial into Lisa's site using this link: http://whatdoisell.com/lynn

    Enjoy 😀

  6. Robert Nelson says

    Another possibility for marketing. Just remember one of the things Lynn does is find possibility's,however you are not expected to be interested in everyone of them.

  7. True Robert. It has been fun to discuss some of these methods from Jimmy's report. I may not have touched on several of these topics had it not been for the series, so it definitely opens a few doors.

  8. This is very interesting post for me. I should read series 1 to 3 and series 5 to 10 to fully understand the ways on how to make money online.

  9. Poppy Hutton says

    I have to say that I am really impressed with your blog overall. You obviously know what you are talking about as you write with passion. If I had your writing ability, I know I could be a success. I have bookmarked your web site and look forward to more updates.

    • Thank you Poppy. I have a lot of writing resources if you're interested. Check the Web Content Development category as I recently did a series on this. Including a lot of my own sources: PLR content, outsourcing, easy types of content even non-writers can do well, etc. Appreciate the comment!

  10. Is it to late to get in on ebay? Ive been looking for a niche to fill, still looking for a product I can make money on.

  11. Hi Lynn,

    It's nice to find your site. I live right here in Middle Tn as well.

    I have an eBay success story to share. In 2001, my wife and I started selling dvds and other products around the house on eBay. By 2009, we had grown that into a 1.8 million dollar business selling on our own site, eBay, and Amazon.

    For a couple of years, eBay was 100% of our sales. Things have changed and eBay isn't the place they were when I started, but they are still a good place for the average person to get started and learn the ropes.

    In my experience, my personal site and Amazon sales dwarf what I do on eBay now. Each year, I see eBay contributing to less and less of my business revenues.

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