Problogger Workbook: Build A Better Blog

In the 7+ years that Darren Rowse has been blogging professionally, he has been consistently growing as the icon of the blogging industry. While gimmicks and tricks, and blogs and bloggers, have come and gone... Darren has remained consistent and profitable.

When a man like this offers you a workbook for only $19.95, that includes things he has tried and tested and continues to use on his own blogs, you'd be crazy not to grab a copy and follow it step for step.

So that's exactly what I did, and in this post I'll give you a full review of what I found and thought while reading 31 Days to Build a Better Blog...

The workbook is a 94-page PDF file that you can download instantly. As I mentioned in my video, I have a great local printer that I email PDF files too, and she prints them for me and puts them in a 3-ring binder.

I took off to the park by the river this afternoon, and basically did a month's worth of reading in a single afternoon...

31 days of concentrated teaching and hands-on exercises that you can apply to your blog... one day at a time.

First, a bit of history - This 31 day challenge, referred to as 31 Days to Build a Better Blog or 31DBB for short, began as a blog series. Darren ran it on his blog at, and I also ran that series here at ClickNewz last year. It's an incredibly popular and productive series. In fact over 13,000 people participated live the last time Darren ran the series.

Is 31DBB a good pick for you?

If you have a blog, and you would like more traffic and more subscribers, and of course more sales, 31DBB is for you. If you do not have a blog set up yet, but would like to, you should start here instead.

I have been blogging consistently for 5 years now, and earn a full-time living at it, and I enjoyed the 31DBB workbook as much as I enjoyed running the series live here on ClickNewz. It is also great for new bloggers to start out with the right habits, learn the ropes, and get a much better head start at blogging successfully than I did.

Can't I just read the blog series instead?

Sure! You'll find the archived posts on Darren's blog at, and you can find the archived series here at ClickNewz as well. I tagged all of the posts in that series with BABB (build a better blog) in an effort to make the posts easier to find.

The problem is that other posts have made their way into that search query somehow, so you'll have to do a bit of hunting and clicking - and the posts appear in the wrong order, end to beginning. It's not ideal.

And I don't know about you, but as you can tell from the picture above - I prefer to do my reading offline. Particularly when I am studying something I want to make notes about, or would rather have on my desk in front of me then lost somewhere on my hard drive or in my bookmarks.

There's also the issue of distraction, which I avoid by reading offline. No banners, links, miles of comments to get lost in, or other "shiny objects". No searching, no sidetracking. That said, you can certainly read the online versions in our archives for free, and some people will prefer to do that. To each his own!

I will say that there were some new tips in this PDF version, and some fresh ideas I don't recall seeing in the original series. It is chock full of creative inspiration! There are also "extra bonus tips & reflections" included, plus a space for your notes.

The tips in the "Today's Notes" section at the end of each chapter are particularly useful. I'd be willing to bet that most people aren't doing even half of these super easy tasks to grow their blogs. I confess I haven't been...

Why Darren Rowse?

There are a lot of people on the scene trying to sell you one ebook or another about how to make money blogging. They come and go. Very few of those same people are actually earning a full-time living by blogging. Rather, they earn their living selling you ebooks about it.

Darren has built a glamorous image for Problogger over time, and for professional blogging as an industry, but he'll be the first to break it down into the most non-glamorous of terms: it takes work.

I love that he he doesnt use hype or promise the moon, but instead breaks it down into simple action steps and shows you how it's really done.

In a recent ustream broadcast, I had the opportunity to ask Darren a few questions - and I was impressed to learn that he answers his own email and manages his own twitter accounts. He is very realistic and down-to-earth, but also very successful at blogging. One word: Integrity.

If you follow Darren at, you'll see that he kicks out incredible content week after week (month after month, year after year), with seemingly little effort. What actually goes into that process, is exactly what he outlines - in detail - in the 31DBB workbook.

Highlights of 31DBB

I had a few personal favorites from the PDF version that I'll share with you real quick. Depending on where you are with blogging, your take-aways may be completely different, but these were mine:

  • One Question Interviews -p.23
  • What you can learn by studying Digg and Delicious -p.11
  • How to engage new readers that enter your blog on older (dated) posts in your archives -p.26
  • Solving readers' problems -p.46
  • Example mind maps for brainstorming great topic ideas -p.33 (simple, but brilliant!!)


Blogging requires consistency. It shouldn't be hit or miss, but it also shouldn't be filled with unnecessary pressure and frustration.

If you're ready to get over the hump and take your blog to the next level, download the 31DBB Workbook and follow it daily. Until it becomes habit.

Download it instantly from:


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  1. Great review! I have been putting this book on the back burner so I'm thinking I should bite the bullet and just get it.

  2. This sounds like a great resource. I am definitely going to look into it.

  3. I have to say, I am really glad that I had this one printed and put in a binder. I actually had 3 guides printed this week, and it cost me around $30 total (including the binders). Well worth it! I am making a lot of notes in the Problogger workbook as it relates to my blog specifically, and as it inspires ideas.

    I plan to keep this one on my desk, and refer to it often to continue to improve my blog and my readership. Darren Rowse is incredibly inspiring. Must make it a point to meet him for coffee on my next trip to Melbourne!

    • StayBooted!-Gary says

      Hey Lynn, I just bot, I mean Bought the 31dBB from your aff. link! YAY! Great presell job btw. I'm gonna "EverNote this one to learn from repeatedly!

      Thanks for the sneaky hidden lesson. 😉


  4. Lynn,

    Great timing with your blog posts and recommendations. I finally set up my first blog and am starting my journey. You are an expert, I noticed your blog being listed as one of the Intenet Marketing Top Blogs. I enjoy what you say.


  5. thanks for the review Lynn! I appreciate it and love seeing it printed like that too! - thanks!

    • Excellent work, Darren - and a great read! This month marks 5 years of blogging full time, and while I've been through the trial and error and have several profitable blogs... I still picked up a lot of valuable tips.

      I'm a frequent reader of your blog, but really love having the how-to right here on my desk. If you put out more tip sheets or reports in the future, I'll be first in line to grab a copy 😉

  6. you're right, it's not the same with just reading it from the blog. i just got this workbook, and it's so easy to follow and very helpful. for the price, it's worth more than what you paid for.

    • So true. And it beats the pants off some hyped up $97 product written by someone I can't even find a blog for... 🙄 lol.

      Ironically, it doesn't convert as well. People really do love those red headlines that promise the moon, and enjoy paying the higher prices.

      Strange, huh? 😀

  7. I have Darren's book (got it through the Sitepoint deal a few weeks ago) but I still have to print it off. I print like you do Lynn, the two page layout. It is still easy to read, lots of room for notes and doesn't kill as many trees. Must go to Staples for more paper today so I can print it out and get a pretty binder.

  8. Lynn,
    Thanks for providing this resource. I have hobby blog and make very good money and as a consultant for, I am looking for this type of resource info.

  9. Really sounds like a great resource. I am going to look into it. Thanks 🙂

  10. Larry Williams says

    Thanks so, so much Lynn. I just got a wordprees blog up..need a lot of help now. I am in the 30dc this year and it helps a lot.
    I'm hung up on some gaps that most people do not include in their courses.but essential if we want to get unstuck. They are Questions:
    1. Since my blog is set up as do you create a landing page, squeeze page, thank you page, download page etc etc from this type of url?
    2. What is the relationship of you host's cpannel and your wordpress dashboard? Very confussing and frustrating..all of this.
    3. I have many techi questions too many to bother you with today..Plugins, widgets, side bars, pages.opt-in forms...many more.
    Thanks again, I will buy the probloggers workbook. Larry from Tennessee

    • Hi Larry,

      I would be happy to help you out, and answer any questions that come up along the way. I have a discussion forum set up just for that 😉

      Membership to the main internet marketing forum and other public forums is completely free. Feel free to post there anytime. I check in daily myself, and we have a great group of members there that can pitch in ideas & resources as well.

  11. No doubt, Darren Rowse is a blog expert. I've read some of his posts in Problogger, worth of my time. I think, I need to have my own copy than to waste my time making trial and error in putting up my own blog.

  12. attic insulation houston says

    In the 7+ years that Darren Rowse has been blogging professionally, he has been consistently growing as the icon of the blogging industry. While gimmicks and tricks, and blogs and bloggers, have come and gone… Darren has remained consistent and profitable.

  13. Awesome - I just randomly stopped by to visit (haven't done so in quite a while) and I discover, yet again, a killer resource. I love your reviews.. super honest, without much fluff.

  14. trading systems says

    I do the same thing with my pdf file except I have them bound in a spiral notebook. I prefer doing my reading offline as well; it's less of a strain on the eyes.

    Also, I think that buying the book is a good investment. You'll use the information acquired and apply it to your site and see the profit. I think that you should monitor your comments though, it looks like some are just copying and pasting from the post as a comment.

  15. OK, I bit the bullet and just bought the book. Putting some ebooks on a jump drive to take to the printer this week and definitely wanted to have this one. Used your link, of course. Thanks for your review.

  16. great review, thanks.

  17. Just an FYI that if you haven't ordered your copy of Darren's Problogger Workbook, NOW is a great time to do that! For the next 15 hours you'll get 3 exclusive bonuses when you order 😉

    Go to: for the details

    You'll get:

    1. a report: 9 Things to Do to Get Your Blog On Track in The New Year
    2. a 55 minute podcast with successful blogger Leo Babauta
    3. a 45 minute podcast with successful blogger Neil Patel

    All in all the extra content is a bit under 2 hours of audio and an extra 9 days of teaching and exercises - it is a content rich bonus offer on top of the existing 1 hour Question and Answer podcast that he's already been offering.

    See the link above for the details on each bonus. The price is still under 20 bucks!

  18. Awesome review, Lynn!
    My decision to buy it last January is perhaps one of my best decisions in my blogging journey. Darren offered some bonuses that expired on the same day i made my purchase. So I made haste and 'freaked out' like I was gonna lose a golden chance to bring my blogs to the next phase. It's full of bonuses, which are similarly helpful,among other things are some interviews with veteran bloggers such as Neil and Leo Babauta.

  19. Today problogger released the second version of this book
    Do you have a valid coupon there?
    I am interested on buying directly on his website or amazon
    Most people rated excellent
    Thank you

  20. I don't have the workbook but I do have Darren's and Chris Garrett's Problogger book 'Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income', that's a great read as well, and I'm guessing the workbook would be a great addition to the book. Thanks Lynn.

  21. Angelica Carter says

    Wow, I have bought this workbook myself and I can say this is one great book to begin with. Thus if you want to have a very promising blog in time, this is one great tool that can teach your the basics and even more.

  22. Coupons says

    My decision to buy it last January is perhaps one of my best decisions in my blogging journey. Darren offered some bonuses that expired on the same day i made my purchase. So I made haste and ‘freaked out’ like I was gonna lose a golden chance to bring my blogs to the next phase. It’s full of bonuses, which are similarly helpful,among other things are some interviews with veteran bloggers such as Neil and Leo Babauta.

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