Sneak Peek Inside Rosalind Gardner’s Affiliate Accounts

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Rosalind Gardner. I've confessed a number of times that I got my own start as a super affiliate by reading her Super Affiliate Handbook. It's the very first "ebook" that I ever bought online, and still to this day the best investment I ever made in my ebiz.

This weekend I was watching one of her videos, which is a sneak peek inside several of her affiliate accounts - and just had to share this with you:

Is that inspiring, or what? 😉

In this next video, Rosalind explains what Affiliate Marketing is "in a nutshell". It's a quick video - less than 4 minutes - where she explains the model that allows her to earn those big affiliate commission payments:

What I love about Rosalind is that she practices what she teaches. Before she ever wrote the book on it, she was a successful super-affiliate herself. Most of the people that try to teach you how to make money online, have never sold a product online themselves outside of the Internet Marketing niche.

Rosalind focuses on pay-per-click (PPC) as her primary marketing method, but once I got started with my affiliate sites I decided to focus on SEO instead. I do still use PPC occasionally, but prefer to get my affiliate sites ranked well in the major search engines for a steady flow of free traffic. Ideally you should learn and use both methods - because both do have their place in your marketing strategy.

Enjoy the videos!

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p.s. In the second video you'll notice that Rosalind's affiliate link example follows my advice in this post: Best Placement For Affiliate Links or Banners. That's no coincidence - as I said, I learned from the best 😉

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  1. I had never heard of Rosalind Gardner before, but this seems like a really good guide to help me out!

    Downloaded and printing right now, thanks Lynn;)

  2. Rosalind is a great role model, and someone to follow if you're interested in building up your affiliate income. She practices what she preaches and gives great examples - Enjoy!

  3. Tracy Roberts says

    I have Rosalind's book and now I realize I need to go through it again and make more notes! 😉 Thanks for always keeping me on my toes.

  4. Mike Murphy says

    Rosalind is a super sweet lady with a ton of awesome marketing knowledge. She's also Canadian which only adds to her awesomeness 🙂

    It's refreshing to see a real person share income claims without flashing Ferraris, private jets, and bling bling.

    Lynn Terry and Rosalind THERE is a female power duo! Should have a webinar with you two (as long as dudes are allowed 😉

  5. blogmoneymania says

    I have Rosalind's ebook. She is a Super Duper affiliate!!

  6. I also like her because she practices what she preaches. That isn't the norm in Internet/Affiliate marketing... and that really is a shame. I know I can trust what she tells me... I know I can trust what you tell me.


  7. Kit Coda says


    I've been lurking here for a bit and was just about to pull the trigger on doing some affiliate marketing myself. That is until a major question about the long term viability of affillate marketing has just come up.

    It seems states are starting to clmap down on collecting taxes from companies that offer affiliate programs. Amazon has just recently announced they are no longer going to offer their Associate Program in Rhode Island and North Carolina. Other states may follow.

    What do you hear? Maybe you could address what looks to be a growing problem in a future entry?

  8. Good question, Kit. I have been following this with great interest. I know that Amazon, being the largest online-only retail store, is challenging the legislation - and taking great action to make a point.

    I dont yet know what the final outcome will be, what we can expect as affiliates, or what the solution will be for both affiliates & merchants in the end - but I'm sure there will be a solution.

    I'll do some research on it, put a feeler out, and see if we can get some more details on this.

    In the meantime, this will NOT stop me from creating affiliate sites around topics or products that I want to target online. Worst case scenario I can flip these sites, monetize them in other ways, etc. At the moment, there are still a lot of affiliate programs we CAN work with - and a lot of options. So for now, I'll continue on as I have but am definitely keeping those options open.

    • My impression is that a person will always be able to solve this by forming an LLC in a state like Nevada or Delaware that is company friendly -- Unless all 50 states follow the lead of NC/NY etc.

      And, if all 50 states implement tax laws like NC, then Amazon and others will have to give in because their affiliate programs make them money (that's why they have them).

      So, in the long term, I think this will work out OK.

      I would personally just keep building a diversified business.

  9. Tom McCarrick says

    Hi Lynn
    "I decided to focus on SEO instead."
    Does this mean that you depend on organic search (rather than PPC ads) for getting sales from your websites?


  10. Yes, Tom - that's correct. In addition to traditional SEO, I also use Social Media for some of my niche sites as well.

  11. Lynn - off topic, but I'm getting the following error when trying to access your forums and I thought I'd better let you know:

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    message_die() was called multiple times.
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    Please, contact the webmaster. Thank you.

  12. Thanks, Nell 😀

    Actually I'm in the process of moving the entire site to a new host, and unfortunately the forum database has had some issues in the move. I have a great tech working on it around the clock... and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    I'm hoping we'll have it back up & running soon 😉

  13. Her videos are great! I better download this "Super Affiliate Handbook" now to know more about how affiliate program works for me. I'll be checking your other posts to know more about Affiliate Marketing too.

  14. I find this post very interesting, especially her videos. Since I'm here, might as well ask some question...
    1. Do I really need to host my own site?
    2. Can I use one site for all stuffs?
    3. Must I produce my content or the free contents given by affiliates?


  15. Rosalind Gardner says

    Thanks so kindly Lynn and everyone else for all the very kind comments!

    @Angel - Yes, best that you have your own site and I do recommend having a themed site related to one topic, just as Lynn has done with Clicknewz! As to content production, there are many different ways to produce content that don't involve writing. I list 6 through the link above. Hope that helps!

    P.S. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but just saw your post today Lynn -- was off-grid most of the summer. BTW, I think doing a podcast / interview with you is a great idea! 🙂

    P.P.S. Lynn, your Twitter links at the top of the page aren't working --- thought you might like to know.


    • I noticed that the links weren't working as of this morning - thank you. Looking into it!

      I'd love to have you on one of my weekly webinars. My groups LOVES your work, and your methods. Let's talk, and map out a good date/time for that 😉

  16. sona tanna says

    Hi Lynn

    I would really love to hear about the KW research which is followed by Rosalind especially in a very competetive niche so as a newbie we can really understand and follow what the Affiliate Gurus do

  17. I just purchased Rosalind's book. Looking forward to reading it over the next few weeks.

  18. Arthnel Edwards says

    Rosalind is seriously one of the best I've come across. While this is an older post I simply had to comment on the ease of reading and how absolutely informative her handbook is. I keep reading and re-reading and as a result each day I wake up inspired with so many ideas. Its a must read for every beginner and persons wanting to become super affiliates someday

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