Email Marketing: Promoting the Heck out of It

nicole-dean-internet-marketing-expertHi. I'm Lynn's friend, Nicole Dean, and I'll be guest blogging here this week

The topic of this series is Easy Ecourse Profits for Busy Marketers.

We've covered a lot of ground this week, and I sure hope your brain is swelling with ideas. I've got two more for you today.

Repurpose your First Message.

I'm a huge fan of repurposing your content. I write something once and use it over and over again, if possible. And, I recommend that you do the same.

For instance, in your new ecourse, if you've written it yourself, why not use the first message in your ecourse to draft an article that you can submit to the article directories? If the ecourse is written in a series, then the logical thing to do would be to share that first message as much as possible – and encourage people to sign up for your ecourse at the end of the article.

People really get uncomfortable when they don't finish something. I know, for me, eating half a plate of food is nearly unbearable. I want to finish it! Plus, we all like samples. Picture walking through the food court in the mall and someone offers you a taste of curry chicken. You'll take it and want to dive in for more. Hmm... I must be getting hungry for dinner with all this talk of food.

So, use those two things to your advantage.

Submit one or more of the ecourse lessons (or messages) to the article directories. In your author bio, say “This is just one way you can lose 5 lbs in a week (and it's not even my best tip). To get totally free access to six more ways to lose weight without going hungry in the process, go to (insert your URL here).” Easy as pie.

Create Something Buzz-Worthy.

I'll give you one more way that I've used to get subscribers... (Click through all 15 of the comics below.)

If that just flew right over your head, let me know. I'm on day two of a migraine, so my poor head is feeling bleh. I'll be happy to clarify if anything is unclear. 🙂

Now, I'm off to bed. Hope you enjoyed this!

Nicole Dean

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  1. Another great post, Nicole! I really love the tip on repurposing. There are so many ways you can use & reuse your content! I may have to talk you into joining us on a live webinar so we can discuss that in more detail 😉

    The comics are great - you can't help but continue clicking, and the free bonuses are super cool! I loved #5 LOL...

    Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. e-marketer says:

    Good strategy about not giving full article but make people interested when their know that their can get more if visiting your blog.
    Hmm but i can be accepted only if the article contain more than 1 tips right?

    For example : "51 ways" to get money online or "Some tips" to get taller. How about if the content is only write about 1 topic? Do you have strategy for that kind of article?


    • Certainly. Write a "How NOT to..." article based around your tips.

      Of course that would lead into a "To learn the RIGHT way to..." to lead the reader into your ecourse. 😉

  3. James Patterson says:

    Cute comic! 🙂

    Definitely a very good idea for promoting e-mail campaigns. Another great idea is to send e-mails at regular intervals to increase viewcount. The more prospective customers are exposed to your e-mails, the better.

  4. Great to see you posting here on Lynn's site, Nicole! - You always have so much to offer. Hey - hope you are looking after that migraine of yours!! - I can't believe you can still work with a migraine, and produce great information. Hugs, Diana

    • Thanks, Diana. I forgot to take my Sunrider again - so the migraines got me. ((sigh)) When will I learn?

      I'm so glad to see you over here. Thanks for commenting!

      • You bet, Nicole! - I'm so excited to see you all over the net, and I am continuing to learn from you!! You have been an inspiration to me for many years now.
        Oh, I'm glad I could be a reminder to be sure to eat and drink your Sunrider nutrition regularly, since it has helped you so much with migraines - I'll just have to send you a reminder!!lol
        Have a great day!

  5. Loved the comics. Had me laughing and nodding in agreement. Hope you're feeling better, Nicole.

  6. Title 24 Services says:

    its a good idea to spread the news on how to get over on email marketing stuff on the net , this is a very nice start

  7. UPrinting says:

    Those comics are something else Nicole! Those were certainly good for a few hearty laughs. Love the one wherein the couple was looking at a travel book and the husband was thinking of an Internet Marketing Seminar! Thanks! And I do hope you feel better soon 🙂

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Yes, I feel MUCH better now, and I'm glad you enjoyed the comics. 🙂

  9. I absolutely LOVE the comics, Nicole!! - interesting - I saw them about a year ago - but did not understand a couple of them as much as I understand them now!! - guess I'm learning more about Internet Marketing and also about what is funny about us Internet Marketers!!!
    Also - so glad to hear you are feeling MUCH better!

  10. You inspired me this week, Nicole. I am a big fan of repurposing content already, but you had me looking for opportunities everywhere!

    A question was brought up on my webinar this week, and then mentioned again on Twitter a few days later, so I decided to create a blog post on the topic. So this tip went from webinar, to twitter, to blog post:

    I thought I'd share the example here. And of course next I'll need to copy that blog post and turn it into a PDF file, a cool little tip sheet or short report, so I can repurpose it yet again!

    Thanks 😀

  11. I'm glad you spelled out a bit more on re-purposing; your first post has inspired me to create a 10-part e-course, and I was hoping to use some of the material in other ways. Thanks for the timely tips!


  12. Clint Anderson says:

    Hey Lynn and Nicole,

    Thanks for the comics, I needed a little relief from my headache I woke up with this morning. My fav was the one about getting away from it all and the computer in the tent.. lol good stuff!

    Talk to you 2 soon,
    Clint Anderson

  13. UK Webmaster Forum says:

    Love the comics, thanks for that Nicole, really if you're not re purposing is as if you're missing the opportunity for the message to reach many more people lol...

  14. Lovely post, Nicole, echoes of some early stuff I learned from
    Jimmy D.Brown many years ago.

    For readers looking for some concrete ideas to repurposing content,
    my short report on 'Content Leverage' might be of value - you can
    download it here:

    (please ignore the membership site link at the end, the site is no
    longer active - I need to edit that out of the PDF)

    All success

    Author: 'Think, Write & Retire'

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