Article Marketing For Beginners

Jeff Herring has to be one of the most likable guys in the Internet Marketing space. He's down to earth, super nice, a great sport (lol)... and one of the best teachers on the topic of content development.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Jeff at the NAMS Workshop in Atlanta twice this year, and both times his workshops were the most simple and the most productive of the entire weekend.

He's known as "The Article Marketing Guy", but he teaches much more than just writing & submitting articles. He has a method for kick-starting a major traffic flow that builds lists and makes sales. This is one of those things that you do upfront, and reap major long-term profits - over and over again...

"Article Marketing is the absolute best resource for generating unlimited amounts of free traffic. And the traffic is evergreen - it keeps coming year after year" -Alex Mandossian

At this point you're probably thinking that you already know everything out there on the topic of Article Marketing. Yup, me too. But read on because I have a shocking confession for you and I'm betting you're in the same boat...

Let me back up. Jeff just launched a brand new 12 week course on Article Marketing. The course is specifically for beginners, but I decided to review it. I'll go ahead and tell you now - I just completed the first lesson, and I'd easily say this is great stuff for any online marketer on practically any level.

Even if you think you know article marketing inside and out, you'll probably learn a thing or two from THE article marketing expert. For me, a simple task and checklist, with a timeline, is super helpful for accountability and progress.

Knowing how to do something, and actually taking action on that knowledge are two different things. Case in point... (here comes my shocking confession!) While reading the first lesson, I logged into EzineArticles, and it said:

Last login was 2 years, 74 days, 13 hours, 28 minutes ago 😯

LOL - so there ya go. Knowing how to do it, and doing it - not one and the same!

I'm in major ACTION mode lately, so this course is perfect timing to put me on track for a 12-week content marketing hyper-productivity streak. Sometimes we just need that - no matter what our experience level - period.

I like the idea of having Jeff Herring in my inbox every week, telling me "hey, go use this stuff!" (GUTS). It actually works on me. While I was reading the first lesson in Jeff's new course, I followed the steps and wrote & submitted my first article... in over 2 years. Was that worth $37? ALL DAY LONG. And that was only the first lesson for the month!

Here are the details: the course is called Article Marketing For Beginners. It's a 12-week course, and it's $37 per month. It's not an ongoing recurring cost. Just $37 for month 1, month 2 and month 3 - and you're done. There are weekly trainings with easy assignments, monthly bonuses, and several surprise bonuses built in - all designed to help you succeed at using articles to drive traffic, build lists and make sales.

The lessons are short, very easy to follow, and come with actionable guides to walk you through every step.

Of course, I 'cheated' and used this method πŸ˜‰

All said and done, Jeff was right - it truly was painless.

This course comes at the best possible timing. This is a great time to use Ezine Articles for backlinks, indirect top 10 Google rankings, and targeted content marketing campaigns. This last quarter is the biggest online shopping season of the year. Plus, you'll be setting yourself up for an incredible year of traffic for 2010.

The timing just couldn't be better to jump on board and take the challenge.

I have to agree...


p.s. Here's the link:

As Jeff Herring would say... G.U.T.S.! (Go Use This Stuff!)

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  1. Cool, I heard a lot about but I have never really started using it yet. maybe is the only choice in my opinion. I submited several articles to, but nothing happened, no traffic at all. So I gave up it. Because you can only submit 10 articles or 25 articles to if you don't upgrade your account. I think I am just waiting for good time to start, I want the 10 or 25 articles would be great, I am not planning to paid them any way :). Unless it could really send me tons of traffic.

    • Charlie March says


      You get 10 initial article submissions at eZinearticles, which is then upgraded to allow another 25 (as long as your quality is OK) which is then again upgraded to unlimited, again as long as your quality standards are good.

      There is a pay option which allows for quicker approval of articles, but you don't have to take that option to continue submitting articles.

      If you follow thier quality guidelines, there is no reason not to start submitting right now!

      • I agree, Charlie.

        Clarky - there is a right way and a wrong way to do article marketing, which is why Jeff's course is ideal. It walks you through everything step-by-step. And Jeff has proven how well it works, so you can't learn from anyone better πŸ˜‰

  2. Jeff's new course sounds interesting to me. I think it will be very beneficial for the people who are looking forward their career in article marketing.
    Thanks a lot for the information...

  3. Jeff Herring says

    Lynn thanks for the great review!

    Charlie and Clarky and others - is the biggest and the best tool for Article Directories - they get over 15 million unique visitors a month - that's traffic you want to be in front of...

    You get 10 article submissions to start out with. After you have submitted your first 10, have had no editorial guideline violations, and have followed my training, you are most likely to get upgraded to Platinum Status which means unlimited submissions for free.

    The other alternative is to get upgraded to Basic Plus, which means 25 more submissions, at the end of which you can apply for Platinum Status again.

    Hope this was helpful...

    Go Use This Stuff!


  4. Just to add on to Clarky's comment above:

    The only directory that can bring considerable direct traffic to your site has to be only.

    From my experience (I used article marketing intensively), and can generate some traffic, but still not as good as I am referring to direct traffic.

    Yes, you are right. does not give you traffic. Almost next to zero.

    Article marketing is part of SEO strategy for long-run. You are generating backlinks to your website. For me, I just submit to the top ten articles directories, it's more for backlinks purpose.

    Due to my article backlinks, majority of my traffic came from the search engines now.

  5. Thank you so much for the review Lynn. I have been wanting to jump on this. Small tasks delivered weekly will work well for me.

    • Me too, Pam. Even as an experienced online marketer it's nice to have things broken down to a manageable level. Jeff is such a good communicator too - I really enjoyed reading through the first lesson. He writes just like he teaches in workshops. It's simple, fun and effective!

  6. Maritza Parra says

    Hi Lynn!

    Great article! I had the same problem as you Clarky, when I first began submitting articles though, almost all of my articles were actually rejected by article directories!

    Once I learned what to do from Jeff, how to streamline and simplify, I get them approved and I get targeted traffic. Because it's one thing to write an article but you want to know how to write an article that invites and compels your reader to want more information from you... big difference!

    Enjoy the course!

  7. Traci Knoppe says

    I'm off to sign up for Jeff's course, because after hearing him in person at NAMS, I'm convinced he knows his stuff! I have approved articles at eZine Articles and so far, none have been rejected, but I don't submit articles to them on a regular basis. I will now!

    I'm one that likes to immerse myself into a topic and learn all I can about it. I know I have more to learn about article marketing and Jeff Herring is the one to teach me!

    Thanks Lynn and Jeff!

    • I am the same way, Traci - and expecially like the step by step guides that provide ideas and resources along the way. Even if I think I know a topic, there's nothing like an expert walking you through it and keeping you on track through a well laid out system!

      • Traci Knoppe says

        I'm watching lesson #1 now and have already gotten great information.

        What I like about step-by-step lessons like this, is not only am I learning from an expert, but it helps spur my creative juices and the light bulbs go off and it gives me all sorts of new ideas for my business!

  8. Adriana Copaceanu says

    Article marketing is powerful: I received 15,365 URL clicks to my articles over the past couple of years. I now have 238 articles under different pen names, and I am adding more as we speak.

  9. Sandy Halliday says

    EzineArticles do not allow direct affiliate links and GoArticles does but there is no point in submitting to GoArticles if it does not drive any traffic to your site. EzineArticles do allow you redirect from your own domain name so it's well worth getting one if you are promoting an affiliate product with your articles.

  10. Jeff Herring says

    Traci - So glad you are diving into Article Marketing for Beginners. I'm not surprised because I know you to be an action taker...

    And when you get in the flow of creating your content on a regular basis, it will be easy for you to keep that important assignment on the way to NAMS 3 in January 2010.

    Go Use This Stuff!

    Jeff Herring
    Article Marketing for Beginners

    • Traci Knoppe says

      Jeff - I will definitely complete that important assignment on the way to NAMS3. Got my ticket - so I'm ready! πŸ˜‰

  11. Thanks Lynn,
    This is timely for me. I want to start on article marketing and maybe this will be the best thing for me to do.

    I am in Jeff's list and I do get some information that I am using but maybe to get it a clear direction with actions to take is what I need.

    You and Traci are experienced so if you are using it then it must be valuable.

    I hope this will be valuable for me.

    • It's definitely written with beginners in mind, but valuable for anyone on any level in my opinion. If you follow every step you'll find it incredibly valuable for you!

      • Jeff Herring says

        Hi Lynn - You are right this is designed for beginners, AND every experienced marketer who has come on board has told me they have learned something they did not know that they could you right away in just the first lesson!

        I'm really excited to be working with all of your action-takers!

        Go Use This Stuff!

        Jeff Herring
        Article Marketing for Beginners

  12. Thanks for the great review Lynn. Because of your review I also went ahead and purchased Jeff's course.

    Just wondering if you had any thoughts on the Article Templates club.


  13. I love that the focus is on just getting started. That's the hardest part, once you get going the momentum really starts to pick up.

  14. Ok, so I'm definitely a newbie, and have mulled over joining an affiliate site on and off for a good 6-8 months now. Obviously, I keep getting lost. Seems the more I read, the more confused I get. And now, stumbling onto your site, Lynn (which has been very informative, I think.. LOL), I see that there is something called article marketing as well. My confusion is which road to take, either article marketing vs. product marketing? But before I can do that I need to decide on my niche? I feel like if I could just get my head around the basics, I could do either. I've blogged, published a few articles for AC, but just couldn't seem to get the traffic I needed. I'm also interested in product marketing as well. Would it be safe to say....after saying all of the above, that I should stick with what I am MORE familiar with, and use the new tools I think I've learned. Maybe my niche should to confuse the professionals! Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Angie,

      It takes time to build the traffic, and more importantly - to build a strong readership. I have been blogging full time for over 5 years myself.

      Pick one thing, and stick it out all the way. Then slowly add to it. Build on your foundation. If you think you have a great topic for a blog, then stay with that and build on what you have.

      Article Marketing is a great addition to any site model. It's a means of getting syndication and inbound links - both a great means of getting more traffic.

  15. Jeff Herring says

    Hi Ellen!

    I got your email but my "Sender" seems to be broken tonight so I am responding to both here - the 2 bonuses that ended last night were so popular I decided to extend them, so yes you will get those when you join.

    Sounds like you have received a bit of misleading info - While the video in lesson #1 talks about, the rest of the lesson is all about getting started, how to craft a 7 tips article, and submitting your articles, so you are good to go there.

    My policy is not to give out the lessons in advance as they are built upon each other for my system to work as powerfully as it does, and each lesson will give you plenty to do. Even very experienced marketers are telling me that they are learning things they did not know even in the first lesson...

    So if that works for you, come on board. If not, then perhaps we are not a good fit at this time and perhaps we will work together a little on down the road.

    Whatever your decision, thanks for your post and email.


  16. Lynn (or Anyone?),

    I'd really like to take this article marketing course; however, first of all I'm wondering if it's still available (his website says it's good through 9/7/09), and second, can a person proceed through the weeks quicker if they so wish? I mean, there's bound to be folks out there who might already be familiar with Ezinearticles, and really want to get to the meat a potatoes of the program, such as how to start cranking out quality articles as fast as possible and get them submitted and working for you.

    I emailed Jeff Herring via his website to ask this question. Have not received a response yet, but thought I'd ask here also just in case anyone knew.

  17. Thanks for bringing this course to my attention Lynn. I've been using EZA for some time but like you haven't written any articles recently. I really like the sound of a step by step checklist type system so I signed up and will see how I go - I'm hoping to learn a secret or two to get me back on track. And if nothing else I'll be interested to see how Jeff puts the Membernaire system into action as I am currently building a course myself using it!

    • Jeff Herring says

      Hi Clare - Thanks for coming on board. Just follow the steps and you'll be cranking out more traffic generating articles in less time than you ever thought possible...

      Looking forward to what you come up with using Membernaire too!


    • You'll be impressed - JDB would be proud I'm sure πŸ˜‰ Jeff always puts out high quality, and this one is no exception. I love the paced courses like this! Kills the overwhelm, and keeps me on track.

  18. Jeff Herring says

    Omar - just love the way to take immediate action - great predictor of success!


  19. Jeff Herring says

    Hey Lynn!

    You sure have a great bunch of action takers and folks really involved on your blog - great job!


  20. Hello,

    I bought the course and plowed through lesson #1 already. I can tell you that although some of the material may be things you know already know it is still pretty beefy. What I like is Jeff's call to action. That motivates you.

    I was a step ahead because I already had an account at ezine articles. However, with the motivation and step-by-step approach I submitted my first article in a while last night.

    I also signed up for the 10 buck templates and that seems pretty awesome as well.

  21. Traci Knoppe says

    Just submitted another article to eZine Articles this morning. πŸ™‚

  22. Nell Taliercio says

    I'm not sure why it's so difficult for so many of us to commit to consistent article marketing. It is for me also. I can have articles piled up on my desktop and it'll still take so much effort for me to make the time to submit them.

    Having said that, I know the key to traffic from SE's is the linking... and that comes via article marketing (and other sources). With my new website I've set up a really good plan of attack for the marketing of the website and, of course, article marketing is a large part of it.

    Now to stay focused!


  23. I've gotten several of Jeff's courses, and they are worth much more than I paid, by a long shot. He is a great teacher, keeps it simple, and I just plain like his personality.

    I don't know if this is in the course you are talking about, but if it contains Jeff's unique method of using the "Resource Box" then it is worth it for that training alone.

    Jeff, I see you in this thread, so I want to tell you THANKS!!! The article templates and training are wonderful, etc., etc., but when I learned about how to set up the resource box in an article (that goes against the traditional "bio box" that signals the reader to stop reading), light bulbs went off for me. That is a powerful technique that I can take to the bank.

    πŸ˜‰ Robert

  24. Mark McCulloch says

    I have to admit I have submitted to ezine many times in the past in fact I am one of their expert authors like many out there and I have found alot of traffic coming from there, Article marketing is amazing I still get traffic, leads and sales from articles written years ago

  25. Internet Marketing forum says

    I have been using iSnare since last few months for my article writing campaign. what i really dont like about them is that there is no fixed pattern for approving articles, some times few of the lousy rewritten will get approved immediatly and sometimes very well written article will be in pending queue. do you gays face such problems with other article directories too? i am planning to shift to my article network by matt callen. what do you guys feel abouut MAN, have you used it?

  26. Jeff Herring says

    Hi Robert!

    Thanks for the kind words...

    And I am SO GLAD you are using this've got G*U*T*S!


  27. GailJ Richardson says

    Hey Lynn and Jeff, I am a little behind everyone else as usual but I just finished Jeff's course and I feel like a really learned a lot. I plan on going through all the lessons again to be sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks Jeff for such great info at such a good price. I just submitted my 10th article to Ezinearticles and waiting for approval so I can submit more. Thanks guys see you both at NAMS.
    Gail J Richardson

    • Jeff Herring says

      Hi Gail!

      I'm so glad you completed the course and got so much out of it. You are wise to go through it again, because while you may not have missed anything, every time I go thru something again I get more and different things out of it when I am in a different place with different experiences, etc.

      Ten articles is great - keep it up, as you are on your way! What has your traffic been like from the articles so far?


  28. I'm really interested in taking up this course. Thanks for the review Lynn.

  29. I agree that article marketing is one of, if not the, greatest way to build links and traffic.

  30. Ahmet Korkmaz says

    I know a guy, who bought a macbook from article marketing. He was taking 4$ for 400 words, think πŸ˜‰

  31. Ruth Martin says

    Hi Lynn,
    As far as Article Marketing, I have done a little, 2 of my articles have been submitted to Ezine. I cannot say that I have seen a lot of increase in traffic yet, it has been a few weeks since they were published, but I know I did get some nice backlinks from them. I am going to try some guest blogging too. That is said to be good for traffic and links.
    Thanks for the great info,
    Ruth M

  32. Ruth, keep trying, it is not easy to get traffic to your site.
    We've been there already, it takes a lot of efforts and you shouldn't give up.

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