5 Types of Web Content That Readers Love

There are 5 types of web content that your readers will love - that are also very easy to write.

This quick list, with tips & examples, should get your creativity flowing with fresh ideas for new web content you can add to your blog or website.

A consistent combination of these 5 different types of content will keep your readers interested and coming back for more...

  • HOW-TO

How-to Content is instructional, and teaches your readers how to do something specific. This content will usually end up being your most read and your most linked-to posts or pages.

Tip: To find ideas for how-to content, add the word "how" with your main keyword when you're doing keyword research. For example, if you sell curtains online you could type how curtain into your favorite keyword tool.

Using the 'how' qualifier in your keyword research will tell you exactly what people want to read: how to make curtains, how to hang curtains, how to measure curtains, etc.

Example: How to Write A Blog Post


Product reviews are the first thing that come to mind, but you can publish a review on practically anything: popular websites in your niche, new blogs or a blog post series, news stories in the mainstream media channels, discussion forums, magazines, meet-ups - basically anything of interest to your readers that you can write an opinion about.

Example: 7 Small Business Ideas Most Likely To Fail

Tip: While you may worry that you're sending your readers to your competitors, they will actually start seeing you a go-to source for cool new things to check out. Keep an eye out for new or interesting things to share with your readers.

Writing Product Reviews is a great way to monetize your site or blog. Check out that link for the 7 elements that go into a great product review that will help your readers make their buying decision.

Example: Article Marketing For Beginners Review


Not every piece of content you write has to be a thousand word essay. Sometimes a simple paragraph or two, maybe 300 words minimum, will suffice to share something interesting or to get a simple point across.

Example: New Free Video From John Reese

This works particularly well with blogs or email newsletters, and can be mixed in between your longer meatier types of content. It's helpful when you need to write in a hurry, and still gives your readers something new and interesting to check out.

Sometimes, if I'm in a real hurry, I'll simply pick an interesting video to share from YouTube. Example: Internet Marketing Humor

With a blog, you can also use these shorter pieces of content to ask a question and open a topic up for reader discussion.

Example: What do you use to create a website?


Lists are very popular and make for very easy content. You can list a number of resources on a particular topic - such as other people's blog posts about a particular subject - and just write a short description in a sentence or two for each.

Example: Content Marketing: How To Write For The Web

Lists are fun & easy to write. Some examples to get your ideas flowing: 10 ways to get your ex back (which - that could have more than one meaning), Top 3 children's gifts for Christmas 2009, 7 best grilling recipes, 20 best short jokes ever, etc.

Tip: To find ideas for lists, try adding the word "best" or "top" to your main keyword when you're doing keyword research. For example, if your website or blog is all about software you could type best software or top software into your favorite keyword tool.

This will tell you exactly what type of lists your readers want to see most, such as: top 10 antivirus software products, top video editing software, best dvd burning software, best photo editing software, etc.

Example: Magazines for Writers


Interviews make for great easy web content. You can start with just 3-10 questions, and the person you interview basically creates the rest of the content for you. They'll be willing to do this for the exposure to your readership, and for the relevant backlink to their website.

Tip: Poll your readers to find out who they'd love to hear from, and what they would most like to know from these people.

Write out your questions. For long answer type questions, 3-5 is a good number. For short answer type questions go with 7-10. You can send an email to potential interviewees worded something like this:

Subject: Hi Nancy - Quick Email Interview?

Hi Nancy,
I follow your work and love what you do. I know my readers would love to learn more about you. If you have a moment I'd like to publish this Q&A with you on my blog. It's 7 quick questions. Please include a photo and the website URL you would like for me to share with my readers.

You can also record audio interviews over the phone or Skype, with video or at BlogTalkRadio. Get interviews transcribed to turn them into text content as well.

Example: Interview With Social Media Link-Building Specialist, Nathan Ketsdever


That should give you plenty of ideas to get started writing great content. All 5 of these types can work well on your website, on your blog, as guest blog posts, as content for a squidoo lens, or for writing articles for article marketing.

If you still need a bit of help getting past that blank page, see my tips for How to Write Really Great Content.


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  1. Bob Jenkins says:

    Hey Lynn,
    This is a great list to cure writer's block for sure! People should bookmark this page, and rotate through each type of content throughout their blogging cycle.

    I'm especially a big fan of the quick tips and how-to's (that teacher thing, I guess), but commenting on videos that you pull in from YouTube, and doing product reviews are awesome.

    And of course, this post itself is a good example of a List/How-To combo πŸ™‚

    Bob Jenkins

    • You've figured me out πŸ˜‰ One of my favorite things to do is create a live example of what I'm sharing, in the sharing itself!

      This post is also a great example of re-purposing, as these 5 types started out as a quick list that I shared on my most recent live webinar about creating web content.

  2. Yeah, this really seems to be the way to go. Because of the "depth" of the topic (history), my posts tend to be so ... boring? (Well, unless you are really interested in the topic.) I'm going to experiment with interviews first -- I think it would be fun to interview someone who is relevant to german/austrian history.

    • Interviews are great. You can also mix in photo posts and video posts to break up the long text type posts. You might also consider book reviews relevant to your topic.

    • Dan Reinhold says:

      I think it would be fun to READ an interview with someone relevant to German/Austrian history, Bill.


  3. Scott Tousignant says:

    This is a great list for creating web content that is worth sharing and passing around.

    I find the "How To" method works really well when creating YouTube videos as well.

    Another thing that my readers enjoy is when I answer their questions in a blog post. I get several emails containing questions from my readers and instead of answering them just through the email, I ask their permission to answer the question on my blog where other readers can benefit as well.

    Great webinar on Tuesday by the way. Your Self Starter weekly webinars ROCK! ...and so do you πŸ˜‰

    Scott Tousignant

    • Thank you Scott! πŸ˜€
      I love to publish Q&A content from my inbox here on my blog. I always find that the person who asked the question... is not the only person interested in the answer. My readers seem to love those style of posts!

      It's also a smart way to re-purpose your email or phone conversations. In addition to making for great blog posts, I like to collect questions asked and then use those to publish an FAQ page on my sites.

      There were a lot of great questions asked during my last webinar on Easy Ways To Create Content, which is what inspired this post, so my next post will be a share of those questions - and my answers.

  4. Love your writing style. Plenty of great tips as well. Thanks!

  5. Lydia, Clueless Crafter says:

    Thankful to see the top blog structures at my finger tips, on one page.

    Thanks, Terry

  6. Lisa Marie Mary says:

    I love this content - the webinar Tuesday was really helpful, so I'm glad you repurposed it into this blog post! It's funny how when things aren't easily laid out like this for us, we so over-complicate it in our brains! This gets the mush out of the brain and makes it all so simple to understand!

    • I think over-complicating must just be human nature, LOL. I like things laid out in simple format as well, which is probably why you see that in my writing here at ClickNewz πŸ˜‰

  7. I like your lists and how to type of contents. I must admit that I usually take these important keywords for granted, but I usually use it everytime I'm doing my research. LOL

  8. I love "How-to" articles as well. When I know nuts about something, the title that catches my eyes first is always a "how-to" article. Thanks Lynn, a very precise and detailed post. πŸ™‚

  9. That Guy John says:

    List posts often end up on the main front page or front page for popular searches on "digg" πŸ˜‰

  10. Thanks Lynn for another great post!

    The "interview" is something I plan to start using very soon - too good to pass up!

    Also, my first-hand experience is that my most popular articles with directories (in terms of page views, url clicks, and publishing requests) are - hands down - based on lists. (i.e. 7 Ways to Save Money on Credit Card Processing, etc...).

  11. Great Tips. I will definitely use these tips and bookmark this page as suggested in one of the comments. I love your use of real examples to highlight your point and also to expose the reader to other content in your site. Genius! I watched the interview video and the funny thing is that while I was listening I could not help noticing the server in the background ringing up an order, that is my ADD kicking in, but also what I do for a living(PC support for restaurants) I am constantly evaluating all aspects of a restaurant wherever I go.

  12. There’s so much misinformation out there that people don’t really know what is and is not. It’s refreshing to see people that know what they’re talking about. You have an Informed commentary seems to be a rare commodity these days. Keep it coming.

  13. Good to know I have used quite a few of the ones you mentioned. Maybe it's because I have an awesome mentor *wink* Never thought to use "how", "best" and "top" before keywords. Brilliant!

  14. How-To are among my favorites. Some people like videos. I would prefer written with illustration. Easier and faster to scroll and go through.

    • I prefer text and images as well, but some people do prefer video and audio over reading. That actually works to our advantage as info-publishers, as we can offer the same content in varous formats. You can repurpose a video into text & images, and an audio, for example.

  15. Dan Reinhold says:

    Not only do I need to use this stuff, but also link to it as excellent resources for my stressed-out, work at home readers!

    And the ones not so stressed out. They'll both appreciate it. πŸ™‚


  16. Hi Lynn,

    Great list you got here. I personally prefer reviews, as these can generate lots of opinions and additional information. I enjoy reading insights over a particular thing other than mine. It can stimulate new ideas coming from other readers who personally know what is being discussed. It stimulates great flow of discussion and also creates potential topic for future writings. Yet, β€œhow to” is my savior during the hard times, where I’m stuck with limited ideas.

  17. Megan Donovan says:

    Hi Lynn,
    thanks for the list. I prefer writing reviews. Video isn't my thing, but I'll think I should give it a try and split test it next time against a written review.

    • I like to do a mix of both, depending on my objective. Video is great for showing "proof" which is a big help in making the sale with certain types of products.

  18. Leigh Kostiainen says:

    All I seem to be saying to you these days Lynn is THANKS!! As usual you provide useful and practical advice in the concise format that I like.

    So ... Thanks πŸ™‚


  19. Clay Franklin says:

    Wow Lynn,
    Your posts are so inspirational and easy to read.
    This is a great post to help me get writing every day with content that my readers will enjoy and also be helpful.
    It also gives me ideas about a niche web site with just quick tips on a particular topic or a list web site for a particular audience.
    Thank you,

  20. Olivia Crawford says:

    Hi Lynn!

    GREAT post. I always see interviews on different blogs but I never understood how to get interviews for my OWN blog. Thanks for the ideas and sharing the wealth overall! πŸ™‚

  21. Jim Edward says:

    Just found a Posterous post from @guykawasaki about your great article. 99.9% of all reciprocating comments, tweets and in general, social and viral content comes from your mentioned sources. I'm putting a copy of your 5 types of content next to my computer to always keep them in mind when I'm creating. Thanks.

  22. Hi L

    As ever great ideas for content. I have just set myself a 30 day challenge of a blog post every day and an EZine article. Phew. Though on a new blog I have nearly doubled my visits so far.

    Thanks you for this I have just printed this off and will work my way through it.


    • Great challenge, Denise! Increasing your post frequency will definitely increase your traffic & exposure. Every new piece of content is one more potential top 10 ranking in Google. Keep writing and go wide and deep... that way your target market will easily find you no matter *what* they search!

  23. Franck Silvestre says:

    The blog content that got the most response for me was: "Live Case Studies". My subscribers really love them.

    You may include that in your list because I found that they outperform all the above.

    All the best,


    • Case Studies are one of my personal favorites as well, and they do convert better than the traditional one-post review style. I taught that method at the NAMS workshop in August, and will be sure to write a more detailed post on that here as well.

  24. Basically the most articles that attract the most people are the ones that inflict curiosity & fear. Think about the articles that you read most πŸ˜‰

    Nice post!

  25. Jon McDowell says:

    I think it's much appealing to write a list type of content. Actually, most researchers find it reliable because they can easily compare each item (ex. anti virus) to know what's best or suitable for their needs.

  26. Here is a new example of easy-to-create web content your readers will enjoy. It's a new post here on ClickNewz that shares a YouTube video and then explains the contents of that video in text (creating unique, valuable content):


    Look for relevant, interesting videos on YouTube on your topic and share them along with an explanation or with your thoughts/opinions on the topic of the video.

  27. Phil Bartek says:

    Here you go again! Just blowing the doors off my list of great "keeper" articles. I will admit I've saved many through my learning phase, but your's are always at the tip-top of my list to read and re-read over and over if necessary. I get so pumped up reading them! They're like 'info steroids'! Thanks Lynn! I'm off to write a new article, a review and look for new videos on my niche.

  28. People also love case studies, but now with this FTC regulations there is a lot of buzz about how those case studies won't be allowed any more, so yea, I guess that this post has all types of content people love to read.

    • I disagree that case studies won't be "allowed". The FTC simply wants full transparency so results need to be qualified. For this reason, case studies done right will actually be better than straight product reviews...

  29. I think the number one thing people want to read about are ... CASE STUDIES.

    what do you think?


  30. Celeste Stewart says:

    Nice tips. I love the tip to add "how" to your keyword in a keyword tool. Can't wait to try that one!

  31. What about some humor? Like a cartoon on the top of a page to get the attention and lower the bounce rate. People say if you can make your visitors stay for a few seconds, they stay longer.

  32. I love the article, except for the reviews. They have become a big problem with all the new FTC guidelines and Google has been slamming reviews since those silly "Google Now Hiring" websites that people came up with.

    It's amazing that the internet is becoming somewhat like the wild west these days.

    It's good to know lots of people still care about good old fashioned content that really adds value.

  33. Hi Lynn;
    I must say i was blown away by the simple and yet powerful tips you deliver here and it is a must apply. Really full of insight. I have bookmark the site so that i will come back for more. What i love most is the clarity and brainstorming simple focus of ideas.I will start putting to use for sure. Thank you very much for sharing.

  34. Fringe streaming says:

    hi Lynn,I really like your tips exspecially on 5 Types of Web Content That Readers Love. For me it's a gol tips. It really help me on writing skills. Thanks again- zack

  35. James Boyden from Diets That Work says:

    Interesting stuff. I tend to write alot of lists as it's just easier instead of using continuous prose. I like the idea of putting how infront of the keywords! I never thought of that!

  36. i think people mostly like content answering their questions or funny one

  37. Hi Lynn,
    You mentioned that interviews are great web content. I would also like to point out that getting interviews with an internet marketing product creator is great, great material for giving away as a free bonus to those who buy from you. It is of great value and gives them the opportunity to more likely buy from you again.

    • My Home Wealth System says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Everyone faces the same problem when getting your content from a ghost writer. Good content reflects a higher price tag sometimes. I personally outsource my work but have to go through a bunch of outsourcers before finding something I would settle with.

  38. Hi Lynn,

    Good Day.....
    Great Tips. By the way my opinion is "product review is the best" because all the details is there. Generally, Any questions will be answered.

    I'm still learning how to be a great writer for the product review.
    Thanks a again for your tips.

  39. Hi Lynn.

    I've recently starting doing interviews for my blog and I've found it a very effective way of increasing my traffic.

    It also ties in well with reviews as it gives the review more credibility when they can listen to the author of the product.

  40. When I have an idea for a blog entry, I quickly make a note of it... Being so busy , I have little time to sit down and actually write about it and that's unfortunate as they are more than 10 ideas in my notes, some dating for almost a year I haven't got the chance to sit down and finalize.

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