Web Content Writing: Tips & Inspiration

To continue the series on web content writing, I want to share some of my personal tips & resources with you.

These are particularly helpful for creating that endless flow of web content for your sites, blogs, articles and even emails or short reports.

I'll start by giving you a list of great places to find hot topics in your niche to inspire high quality web content.

Writing topics that will attract visitors and build a strong readership is not rocket science. In fact, if you pay attention your target market will even tell you exactly what they want you to write...

Sources For Web Content Ideas:

  • Your first choice should always be keywords & phrases that you find through keyword research. Writing seo content, or content that is optimized for specific search terms, will help you reach your ideal visitors when they are in the process of searching for solutions - when they are most likely to subscribe or buy.
  • Search niche forums for hot topics when you're looking for content ideas. Take notice of threads with the most views or the most replies. Most forum software is set up to show you these numbers at a glance while scrolling through the topics. Threads with the most replies sparked a discussion or raised more questions. Threads with a lot of views but no replies obviously had an interesting title, but perhaps didn't deliver. Both are usually good topics to consider writing about.
  • Watch for news or stories that surface that will be of interest to your market, or that you can write about with a slant that relates to your topic. Subscribe to Google Alerts with specific keyword phrases, scan traditional media such as magazines and television, search YouTube for new and interesting videos, etc. This type of content is great for niche blogs, along with your thoughts or opinions on the topic. (example)
  • If you blog, your comment section can be a great source for new web content. Especially when people leave you questions, or dive deeper into the topic. This gives you the opportunity to write a second "Part 2" blog post, and then offer the link to that post as a reply to their comment. The comments on other popular blogs in your niche is also a great source. Search Technorati or Google Blog Search for specific topics, and scan through the comments for questions or comments that inspire new content ideas.
  • Share websites, blogs or resources in your niche that your readers would enjoy. If you sell running shoes, you could create a directory of marathons. If you promote financial calculators, you could review the top Finance magazines. Consider any other products, services or resources that your target market needs or would appreciate and use that as a source for new web content.
  • Other blogs in your niche are also a great source for new content ideas. You can share a list of blog posts by various authors on the same topic, or take one good blog post and expand on that topic with a different angle on your own blog. If you publish this on a blog, linking to the other blog(s) will usually result in a trackback there which is also a great way to get targeted traffic.
  • If you are an Affiliate check in with your merchants frequently for sales, special offers, coupon codes or new products. These are always a good thing to announce on your blog or website, or send out to your mailing list.
  • Search Twitter at http://search.twitter.com with your topical keywords and scan through the conversations. Find out what people are saying, asking or talking about. When you get in tune with how your target market feels about a topic, it helps you write web content they'll be most likely to read and share.

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I hope these web content writing tips & resources proved helpful for you, and sparked some new ideas you can use to create fresh content for your blog or website. These are the same ideas and resources that I use every single day across my own blogs and websites.


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  1. Thanks L, like always you're always giving out great stuff, i didn't know that twitter had a search page, sure gonna use that. Thanks again!

  2. Linette Daniels "The Business Doctor" says

    Hi Lynn:

    As always this is an awesome post. There is nothing better, faster or easier than having a plan. When you gave us the list on the webinar, my favorite was using (use mentally, not literally) the comments on other people's blog to spin a topic for my blog post.

    Now that I have read the list, I have personally found a precious gem in each one. For example: Everytime I hear the letters SEO, my brain clogs and my ears close. But today when I read your suggestion to use key word phrases to spark ideas for my blog post (and article writing too), I actually became excited and anxious to go on Keyword Tracker. And the bonus is that I will be optimizing without the struggle of understanding SEO. (the part of my brain that could understand SEO is currently being used to complete my dissertation)

    I also really like that there are more than 7 ways listed so even if one doesn't apply to us, we can still assign a technique to each day of the week and have an efficient & effective process for getting those blog posts done.

    LOVE IT!!!!


  3. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    I also registered in google alerts, I'm getting so many updates from google. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. Phil Bartek says

    Some great ideas that helped get me out of my rut.
    Thanks Lynn!

  5. Elge Premeau says

    Great ideas. Not the same old "Blah, blah, blah..." I'm Tweeting this one for sure!

    Thx for the great content to share! ;-}

  6. Appreciate the positive feedback - glad to hear you guys enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it! 😀

  7. Hi Lynn, What I personally do is to visit a couple of forums and get 5 to 10 ideas. Then in one sitting I write an article for each idea and publish it in my WordPress blog but scheduling when it is going to be published. That way, I can have content worth a couple fo weeks in under two hours

  8. those are great suggestions for writing more articles and blogs.
    content can get my brain smoking . but to look around the net for
    a different perspective is great idea

  9. Thanks for sharing this info. I definitely have alot to learn regarding how to make the best use of keywords, this definitely helps clarify some questions that I had. I will try to write more keyword focused content.

    Happy Holidays

  10. Filjun Tejano says


    Great article here!

    I am not good with writing SEO optimized content. Is it fine if i will just hire someone for content on my website? Do you have idea where to hire someone for this job?

    Thanks a lot.

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