New Web Design Training Course

The developers of XSitePro have come out with a new web design training course titled The Complete Guide to Website Building.

This release comes on the heels of an in-depth study they did last year to find out exactly what type of web design training, online marketing and ebiz training people really wanted and needed - and how they wanted it to be delivered.

The result is an online web design training system (virtual classroom) with 27 modules that you can take at your own pace.

If you devour the course at fast pace you can complete it in as little as one week, but most will complete the course in a month or two. You are actually given an entire year to complete the course, which gives you an opportunity to go back through modules at your leisure.

I have not had opportunity to review The Complete Guide to Website Building myself, but it is getting rave reviews - some of which you'll see when you visit their website.

I have a background in web development, and so I generally hand-code my HTML - or use Dreamweaver for what little I do in an actual web design software program. That said, creating a website is probably one of the topics that gets raised most in my discussion forum... and the one aspect of starting an online business that people tend to struggle with most.

I have often recommended WordPress, XSitePro, or hiring a web designer - which are the 3 easiest options for someone who is just starting out.

Since this new web design training course was developed by the makers of XSitePro, I emailed them to ask if the course was proprietary - or specific to the XSitePro software. Here is the reply I received:

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your email.

It is a course totally about web site building. Obviously, to build a web site you need some kind of tool such as Dreamweaver or XSitePro, and obviously we have chosen the latter to base the course round.

In addition to learning about XSitePro the person also learns lots more too so it isn't an XSitePro training course, per se, it is a Web site building course.

Best regards,
Melissa Tafa

That makes sense. The course is $197, and the XSitePro web design software is also $197, so if you wanted a software program with a complete web design training course to go with it, the total price of $394 is actually a really good deal.

Especially compared to the price of hiring a web designer, or to the amount of time it takes to learn web design on your own.

If you're looking for a website development solution, check out both of these products as a potential all-in-one solution to designing and managing your own websites:


p.s. One of the reasons I recommend XSitePro is because it's very user friendly for beginners, and you can use it to create as many websites as you like.

There are no additional licensing fees for additional websites, and no recurring fees or monthly charges. It is simply a web design program you can use on unlimited websites, with any host you choose.

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  1. Carl Coddington says:

    I don't understand the purpose of learning web design from a $200 course. There are many free resources online.

    Nobody is going to become a professional web designer from it.

    Besides, at least for the time being, a course on designing a WordPress Theme would seem way more valuable.

    • There are great courses specifically for WordPress as well. AffiliateTheme offers great training and help with their WP themes for affiliate marketers, for example. And Beginning Blogger walks you through learning to install, setup & customize WordPress.

      That said, there is still a place for the traditional website - and some people even prefer it. I just switched one of my sites from wordpress back to HTML actually. Different platforms for different purposes.

      As for your comments about free resources, sure - there are plenty. But if there wasn't a need for an extensive tutorial & training course, it wouldn't be one of the most frequently asked questions for those starting their first online business.

      I've seen some awesome sites come out of XSitePro's user database, and several of them were first time users. It's definitely one of the easier options, and a great product for it's price.

      And your comment about "nobody becoming a professional web designer from it" - it's not about becoming a professional designer. It's about becoming proficient at creating and managing your own profitable website(s). Not that someone couldn't also take clients, of course... That part of your comment seemed pretty negative to me. How can you make such a claim?

      WordPress isn't for everyone (or every project), and having options is a good thing. πŸ˜‰

  2. Abhik Sarkar says:

    Hi, just thought I'd leave my 2 cents about this new course. Being an active affiliate for both Xsitepro and doing full time internet marketing, I feel I can shed some light on who will actually benefit from this course.

    There are are actually two types of folks that buy xsitepro - the software. One is "our" group πŸ™‚ And by that I mean people that are an active part of the "internet marketing" community.

    Generally speaking those in our group don't need this new course. Even relative newbies know most of the functionality and usefulness of the features xsitepro offers. In fact there is a great webinar Paul, the owner had conducted when version 2 came out which is very detailed and shows exactly how to use it.

    In terms of knowing about seo, the benefits of various widgets, social media etc etc "our" folks know that stuff, so I don't feel they need it.

    HOWEVER...there is the other group which is actually made up of "offline" people that are turning to the internet for their business and they are NOT at all familiar about most of the stuff that we know intimately.

    Believe it or not there are folks that are starting to build sites and don't even know what adsense is, let alone that xsitepro offer their one click widget to benefit from it.

    I do feel for the latter group this new course will be very useful.

    Sorry for the long's more like my 4 cents than 2 cents LOL πŸ™‚

    Hope you're well Terry!

    • There are actually A LOT of people that hang out in the "internet marketing community"... that don't know how to create their own website. And there are new people entering the space every day that haven't yet heard of widgets or Adsense or SSI or SEO. I know this, because I answer these questions every day. πŸ˜‰

      Here are just some of the keyword phrases, and the approximate number of searches every single day:

      3883 web design
      1638 website design
      1035 web site design
      654 web page design
      578 website development
      557 make your own website
      529 build your own website
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      17 web design courses

  3. Last week I purchased the xsitepro. I have already created two websites. I have been using WordPress for several blogs and have gotten very frustrated because I can't seem to customize the themes like I really want without taking huge amounts of time away from what I am doing. Also every time I have tried to change things around something else would get messed up.

    When I tried my hand years ago at affiliate marketing I paid the outrageous price of Site Build It for just one year. Nothing came of it but I did like how easy it was to customize it. When I was referred to xsitepro it was exactly what I needed. I can change things to look like something I would create in minutes! I can tell you the program is worth way more to me then the $197 I paid!

    I would love to be able to get this course because xsitepro has a huge tutorial pdf but I am a visual learner the courses would help me tremendously! Right now after all ready paying $197 for the program I will have to wait. I can tell you that everything I do on xsitepro is so simple anyone can do it!

  4. Steve Szudera says:

    Could xsitepro be used ot build a squeeze page and then another of it for a sales page? Sounds maybe like this is something I have been looking for. I have used site build it and really did not like it.

    • Sure, but if that's ALL you're going to use it for, XSitePro may be overkill as the solution. If you are going to create a website, or other websites, then you could use this for all of those things.

  5. Dan Reinhold says:

    I just posted my rant about the wait for this:

    Basically, as a XSitePro user, I wish I hadn't had to wait for this.

    Finally, between XSitePro and the website building guide, the excuses are gone and so are the headaches. To be able to do all that a web designer would do for you yourself and have what you want the first time around? Priceless!


  6. I have a database of several thousand xsitepro users and have been answering questions for over three years about xsitepro.

    The course WILL help many of the detail oriented first time XSitePro users (many Boomers). Some people need things explained in tiny detail with a step-by-step process that remembers where you are up to in the training.

    The thing the course does not really address is how to make money from your website in any detail. In terms of building them - it is a good addition to the user manual.

    • Dan Reinhold says:

      Fortunately, the "make money" aspect doesn't seem to be played up big in their sales page.

      The existing XSitePro materials can help with that, I'm sure.

      One thing that does concern me is that XSitePro seems to be leaning toward the information overload dilemma most often criticized about Site Build It!

      I won't even compare the two. πŸ™‚

      If the new course breaks it down as well as it claims, that shouldn't be a problem.

      Darn...another excuse down the drain!!


  7. web design hertfordshire says:

    When shopping web design firms, you must obtain their opinions on format, content management, design and marketing strategies. Do not underestimate the potential effect that a powerful website can have on your business and your income. Do not delegate the task of building your site haphazardly or you will encounter many hassles and disappointments.

  8. The design and layout of your site is the most important part of building a website.

  9. I have just finished my first few websites with xsitepro. I love it. It has been so easy and quick to finish them and get them published. I really would like to try this course so I can get even better!

    • Are you going to take the course, Isabelle? If you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts. I am hoping to carve out some time to review the course in detail myself.

  10. I am a web designer myself... there are mostly 2 types of designer..

    1 of them specialize in template graphics and other one great in slicing in psd to xhtml/css..

    for any opensource like wordpress, joomla, drupal, etc.. you have to understand the html or phtml strucutres and the blog template structure.
    Personally I think if you have the passion and you are enough smart then you can learn web design easily through online tutorials..

    but its not always possible to get all of information in one place.. that's why the someone can try the $200 course .. I think it could be a good investment

  11. Note: For the next ~20 hours (until approx 2:30pm Eastern on Thursday June 24th) you can use this coupon code to take 20% off your order: WORLDCUP20 This coupon code will get you 20% off either XSitePro web design software, or their web design training course. Enjoy!

  12. Bradford Web Designer says:

    Thanks, i really needed to source this info for a project i'm working on. You are a LEGEND! Thanks! :0) I will post a link on here again when i'm done so you can see it! I have a feeling you will like it from what i have read!

  13. atWebPresence says:

    I have never used Xsite Pro and, by the looks of it (watching the website now) it seems to be a very powerful tool. Definitely something worth $197.00 in my opinion.

    I believe that training organised like this one can only improve the level of knowledge for anybody interested in doing web designing as business.

    It would be interesting to see see an overview of the subject covered in this training g in details.


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