Plantronics Headset vs Logitech Headset

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new Logitech Headset from Amazon, and Erica commented that she was using a Wireless USB Plantronics Headset (right) that she really liked. I decided to order it as well, and compare the two headsets.

I received the Logitech headset first (left), which is the Logitech ClearChat Comfort Headset. I had a Logitech headset before, which I loved, so when it finally broke I checked Logitech products first.

My primary interest was in getting a comfortable headset, so the ClearChat Comfort seemed like a good choice. It's definitely more comfortable to wear than my original Logitech Premium USB Headset 350. I use my headset for live webinars, interviews, podcast recordings and Skype chat - for anywhere from 3 to 10 hours a week, usually for an hour minimum at any given time...

Unfortunately, I think I received a faulty unit. While it works fine on my end, in two different webinar tests and a Skype test several people heard a constant hum in the background while I was using the Logitech ClearChat Comfort headset.

I tested different computers, and different USB ports, so it seems the issue is in the actual headset. That one is going back in the box, and back to Amazon.

Next I received the Plantronics .Audio 995 Wireless Stereo Headset - and just in time to host my next webinar! This is my first Plantronics headset, and also my first wireless headset, so I was anxious to test it out and see how well it worked...

It's super comfortable. More padded, and larger ear pads than the Logitech - which, ironically hurt my ears after about 90 minutes of use. I wore the Plantronics headset for 3 straight hours before I experienced ANY discomfort at all (and only slight, at that) so comfort-wise it's more than twice as good as the Logitech.

In the larger picture to the right, you can see how well the headset band itself is padded in addition to the ear pads. It's VERY comfortable.

My aim was to test both comfort and charge, and so for my first test I wore the Plantronics headset for 4 straight hours. It doesn't use batteries by the way, you simply charge it with the included USB charging cable.

Once charged, the light goes off, and you can disconnect the cable. I'm not sure how long the charge lasts (and Amazon specs don't mention this) but it worked straight through 4 hours of music, podcasts and Skype chat...

The range is up to 40ft. And I have to say... the wireless aspect is NICE. Especially for us multi-taskers that like to make lunch, grab a coffee or fold a load of laundry without missing a beat. πŸ˜€

I tested the range, and when you reach your limit it simply cuts off, and when you get back within range it turns right back on - so you don't actually have to reset it or turn it back on, it just automatically resumes audio when you get back within range. And no fading out, either. It's clear as a bell all the way to the edge of the range.

Fortunately the range is absolutely perfect for me. It reaches all of the places I tend to travel around to in the course of my workday - back deck, master bedroom, kitchen, entire office too of course.

The volume controls are on the left ear panel, which only took a few minutes to get used to. It's actually very convenient to reach up and mute it, turn up the volume, etc when you need to. It also has an on/off switch on the actual headset, so it doesn't drain the charge when you're not using it.

Oh - and no background hum! I have received positive feedback on the sound quality both through Skype and my webinar room, so the Plantronics headset gets a thumbs up from the other end as well. πŸ˜‰

Even if the Logitech headset had worked properly (without the hum), I would still trade it in for the Plantronics headset. The comfort factor alone sealed the deal, but I absolutely love wireless now that I've tried it!

So I am returning the Logitech headset, and sticking with the Plantronics headset. The range is great, the sound quality is terrific, and it is SUPER comfortable for long-term use. A huge thank you to Erica for the recommendation - I think I've finally found my headset of choice.


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  1. Lisa Marie Mary says

    I totally want one now, for sure! Just stuck in my wishlist! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reviewing them both!

  2. Frank Dickinson says

    Perfect! Thanks for the review Lynn - I'll be pulling out the credit card and going for the Plantronics.

    As always, thanks so much for all you do!

  3. I love it! If you see me driving down the road wearing this thing, it's probably because my HP Netbook is buckled into the passenger seat. πŸ˜›

  4. Phil Ayres says

    Lynn, thanks. Great tip. I have actually been in the market for a new headset lately. I think your review sold me!

  5. Scott Tousignant says

    Your voice definitely sounded incredibly clear during today's webinar. I could notice a difference for sure.

    After you mentioned that you ordered the Logitech I did a little research and found a lot of reviews from people who were not satisfied and had faulty units. So I guess your review totally confirms it.

    Sounds like I'll be going with the Plantronics unit now. Thank you for being so resourceful Lynn. You save me loads of time and money. Clicknewz... and you ROCK!

    Scott Tousignant

  6. Great review, Lynn!

    I now use a Plantronics headset that I bought over a year ago and it cost MORE than this much nicer one you reviewed. Works fine but now me thinks I need to upgrade. heh heh

    I need the "ear comfort" zone of the ear pads. πŸ˜‰

    Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 8)

  7. Thanks for the review. Sadly there's only Logitech products available in my place.

  8. Clay Franklin says

    Thank you for the review Lynn, I have the AT2020USB mic and Sennheisser audiophile HD600 headphones, yet for teleseminars and skype I think this set of headphones with built in mic would be awesome. They are now on my Amazon Wish list.

  9. I totally want one now, but don't need it. Ah well, for future reference.

    So... you walked around for 4 hours with these headphones on huh?

    • I wouldn't say I walked around the whole 4 hours - lol - but yes, I wore them while I was working and was up and down quite a bit to get another coffee, make dinner, fold a load of laundry, etc.

      I'm impressed with the comfort level and the range. I'm wearing them now actually. πŸ˜€

  10. Thanks Lynn!! Just what I needed; something else I want to buy! Now I have to save up more pennies!! You did sound good on the brainstorming session!!

    Maybe I could use them as earmuffs too. Double duty!!

  11. Thanks for the recommendation Lynn. I had a Logitech that I took back and did get a Microsoft. It is okay but does hurt my ears after an hour or so. The wireless feature also sounds wonderful so I'm going to try your Plantronics as soon as I can. I mostly use them to listen because I have a satellite connection and most of the time people can't hear me even when I can hear them speaking (like on your webinars). Satellite is just too slow. I do use the speaker though when I travel so I do want a headset with that capability too.

  12. I've been using the Plantronics for several years. I love the freedom and the reception is great. I can go to the bathroom, coffee room and even the elevator and still have a crystal clear connection. Out of the six ear pieces one of them fit my oddly shaped ears. Highly recommended.

  13. I am looking to get Dragon Naturally Speaking. Would this type of headset work? If so, would it be better than the one which comes with the package?


    • Hey Sandy,

      Did you see Danny's Dragon Naturally Speaking review?

      There is a chart on this page that says the "preferred version" is compatible with wireless and/or bluetooth headsets, but I'm honestly not sure why that would make a difference (except the preferred version comes with a wireless headset). I don't have DNS so I can't test it with the Plantronics Headset (wireless). Anyone else?

  14. Denise O'Berry says

    Lynn -- I was reading some reviews on the amazon site and one person commented that it worked fine with DNS.

  15. I have this headset and got it mainly for the wireless. It works great for me and meets my needs. The only complaint I would have is they aren't so comfortable when I'm wearing glasses. They tend to press on the ear piece of the glasses for me.

  16. Leigha Baer says

    I've been thinking about a wireless headset and since your review, I think I'll add this one to my Amazon Wishlist. I can't justify buying a new one until the old one wears out but I have being tied to this darn wire all the time!

    Thanks for the review Lynn, I always find your reviews so helpful in making buying decisions.


    • Thank you Leigha. After using it for several days straight, I'd say it's a good idea to have a working headset as a backup for when you need to charge the wireless headset. You can't talk & charge at the same time, so twice I've reverted back to my old headset while this new one was charging... Just something to consider.

  17. james steiner says

    Howdy Lynn,

    I just love Monday mornings with you Lynn lol. So much great stuff to view from you; not to mention that which I plan on pursuing during the course of the week with your direction. Priority one.... it appears it's time for a new headset! Great review and it looks like once again, as is so often the case these days, the wireless tech wins lol. Have a wonderful and Most Blessed week Lynn.

    • Thank you James πŸ˜€
      The more I use the Plantronics headset, the more I love it. Especially the fact that it's wireless and I can get up and make another coffee or water the plants without a "brb" πŸ˜‰

  18. I have the Logitech headset now, and I have no problems with it. However, I would LOVE a wireless headset! I use mine with my laptop and I hate being connected to it when I have to get up and let my dog out. It's a pain. When this one goes, I'm definitely getting the Plantronics one!

    • I know what you mean, Mary - and I am really loving the freedom of the wireless headset. Last night I made dinner while I was on a brainstorming call with my accountability partner. Love it!

  19. Alan Petersen says

    Holy moly I didn't know Plantronics had a wireless headset! I almost went into a full geek seizure out of excitement. πŸ™‚ I will be ordering right now. Thanks for the kick-butt review Lynn. I'm so rough on my headsets that the cable usually is the first thing to go so the wireless features rocks.

    • I am really loving this one - and find that I'm using a headset more and more because it's so comfortable & convenient. This was definitely a great investment. Can't wait to hear what you think of it!

  20. Gail J Richardson says

    Just ordered the Plantronics headset.I needed one so this is it. Thanks for the review Lynn. I am watching the mail box already.
    Gail J Richardson

  21. Alan Petersen says

    Oh wow Lynn, I am loving this headset as well! I got it a couple days ago and it rocks! I did a video of the headset in all it's wireless awesomeness:

    Thanks for the review and the heads up about it.


  22. Great review - I think I'm going to have to ask for one of these for Christmas. I use Skype with the Logitech headset almost exclusively for my phone calls, but it can be pretty frustrating being tethered to the computer - especially when I'm in desperate need of a caffeine fix and the coffee pot's in the kitchen!

    • I think that's what I love about it the most πŸ™‚ I am wearing my Plantronics headset now, and was just in the kitchen making a coffee while talking with a friend over Skype. Love it!

  23. can u use it while charging?

    • No, you can't use it while charging. I have a backup headset just in case I need one while the Plantronics Wireless Headset is charging - but usually I charge it overnight while sleeping anyway. πŸ˜‰

  24. Juli Johnson says

    I just ordered my Platronics wireless headset - 47% off on Amazon right now! I'm so psyched that I'm going to finally be untethered and will be able to get up and let the dogs out or refill my coffee while I'm waiting for webinars to start, or when I'm Skype-ing.

  25. Denise O'Berry says

    Juli - you will love it! I just got mine after waiting for it to get back in stock and I've had it on for two hours. Now I can finally catch up on all the mp3s I have in my "things to listen to" folder. It is ultra comfy and the wireless range is fabulous. Thanks for the recommendation Lynn.

  26. You will both love it πŸ˜‰ GREAT headset!

  27. Lynn,

    Thanks so much for the review and answer to my question on the webinar. I just purchased this through your link and cant wait to get it! Interestingly, I had just bought another headset earlier in the week (wired) and it was only $10 less than this headset you reviewed!

    Thanks again and for all the great information. Happy to be an Elite member!


  28. Joy Wilder says

    Thanks for the review about the wireless headset - I don't talk on Skype a lot, but when I do it would be nice to get up every once in awhile!

    Take Care,
    Joy Wilder

  29. Greetings,

    I just finished reading through your review of the new Plantronics wireless headset and I'm happy to hear that not only is the comfort but also the quality superior. However, one thing you failed to mention in your review was the power source of the unit. Does the headset come with a rechargeable adapter/dock or does it require disposable batteries? What's the battery life?

    The reason this is important is because of my needs for the headset. Because of a severe physical disability, I am not able to use my hands at all, thus requiring total operation of my PC with my voice, using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.3. Speaking to your computer to operate it takes on a very unique feeling, because depending upon how you talk and how you are heard, dictates the accuracy. A key factor in this is a good quality headset. I've been using Platronics for years, nearly as long as I've been using the particular brand of voice recognition software. On average, I'm entering 12-13 hours of PC and headset usage, so believe me when I say comfort and quality are quite important.

    So, as you can see, even though your review was quite beneficial it still leaves me with some additional questions, and anything you could do to help me with this purchase would we most appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

  30. I have a friend who is looking for a good headset to do his webinars and such as well. Right now with his current set, whenever he says something with an 's' in it, it makes it sound really loud and messy. Hard to explain. But with your experience have you noticed if you 's' in words comes across clearly. How would it work for someone who may have a lisp too?


  31. Nikole Gipps says

    Now here is the real test ... years later, does it still work? Or is it dead? I had a very nice, expensive mic ... that is now toast after 5 uses. I am considering moving to a wireless headset instead, for doing video recording and tutorials for my workshops.

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