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In my recent post on One Way Link Building, I mentioned interviews and guest blogging as 2 of the 7 ways to get one way links. I included specific examples of each to give you an idea of how it's done, and what it looks like.

I've often joked about being a "lazy affiliate" - but the truth is, I do prefer to do things the easy way if at all possible. That's the reason that blog interviews and guest blogging are my two favorite methods for easily getting high quality inbound links. And no - you don't need a blog of your own to make this work for you...

Nervous? Don't be!

If you're nervous about pitching a guest blog post to bloggers in your niche, or pitching an interview idea - don't be! Sure you need that solid inbound link, and it almost feels like begging. Or at best, that you're asking for a favor.

But the reality is that bloggers have needs to: they need constant, relevant, interesting content for their readers. You are actually doing them the favor!

Finding The Right Bloggers

Your first step is to find the bloggers in your niche that are reaching your target market. Search, Google Blog Search and also for your topic or your keywords. Use a Feed Reader and add these niche blogs to your reader so you can keep up with them.

And no, I can't possibly keep up with dozens of blogs every day, but I do scan through them once or twice a week πŸ˜‰

If you're on Twitter (and you should be!), use the Twitter search feature to find bloggers in your niche. Follow them and get involved in conversations with them. Twitter is one place where I find the majority of my guest blogging opportunities.

You can also ask for recommendations on your favorite discussion forum, and ask them which XYZ blogs they read and like the most - and why.

This should give you some great starting points...

Pitching Your Content

Start by switching your mindset like we talked about above, keeping in mind that you have something of value to offer them: unique content.

Your first step is to figure out your angle, and how you want to frame the offer when you contact the blogger. This is all going to depend on who you are, what you do, and how you can work that into their blog.

Here's a bad example - which would get ignored & deleted:

Hi Clicknews,
I really need links to my web site. Can I guest blog for you??


Three major problems with that message: 1) they didn't address me by name, 2) I don't care what you need, 3) I have no idea who you are or what you do or whether I even want to find out.

Here's a good example - which would get my consideration:

Hi Lynn,
Love your blog! I'm really enjoying your series on link-building. I have a software product that automates guest blogging - I'd be happy to let you test the program if you're interested in reviewing it.

I also thought it might be fun to do a Q&A post for you on automated vs manual. If you're interested just send me your top 3, 5 or even 10 questions about it and I'll reply back with the answers so you can publish it on your blog.

Jack Black

Another good example:

Hi Lynn,
I've been reading your blog for awhile now - nice work! I noticed you haven't written any posts for your Google Adsense category lately. I have several reports on the topic, and would be happy to write a few guest posts for you in exchange for a link back to one of my free reports.

Let me know if you're interested!

Jack Black

p.s. Here's the link to one of my free reports if you want to check it out:

See? Simple enough.

The key is to be personable with the blogger. Address them by name, and let them know you are familiar with their work - and have something of value to offer them that fits in line with their current goals or needs.

As a blogger myself, I have been doing blog interviews (or blog conversations) and guest blogging both ways - publishing them here on my blog, and getting published on other people's blogs. It's a great way to create unique content, and to get high quality one way inbound links.

Give it a try!


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  1. Scott Tousignant says

    Very cute video Lynn with great content in addition to it.

    I don't do much online marketing outside of the fitness niche because it's something that I'm extremely passionate about and can write about all day every day. It's one of the reasons why I've been hesitant to explore other niches to diversify my online presence.

    I knew that you had several pen names and were an affiliate marketer in several niches, but your comment about how some of them are niches that you have an interest in and are hobbies to you really peaked my interest. I have a few hobbies that I know I could write about and get excited about. But at the same time, I love that I am super focused on one niche and am at a point where I only have to work a few hours each day. I worry that getting into other niches will increase my workload and take away from some of the freedom that I've created for myself and my family. Probably just a limiting belief πŸ˜‰

    Anyhow... I love the fun video and the examples of approaching other blog owners. The one that jumped out at me the most was, "I noticed you haven’t written any posts for your Google Adsense category lately"... that's brilliant!

    Thanks again. You totally ROCK!

    Scott Tousignant

    • She's pretty funny, huh? πŸ˜› We ended up shopping together for about 4 hours (lucky for me her friends didn't go, not lucky for her! lol).

      I do have a lot of interests that just aren't relevant to blog or tweet about here, or under my name. Just as one example, my daughter and I were watching a season of a reality show and we followed the hashtag and the conversation on Twitter the entire season.

      If I were to tweet back as @lynnterry, it would be irrelevant "noise" to that group of people. So we have different accounts for things like that.

      Another example is my fascination with Elvis bobbleheads (lol). Having "hobby sites" that are profitable is actually something fun to do on the side. I consider it more fun time than extra work, but of course it's making money too. It's nice to meet other bobblehead freaks all over the world -ha!

      • Scott Tousignant says

        I love that Lynn... "I consider it more fun time than extra work". That is absolutely awesome! You've given me something to think about once again πŸ™‚

        • I actually consider it my reward for getting done with my priority work tasks for the day - it means I have free time to write on my personal blog, hit the bobblehead forums, or whatever. It gives me an outlet for the other sides of my life, besides Internet Marketing (yes, there's more!) πŸ˜‰

  2. Okay the video made me forget what I was gonna say about blog tours completely, you and Annie are too much fun. That was a lot of barns going by. I think I want to be your neighbor.

    I've been doing some interview style posts on Easy Wahm and it's been fun so far getting to know other bloggers and gathering up ideas on a topic. Interviews and blog tours seem to be keeping away the writer's block as well, it really gets the ideas flowing around you.

    • Did you count the barns? LOL I live in a small town inside an agricultural county, so that's the view from my house all the way to the interstate!

      I agree that it really helps with the writer's block. I am really enjoying it as well - both here on my own blog and around the web.

      Blog Hopping: an adult version of bar hopping, for social entrepreneurs. No designated driver required!

  3. David Walker says

    Hi Lynn. This is my first visit to your site and I'm impressed. I've been mulling over guest blogging for some time now and your post has given me that 'push' to go right ahead and do it. If I don't get the one way links, I'd certainly learn from the experience and make new friends. Very funny video.

    • Thank you - and welcome to ClickNewz, David πŸ˜€

      I'm not sure what your topic is, but I can't think of many where you wouldn't be able to find great guest blogging opportunities. Twitter has been a great source for me as I mentioned in the post. Good luck - and keep us posted!

  4. Jeffery Wood says

    Since my blog started out originally as a way to teach others how to blog, something I got in the habit of was asking certain people if they wanted to do a guest blog.

    Since my target audience was not limited to online businesses, but anyone who wanted to set up a blog even if it was just for their own public journal, I used them as examples of the different ways a person could use a blog. I even have a guest post of someone's movie idea.

    At any rate, my suggestion is that if you know of someone who is knowledgeable in your niche, ask them if they want to do a guest post for you. It may help you get a spot on their blog one day.

    - Jeffery

  5. Hey Lynn, This 1 video probably says more about you than any other video I've seen from you. I learned so much about you and the relationship you have with your daughter in this video.

    Let me explain.

    I once saw Arthur Ash (Wimbledon Tennis Champion) interviewed on the BBC. The interviewer said "when you won Wimbledon and you were at pinnacle of your life, how did you feel?"

    Arthur replied "the pinnacle of my life was not winning Wimbledon, but raising my children".

    Now what we do in our business life is absolutely vital to me and I'm sure it is with you. But the point is that it's part of a much bigger picture and we've truly arrived when we can blend the upbringing and development of our children and the development of our business aims and goals.

    Thanks Lynn for sharing a part of your life that most marketers fail to share.

    After all, the majority of us marketers have family and children.

    Keep keeeping it REAL


    • Thank you Gary. My two children are the primary reason I do what I do - where I do it (from home). They are also know both involved in my business, and it has really been a great year with them taking an interest in what I do!

      I feel blessed to live in a time where I have such an opportunity. My career is very fun and rewarding, and getting to do that and also be a full-time parent (as a single parent, at that) is truly great. People in earlier generations had much fewer options...

      My daughter is a real joy. 13 is a major turning point with girls, and I feel fortunate to be as close with her as I am - and my 18yo son as well. You can bet I've invested as much there as I have in my online business over the last 10+ years. πŸ˜‰

  6. Hahah cool video Lynn πŸ™‚

    I emailed you the other day but not sure if you got it I just wanted to know if you still do product reviews and if so could you review one of mine πŸ™‚

    Let me know.


  7. i love how you write about stuff and then also give an example of it as well in another blog post, very clever!

  8. Hi Lyn, this article is really helpful especially for those who really want to get serious in building their links and promoting their blogs. What I liked about the post is that it is direct to the point. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Hi Lynn, yes guest posting really make very matter. But I m not able to write much post for guest posting. I see that most of blogger are getting very high quality link by guest posting.

  10. You guys will enjoy my next post:
    Guest Blogging Guide & Planning Tools

    Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

  11. What a fun video Lynn! Hope that you and your daughter had a great time shopping.

    I'm really looking forward to implementing some interviews and guest bloggers on my garden and wedding blogs. You never fail to inspire me. I so much appreciate your blog and all it inspires me to do and think about. If you are ever feeling unappreciated, just give me a shout. I've nothing but kudos for you!

  12. DeAnna Troupe says

    Lynn, I think we must be cousins or sisters from another lifetime or something. I have actually been toying around with the idea of hosting more guest blog posts on my blog (especially when the baby gets here). I am quite familiar with the part of the country you live in. We went there a lot when my grandparents were still alive. By the way, I counted 4 barns and a cow!

  13. Teen Blogger says

    Nice post.

    Guest posting is a good way to get some traffic and of course some valuable back links, however we all now that when guest posting you need to provide good content. Also the more ppular the blog is the more exposure you will get.

    Any thanks for providing the great examples and nice video.

  14. What a fun video! Glad ya'll had a good time.

    I have done one guest blog post and plan to do more for sure. Haven't done any interview posts yet but I believe one of the elite members and myself will be doing that in a cross blog convo type post.

    • Those cross blog conversations are so much fun! Not only do you get inbound links, but readers seem to really enjoy the open dialogue and it brings out some very good topics. πŸ˜‰

  15. Web Development Comapny says

    Nice Video Lynn!
    yes, you are right. Guest posting is a brilliant way to get traffic and back links. I like your all posting. Keep writing, Lynn..!

  16. The information on blogging is very helpful to my understanding. As for the video, how fortunate you are. Have a smile on my face which am convinced has some staying power. You get to have smiles on your daily with such wholesome interractions with your daughter.

    • My kids are so great... they keep me smiling and laughing πŸ˜€

      They were the reason I started working online, and I never forget that - even now that they are 13 and 18 they are still my top priority and my favorite people in the world!

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