A Healthy Approach To Internet Marketing: Networking Opportunities

Hello there. I'm Scott Tousignant your guest blogger for the week, helping you become super-focused and highly productive by incorporating home office fitness into your busy workday. Today I'm going to share a quickie cardio session that will help you burn off some of that Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing. You will also discover how living an active lifestyle can create greater networking opportunities, which can really give your business a boost.

Let's talk networking since the NAMS 3 workshop is just around the corner. I absolutely love attending live events. It's one of the best ways to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

If you have been to a live Internet Marketing event I have a question for you. Have there been people at these events that you found yourself immediately attracted to? I'm not asking whether or not you thought they were 'hot'. I mean, did they radiate positive energy and come across as someone that you immediately wanted to learn more about.

I remember an Internet Marketing event that I attended three years ago. It was only the second event that I had ever been too. There was a cocktail party on the opening night and there was a very fit couple standing across the room. They oozed confidence and at the same time had an aura about them that was open and inviting. I made a bee line to them and struck up a great conversation that lasted the entire evening. Shortly after I hired them as my mentors and we've built an incredible friendship and fantastic memories.

At that same event I was walking through the lobby late at night and noticed a guy sitting on the sofa who looked like some kind of teacher. He was in fact, Bob "The Teacher" Jenkins 😉 Bob had that inviting, energetic, positive energy about him as well. We chatted the night away and quickly became good friends. We have been daily accountability partners for the past three years and have had a significant impact on each others online businesses.

What's this have to do with living an active lifestyle? Once again... Everything!

When you exercise regularly and take care of your health you gain a great deal of confidence and self-esteem. You feel great about yourself. You have a more positive outlook on life. You become more approachable. Actually, you become the person that everyone wants to approach. No one likes to be around a downer, especially when it comes to the success of your online business.

I can't wait to observe how the Fat Loss Quickie members stand out from the crowd at NAMS 3. I already notice a big boost in confidence from the videos that they post on their blogs. They have become fun loving people who aren't afraid to put themselves out there.

There are more ways of increasing networking opportunities other than appearance and being more approachable. Some of my most memorable and profitable networking opportunities have occurred while I've been exercising at events. Not many attendees hit the hotel gym early in the morning so the handful of people that are there get to spend some fun quality time together where you share a common interest. The best networking opportunities usually occur in a non-business like setting where you can let your guard down and just be yourself.

Taking a break from the hectic event schedule to go for a walk with a couple of people that you've connected with at the conference is another outstanding opportunity to network. Enjoying the scenery and fresh air with some fellow Internet Marketers provides a great chance to build and nourish relationships. Social networking doesn't happen just on Twitter and Facebook 😉

Now lets get to burning some of those calories from your Thanksgiving dinner...

Here's a 10-minute quickie cardio session that I recommend doing first thing in the morning to crank up your metabolism for the day. If you are a beginner please feel free to extend the rest period between exercises. As mentioned throughout the comments about yesterday's home office workout, it's all about progression. You may not be able to complete the quickie cardio session and that's ok. Take those baby steps and continue to build upon them.

Home Office Cardio

You may download the video by right clicking quickie cardio

So how did that feel? Pretty amazing what you can do in just 10-minutes, in a limited amount of space, and with no equipment eh?

Tomorrow I will be sharing some more basic exercises that you can do with the stability ball since so many of you have taken immediate action and scooped up one for your home office. That impresses the heck out of me! Way to go!

Oh... one more thing before I wrap this post up. If you are in the U.S.A and celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow you have a great networking opportunity that will be enhanced with exercise. It's with your family. After you eat your Thanksgiving dinner ask a family member or two if they would like to join you for a walk. Catch up on what's going on, reflect on old times, and share your dreams for the future.

You know how sluggish you typically feel after Thanksgiving dinner right? Go for a walk and you'll come back energized and feeling really good about yourself. I want to hear back from you. Let me know if you follow through with it.


Scott Tousignant

PS Thank you so much for all the great responses to my previous guest posts here. Your contributions to the conversation have been absolutely outstanding and greatly appreciated.


  1. You really put into perspective how easy it is to get a workout completed in a short time and small space. These remind me of my son's football conditioning drills. Thanks for this video and post!!

    • Scott Tousignant says:

      Thanks Kristy. It really is easy to make fitness a part of your workday. I treat it as a busy task and not so much as a leisure activity.

      As easy as it is, the toughest part is just to take that first step and give it a try. Overcome the mental barriers that have been preventing you from doing it in the past, and in the words of Nike... "Just Do It".

      I do have mornings where I don't feel like exercising and I'd rather stay in bed... but I know how awesome I'm going to feel afterward and I know how it will impact my business and life.

  2. There's a gym on the lower floor of the hotel we use for the NAMS event. I've never actually seen it, but I've heard it's down there (lol). Look forward to checking it out - finally - on my 3rd trip this January!

    Sitting on my stability ball, still loving it!, and off to watch the video. Thanks, Scott 😀

  3. Scott Tousignant says:

    I can't wait to be active with all the NAMS attendees. We'll make use of the gym, but as you can see, many of these exercises can be done anywhere.

    I'll be packing my stability ball and bringing a pump.

  4. Scott,

    These workouts are amazing! As a long time dancer (flatfooting and clogging, ballroom, cajun, and contra dancing), some of these are part of my regular routine, but others are new ideas for me.

    I have a question. About four years ago, I tore three ligaments in my ankle and had a frozen shoulder at the same time (the dangers of trying to teach a very awkward someone who was much bigger than me to dance). Through much physical therapy and my regular dance exercises, I have regained most movement, but am still having a lot of trouble when I try to do any of the jumping exercises. Either I feel a lot of pain or my ankle sort of "gives out." Do you know of any ways to modify the jumps so I can gradually build up to the point where I could do them again?

    Thanks again for your great instructions.


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