A Healthy Approach To Internet Marketing: Are You In The Black?

Hello once again. This is Scott Tousignant here to wrap up my five post series on home office fitness and how it will have a positive impact on your Internet Marketing business.

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Today is 'Black Friday' a term used to represent the time of year when many retail businesses get out of the red (losing money) and into the black (turning a profit). So my question to you is, "Are you in the black?"

If you are among the group of Internet Marketers that are making a profit with your online business... congratulations! It sure is great to see all the hard work pay off. But are you really "In the black?" In order to achieve online success have you sacrificed your health and precious time with your family that you'll never get back?

If you don't have your health and you aren't sharing in memorable moments with your loved ones are you truly wealthy? Are you truly making a profit? My answer is, "Absolutely not!" I'd actually go as far as saying you are in debt because you are taking away from the life that you deserve.

I used that picture of my family and I with Mickey Mouse for a reason. Sure you've seen my abs in some of the pictures this week and you've even had a look at my wife Angie's abs too. And you may know that I'm a successful Internet Marketer. But abs and money do not define who I am.

The picture above says more about me than any shot of me without my shirt. I'm a loving and caring father who loves to read books with his kids. I enjoy running around the yard and letting them tackle me. I'm a supporting husband who loves nothing more than waking up before the sunrise and sipping coffee with his wife on the deck and listening to the birds. I enjoy the silence. I love who I was, who I am, and who I'm about to become.

I know that I am "In the black" because I have balance in my life. I can look my kids in the eyes and know that I'm giving them every ounce of me that I possibly can. I run around, climb a mountain, and swim in the ocean because I am full of energy and vibrant health.

I was caught in the trap of working endless hours and making sacrifices that were never worth it. I think it happens to most of us. The funny thing is, my wife would always tell me, "Scott, you're trying to hard. You're forcing it. You're out of balance. Try taking the time to relax and spend time with your family... success will come."

I always knew she was right. It's what I had been taught for years. But I just didn't want to listen. I thought that this was different. I knew that in some cases you had to make sacrifices in order to achieve success, but I was making the wrong sacrifices.

The moment that I took my focus off of money and defined success for what I truly knew it to be in my heart, it happened. I had more time with my family. I had more time to enjoy life. I had more time to go for a walk. I was busy, but busy doing the wrong things and definitely not doing the most productive tasks. It didn't all happen over night. But it happened and I was happy... really happy.

It's time to get serious and make the positive changes that you've been putting off. I sure hope that my posts this week have provided you with some inspiration to take those first steps. It's easier than you think. The time demands are minimal. In fact, here's some great ideas to help you easily incorporate home office fitness into your workday...

Fitness and Business Combo

I listen to a fair amount of podcasts, teleseminars, and webinars throughout the week and that can be a lot of butt time if you're just sitting at your computer soaking in the information. These are the most ideal times to combine fitness with business. As you can see in the video above I either ride my stationary bike, perform some basic cardio movements, or do some exercises on the stability ball while I'm listening to the webinars or calls. I'm burning calories, boosting my energy, getting oxygen flowing to my brain, and learning at the same time.

Another thing that I do is wait for the recording of the podcast or teleseminar to be available and I pop it into my mp3 player and go for a walk. Because the podcasts can run 45-60 minutes my walks end up being longer than I had been anticipating, but that's ok because I was going to listen to the audio anyway and I would have just been sitting down otherwise.

I mentioned yesterday that I had another FREE Report to share with you today. It's called the Fat Loss Quickie Motivation Report

This free report is more like a free book. Actually I sold it for $47 for two years and sold a lot of copies of it. Now, I just want this information in as many people's hands as possible. If you have been sabotaging yourself and lacking the motivation to follow through with fitness, this free report will be of tremendous help to you. I do hope that you enjoy it.

Before I wrap up this post and this series I would like to address those of you who are spending more on your online business than you are bringing in. You are definitely in the right place. I don't know of many other free resources out there that offer so much incredible information to help you get "In the black" and go from start to profit than Lynn Terry's Clicknewz blog and her Self Starters Weekly Tips webinars. I've also never been a part of a better paid community for Internet Marketers than Lynn's Elite Members Community. Like I said, you are definitely in the right place.

I look forward to seeing each of you achieve the success that you deserve in fitness, business, and life.


Scott Tousignant

PS If you have enjoyed the home office fitness tips that I've shared with you this week and would like to experience to full impact of how it can transform your fitness, business, and life... I would be honored to have you among our outstanding group of super-achievers in the Fat Loss Quickie program.

Keep the momentum rolling. This is just the beginning of your journey.


  1. Fabulous post, Scott - and great topic! I learned all of these lessons through trial & error myself, and like you I would love to see others avoid that detour on their path to the ideal lifestyle.

    That's what it's all about: lifestyle. That's why we choose to work from home, why we choose to go in business and be entrepreneurs instead of employees...

    For me, it was about having the opportunity to be a great parent. Being a single mother I HAD to find balance between parenting and profit. I had to provide for my children, both financially and emotionally.

    My son turned 18 last month. It was a proud moment, knowing I had achieved that goal. It was worth every single sacrifice I made along the way. But sacrificing quality time with the kids would not have brought the same result.

    There are few things in this world that have the power to make us *truly* happy. Money is not one of them. It's a means to an end, a tool. I loved your message today - thanks for an awesome, motivating, inspiring week!

  2. Scott Tousignant says:

    Thanks Lynn. I sure enjoyed myself here this week and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect with your amazing fans.

    What do you think... should we randomly pick a winner on Monday from all the comments that have been shared on my posts this week? Give your readers a couple more days to get in on the conversation from this weeks posts.

    The prize is access to my Fat Loss Quickie program.

    I forgot to include the download link under my video. For those of you who would like to download the above video simply right click and save the following link...


    Have an amazing weekend!

  3. I'm seriously identifying with the statement "You're forcing it." I'm obsessed with working on my business every spare second. I know I'm gong overboard so it's nice to hear others have hit this point as well.

    Love the exercise while working tips!

  4. GREAT series Scott, but I have to say this post is my favorite. It's so true...just like I always tell people who think they'll never find the right person and fall in love "Quit trying so hard! When you stop looking all the time, you'll find it!"

    btw...I've been on a conference call with Scott riding his bike - pretty awesome and thinking of doing my Quickie workout during our next call. LOL

  5. LaTara Ham-Ying says:

    Scott, you already know that your words are resonating with the mission I am on in my life. It is my hope that people read these words and take them to heart.

    I see too many work at home entrepreneur who forget why they decided to come home in the first place. They lose themselves in the business and leave life on the back burner.

    That is such a backwards approach and it does leave you "in the red".

    I love what you wrote. You are so on target with providing others with the necessary information they need for balanced living 🙂

  6. "BUT ABS AND MONEY DO NOT DEFINE WHO I AM!" Okay, it must be my sense of humor but I laughed out loud when I read that and it will become a new saying in the Parris house.

    I LOVE the download, and what great tips for moving during a teleseminar or webinar! For the same reason I have my laptop sitting on a platform that Mr. Parris built me atop my treadmill. I walk most of the day and avoid that darned afternoon slump and backache. And I can type notes while moving pretty quickly. What I've learned from you and Lynn is that my beloved education time is still "passive activity" and is best reserved for after doing the stuff that actually drives traffic or dollars.

    Funny what great things happen when we take our focus "off the money."

    Beautiful post, Scott!

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