Without Backlinks, You Have Nothing.

Now that's a big red headline if I ever saw one πŸ˜‰ ...

And it's mine! Well, mine along with my partner Paul Short. He's actually the brains behind this brand new product that we're (finally!) releasing publicly. It actually started out as a secret resource that we only discussed during our private brainstorming chats.

And then... I said "we really need to share this."

You could have heard a pin drop over the Plantronics Headset, I tell ya.

As you can see, I did talk him into it. πŸ˜€

This just went live today. There is no fancy cover graphic, no affiliate program, no nothing. All of that is in the works. In the meantime, you can download this incredible package (seriously, you will be amazed!) for more than 30% off the $97 price - which is already a sweet deal!

See http://www.5000backlinks.com/special for all the details.

This is so easy that ANYone can do it. You can do it yourself, or you can outsource it - and either way, everything is all set up for you to get started right away.

Super simple!!

As you know I'm heading out later this week on a trip, so I'll set up all the "pretty site stuff" when I return next week. Go ahead and grab this package now while you can get the pre-launch price, and you'll also be the first to get news of the affiliate program as soon as it's available! That will give you a chance to try it out for yourself, write up a proper review, and see some fast results.

There is an email address inside the package. Send me a note there once you've looked over the package, and tried it out. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


p.s. If you're reading this blog post then you already know me well enough to know my "quality control" standards and my 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund policy. And you also know I say what I mean, and mean what I say. So unless you don't need fresh backlinks, or you would rather wait and pay full price next week, grab the 5000Backlinks package today for only $67! πŸ˜‰

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  1. apple tablet says

    wow I just read the details of the package. that seems like a really good deal. When i stop being so cheap I think I might come back to this.

  2. Wow, This must be a much hotter topic than I first thought! I came here today to take a look at the comments and it says that there are 95 comments, but I can only see 2. Did you have a server crash? (good problem to have, right? lol)

    I used to think product launch "server crashes" were a sales tactic, but found out that it actually does happen for real. Anyway, hope this comment makes it in πŸ˜›


    • Gary - the "Older Comments" link is just 2 above you - and there are 95 posts on the next page ("Older Comments") -- you are third from the top of the 2nd "page" of Comments!!

      • Thanks Diana! (I Think) πŸ˜›
        I'm glad I wasn't trying to find a snake (as we say here in TN), meaning that I would have probably looked at it and tripped over it ... then it would have bit me before I realized "hey look, there's a snake!

        Duhrrr πŸ˜›


  3. Wow! That actually looks pretty neat. I'm curious about the top-PR sites. I believe I have to try this one out!

  4. Hey Lynn,

    Well we took the plunge and purchased this new product. Can't wait to put it to use. Looking forward to great results and seeing how this can help grow our business in 2010. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. We will keep you posted on our success with it.

    Have a GREAT CRUISE!


  5. Carol Giambri says

    Hi all, Got my paid "receipt" but didn't see download info. Is there another email that was supposed to follow? Thanks.


    • Hey Carol,

      Send an email back to that address and we'll make sure you get taken care of πŸ˜‰ Sounds like a glitch with PayPal not taking you to the next step in the process.

  6. Carol Giambri says

    Apple, I'm so new I bought it not even knowing the blessing that lies ahead of me. I'm not ready probably to use yet, but I did the purchase before Lynn did a post replying to my message to I hold off. I'm happy I went for it before I saw that note. Regardless, one more learning curve and truly I feel like being here at this site, I landed on foreign turf--in another country--speaking a diferent language. I suppose my brain has "active cells" that love the challenge!


  7. Vanessa Lopez says

    Absolutely great.I just went through your tips and post.Backlinks are one of the very important way to get links for your page.So this will be a great post for SEOs.

  8. LOVE it. It's an easy read - straight, to the point, no fluff and no bull. I've already posted comments - and one was on a Duke University site. I always did want to get in there...

  9. Lynn,
    Not to sound like a real amateur but when I replace the [DOMAIN] with my site: I leave the brackets off, correct?

  10. Wow Lynn! Just what I needed. I'm getting a great Xmas/New Year prezzie for myself and guess what it is πŸ˜‰ Thank you lots Lynn & Paul!

  11. Amazing deal Lynn! I might cancel my subscription to Angela's backlinks package. hehehe.

    • LOL, thanks Raymond, but if Angela's package is working for you by all means keep using her product. Our product isn't a replacement. It works best in addition to your other promotional efforts.

  12. Thanks for the heads up about the BackLinks Package. It seems pretty comprehensive, better than most I've come across thus far.

  13. Thanks Lynn and Paul,Love the product.I have read the information twice and this product looks amazing. I can't wait until I can put it in action.I really like the way it gets right to the point. good easy read.

  14. Even I know this is a great deal ! Thanks for the New Years Gift

  15. Laurie Neumann says

    Hi Lynn,

    I am assuming these are not reciprocal links from directories, correct?


  16. Thanks Lynn and Paul! bought the product and am just starting to consume the content and take some action.

  17. Vic piercy says

    This looks great so I purchased it but never received the link to download it. Can it be resent to me? I emailed you the transaction ID. I can't wait to use it. This is something I have been waiting for! Thank you!

  18. Laurie Neumann says

    I went ahead and bought it. Can't wait to read it.

  19. Well I went ahead and purchased it last night. I give it my thumbs up for simplicity and ease of use.

    Really, nothing complicated here. Just simple things to be done regularly and consistently. Love it!

    Now just need to be regular and consistent :).


  20. It seems that the package is really good for build backlink, I am trying to build manually, but I think I have to give a try of it.

  21. Chris Evans says

    Hey Lynn or Paul. Is this like the Angie package? Do you use these links to link directly to your money site or do you link to your 2nd tier sites?


    • Hi Chris,

      We like the focus to be on our "money sites" for greatest impact, but if you had another approach like linkwheels or similar strategies the package would work for those too.

  22. So how do you enter keywords phrases in the anchor text, with like-this or like_this or doesn't it matter?

    • James Steiner says

      Interesting to find this post in here at this particular time. I have been doing some research on this topic and it appears that a great many reputable sources & indicators now point to utilizing the "-" hyphen rather than the "_" underscore. Feel free to follow the Matt Cutts link in the Warrior Forum for detailed breakdown. I am building all page extensions with the hyphen now and intend on changing some of my older extensions in the near future. If a change occurs you can bet I will let everyone know it!! Good Luck & I Hope This Helps You Out A Bit. Jim

  23. Charles Tillett says

    I have had this a long time. You cant beat the price. Its free.


    • Fawzy Mawy says

      the product there at the submitterbot site (i skimmed thru) have nothing to do with the back linking subject here. long pdf, nice to have a look but very generic about doing business and sales. it did not take me a long while to recognize this.
      nice try to have backlinking, but let us stick to the subject

  24. My one website started with 420 links (I typed in links:mydomain into the yahoo search bar). I bought your package last night, did the first step and now I have 418 links. ??
    I also did the same for a new blog, and it shows no results . I have waited not 2 hours but overnight.

    This is disappointing. Please advise.

  25. Chris Evans says


    If you posted new links it could take several days before those sites that have your links get crawled by the search engines. And with that being the case the search engines don't always show every link pointing to your site.

  26. PeterTrapanese says

    Hi Lynn:
    I bought the product and finished about half the info including the quick-start indexing I will let u know how it all go's... But, of course, I am writing to thank you because I have already read and understand the impact of simply knowing specifically how to execute code, and believe it or not, I am not at all a code man but the instructions where so simply laid out even an old-well, you know what I mean, lol... I will be in touch as I progress but I just had to thank you for passing this on, I would in no way given this a second look without your name being a part of it!

  27. Steve Hawkins says

    Lynn, I got to your offer via one of the buyers of my software (seo link dominator) which was designed for 'non spammy' link building and imports packets such as well as several of the other top packets available on the market.

    Would you be interested in me adding in the ability for my users to import your link packet directly into my software package? they would need to purchase you pack before they can import? I would simply create a parser specifically for your packet.

    if your interested then please let me know and I'll add it in before the next update.



  28. Hi Steve,

    You will have email shortly πŸ˜‰

  29. Jonathan Gunson says

    Is the affiliate program online yet Lynn?

    Still following along πŸ™‚


  30. i just purchased your 5k backlinks package and am looking forward to implementing it!

  31. Hi Lynn I purchased your 5K backlinks pkg last nite. Definitely will give this a try and hope to make it work. I opened up a new blogger blog, made my first post as you said, and did the Google search. So far, not showing up. Any ideas?

  32. Bonnie Christian says

    I'm going to go ahead and get this package tonight. I feel that if Lynn endorses a product, I can be confident in what she says. (It's that 'trust factor' thing I guess.)

  33. James Steiner says

    Another great offer and product regarding this very important, if not critical, factor of website promotion. Once again, as always, Lynn you are helping so many not only see the light; but, moreover you are giving them the lifetime batteries to keep it burning!! Backlinks are Everything & Your Website Promotion Success Depends Upon a QUALITY ORIENTED linking structure. Thanks For The Fantastic Find For ALL In Need. God Bless & Keep Smiling Lynn

  34. Website Design Columbia MO says

    That "Instant Indexing Guide" works GREAT! Tried it on one site - already indexed, but not for long - within a few hours I DID have 20 or so new links and it had come up in Google the next day for the main keyword from #7 to #4!

    You can't do this more than one on the same site - using different keywords - can you?

  35. Bought and started on it immediately and the nos. of backlinks to one of website increased from 6 to 21 in just a few days! However, do admit that it can be boring and tedious doing it daily.

  36. I bought the package on Wednesday night and start doing the instant indexing and daily action steps. Everything appears fine until I check my site again at Google today an it disappears from the search result!! What?? My site got un-indexed??

    Anyone can advise? Thanks.

  37. Just bought the product and can't wait to see all those new backlinks back to my site!

    Uh Oh, we have a small problem here: Are you saying that I have to actually do some work??? Every day??? I didn't expect that! I thought that by downloading the package I would start getting all these checks in the mail... πŸ˜‰

  38. The affiliate program for http://www.5000backlinks.com is now open. I just sent out an email to everyone that ordered a copy - so if that's you, check your inbox! πŸ˜‰

  39. I am interested in buying this product (it would save me a lot of time hunting down links every day), but just wondering whether these links will be of less value as more and more people buy the product and place links in the same places?

  40. James Steiner says

    Great Question Catherine! It is for certain that backlinks are paramount to successful search engine rankings no matter what type. However, it should be further stated that "quality oriented" backlinks most often carry much greater weight in the grand scheme of things!! I find this type of product absolutely fantastic for supplemental backlink support and strongly suggest you continue to seek out high quality and themeatically related backlinks in simultaneous fashion to this product. As you well know any authority page ranked backlink is going to show results along with the highly sought after "respectable" .gov and .edu links. Just my two cents on the issue and take it for what it's worth lol. Terry always supplies worthwhile products that assist in most everyones marketing needs.

  41. Note: Paul and I have listed this site & product for sale on Flippa.com, with NO Reserve and a $1 minimum bid: http://flippa.com/auctions/100100/SEO-Product-Affiliates-Site-Domain-Email-Series-etc--HUGE-Profit-Potential

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