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This morning I grabbed a copy of Chris Garrett's new guide on Guest Blogging from

It's a 20-page detailed PDF for only $10, which gets you a membership with even more helpful guest blogging tools & guides to come.

Guest blogging is actually one of my favorite marketing methods. It's one of the best ways to gain exposure, build a list, grow a readership, and get high quality one-way inbound links for traffic and search engine rankings.

You don't even need a blog of your own to put this strategy to work for you. It's a great way to get exposure to any website or offer online. And offline businesses would do well to work with local community bloggers...

This video explains exactly what you can expect for your ten bucks:

I decided to grab this great resource in addition to Nicole Dean's guest blogging guide, as I like to learn from a variety of resources. Put together you're spending less than 30 bucks for something that can dramatically increase your traffic, readership, search engine rankings - and ultimately your online sales.

Chris Garrett is the co-author of Problogger the book alongside Darren Rowse. Darren also has an amazing special going on, which actually ends later tonight. The last I checked there was about 15 hours left to go...

If you order now, you’ll get 3 new exclusive bonuses:

1. a report: 9 Things to Do to Get Your Blog On Track in The New Year
2. a 55 minute podcast with successful blogger Leo Babauta
3. a 45 minute podcast with successful blogger Neil Patel

All in all the extra content is a bit under 2 hours of audio and an extra 9 days of teaching and exercises – it is a content rich bonus offer on top of the existing 1 hour Question and Answer podcast that he’s already been offering.

See for the details on each bonus. The price is still under 20 bucks!

3 great blogging resources to make 2010 a huge success 😉


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  1. Wendy Wood says

    I received an email from Chris this morning and grabbed my copy as well. Can't wait to dig in and do some guest blogging this year.

  2. Thank you for the resources. I'm in the process of creating a blog.

    With Grace and Charm,

  3. I have only just submitted my first guest posts, so this product is quite timely! I would love to get Darren's ebook, but I think I have missed out on the bonuses.

  4. MariaGudelis says

    Looks very professionally put together - for $10 bucks...geez, that is less than a glass at wine at the Bellagio!

    Cheers, Maria Gudelis

  5. I look forward to receive my copy and apply all the techniques to my blogs. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Hi Lynn:

    I was wondering why you don't use AdSense on this site?

    Is is not a good deal?


    • I was wondering why you crammed so many keyword phrases into the Name field, diluting the weight of any single phrase in there, and link to a free blog on

      If you answer my question, I'll answer yours 🙂

      • Atta Girl, Lynn!

        I see that all too often these days. Probably a comment spambot, tho.

        Thx for the blogging resource info. i'll take a look-see.


        Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 😎

      • Andrew Davis says

        Desperate to gain links? Well, can't judge him with his strategy.

        For me, it's interesting to read the posts of other bloggers. Cause most guest bloggers give fresher ideas for the site's followers. It's really great to heard something new from other people from time to time.

  7. Dennis Edell says

    I've purchased both and it is timely indeed! I've finally opened my new blog to which I'm merging everything from DSWM.

    I plan to do much guest posting while I work on the blog itself in the background.

    Btw, you are free to guest anytime Lynn, although I'm sure you'll want to wait until the blog is running a bit with a theme, lol.

    I've had several other guests tell me they received more traffic from me on DSWM then from other blogs combined. That's just an awesome thing to hear!:)

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