Using Keyword Modifiers to Qualify Visitors

When choosing Long Tail Keywords to create content, you can use modifiers to find keyword phrases with Commercial Intent. This will help you find ways to reach the buyers in your market.

To find these buyers that are searching in your market, you simply include single keyword modifiers with your primary keywords when doing your keyword research.

Below are a list of modifiers, along with specific keyword phrase examples, which should generate even more ideas for you to test:

  • buy
  • purchase
  • shop
  • order

This helps you find long tail keyword phrases used by people who have an obvious intent to buy. Examples include:

- order flowers online for delivery (79)
- purchase old movies (430)
- buy movies online (104)
- buy mini muffin pans (3, 448) 😯
- shop nascar (790)

The number out to the right is the approximate number of searches per day according to WordTracker's Free Keyword Tool.

Other modifiers I try include:

  • shipping
  • get
  • online
  • coupons
  • deal
  • delivery
  • best
  • comparison
  • review

Again, some specific examples of keyword phrases using these qualifiers:

- hearing aid comparisons (671)
- free shipping on clothes (192)
- free shipping office supplies (81)
- digital slr camera reviews (235)
- who makes the best mp3 player (586)
- best way to get a software engineering degree online (118)
- delivery of wine as a gift (366)

As you can see, these keyword phrases are used by people who are searching online to help them with their buying decision. These are phrases with Commercial Intent (CI), and the phrases you should be targeting to make sales online.

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Informational Keyword Modifiers

I also use modifiers to find keyword phrases where people are searching for free information, which helps for creating link-building content and info products.

  • free
  • download
  • tips
  • how
  • how to

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Using modifiers in your keyword research will help you come up with the specific content and products that your market is searching for online. Whether you are creating info products, building an email list with an informational opt-in incentive, or creating "money pages" as a merchant or an affiliate, these modifiers can help you bring in the most qualified visitors to your offers.


p.s. You can use any number of keyword research tools. I use WordTracker's Free Keyword Tool, and simply keep it open in a new tab. I refer to it no less than a dozen times a day to find phrases when: starting a new forum thread, writing a blog post or article, creating an email newsletter, etc.

Dislosure: I am an affiliate for WordTracker. The link given above is a referral link, but the tool is 100% free - not a trial offer. I have been using the free tool for years with no requirements other than the occasional captcha screen.

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  1. Lynn thank you for elaborating on this, I was trying to think of other "commercial modifiers" and came up short. I really like how you balance both informational and commercial content in your blog posts. You write with so much purpose and you've got it down to a science! I'm working on getting there 🙂

  2. I use the Free Google Keyword Tool most of the time, but decided to search "How to" with the free WordTracker tool, and found a key phrase searched for 60 times a day that I wrote an article about a couple of weeks ago. My plan for this month is to build links to that post and get on the first page of Google.

    Thanks for the extra nudge to check out WT again.

    • Rahman Mehraby says

      I'd like to know how has been the feedback to such a phrase with 60 searches a day. Will you share it with us? Did you get enough clicks and trackbacks?

  3. I am focusing a lot on information keywords at the moment. But All these modifiers will help me refine my searching!

  4. Lynn, I followed your Wordtracker link for the free keyword tool and it takes me to a page asking if I am a Advertiser or a Publisher. Which option do I choose to use the free keyword tool?

    Thanks, Mike

  5. Thanks Lynn! That link worked.

  6. Skin Care Recipes and Remedies says

    Wordtracker is an awesome tool for finding some great long tail keywords. A search for buy yields some interesting results. People seem to want to buy pitted dates (3,509) which I guess they can enjoy while petting their new pet they found by searching for buy a baby chimp (2,462). 🙂

    A search for "how to" seems to revolve around accessing Myspace, Facebook and other blocked sites while in school 🙂 Some of them are flat out awkward (see #10) and aggressive (#14).

  7. Lynn, Thanks for explaining this again.I am trying to start using more keywords with commercial intend and this post really helped me.

  8. Elizabeth Ashe says

    Lynn this is some excellent information and full of meat. I never thought about how many modifier words out there to use for keyword research!

    It actually took me back to grammar school thinking about modifiers LOL....

    excellent stuff will have to bookmark this post and refer to it time and time again.

  9. thanks for this tip

  10. Thanks Lynn, for sharing about keyword modifers and only know today that in free wordtracker the searches are oer day searches and not monthly after reading post.
    You have spend a lot of time to share the knowledge and experience to people like me, God will sure give much more abundance to you and your family.

    Once again thank you very much for sharing your computer mind.

  11. Jessie Jacob says

    Great list of useful words to find more relevant result. It's actually very important for us to know how our target market think when it comes with their research. Knowing what they need means so much for our success in any online business we have.

  12. Jerry Nielsen says


    These last few posts on SEO and keyword searching have been really useful to me. Thanks for the sharing your insights. Checking to see what your latest instruction or advise is has become an important start to each day. I am confident it is going to make this thing happen for me.

    I am pleased that you are enjoying your MacBook Pro too. ;>)

    Jerry Nielsen - iMarketOnMac

  13. Lynne your last two posts have been great! two questions..when your just starting your website and getting it going with good content I remember reading somewhere on the net that you should not start with commercial intend until you have a lot of content/traffic..what would you say on this where would you (if you were newbie)gage that line from it being a content site to an affiliate/income site...if you have some readers and have some good commercial content you could you wait until your site is more established or get it up there even if you only have 5 pages on your website...
    Second question..what do you think of a static blog for a content affiliate site with a view in the future to interact with the readers too with a blog/comments section? do you have any sites like that?
    keep the great posts coming!...

  14. Lisa Marie Mary says

    I'm so glad you wrote this post! I try to remember this stuff every time you tell it to us, but, I seem to forget! So I'm definitely grateful to have it all spelled out for me here! Thanks!

  15. Rahman Mehraby says

    There's no doubt those commercial keywords can attract visitors who are potential buyers. I just wanted to add that informational keywords could attract the visitors who could be potential subscribers.

    In case, subscription is the goal of a site, the conversion occurs via these second group of keywords. Do you agree?

  16. I agree with your information, but the times are coming when it won't be that easy to find such "easy pickins" - more and more newcomers and experienced marketers target these long terms, both with SEO tactics and PPC advertising, and you got to admit it's not that easy to find those easy long-tails any more.

    • Matthew Jones says

      You're right, it would be very difficult for a newcomer to look for a long tailed keywords because he lacks experience and increase in competition. However, if we only use our common sense or place ourselves and follow the mindset of every possible buyer or consumer, we'll surely get some long tailed keywords with low competition.

  17. Great reminder Lynn, I've got a few more keyword qualifiers that I use as well to add to those you just mentioned. Affordable, Want, find, info, learn, unique. Thanks as usual for the great advice 😉

  18. I love your modifier ideas. I never thought of it.

  19. Thanks for the WordTracker idea. I usually use the Google Key Word thing which is also free. But It will be interesting to compare the two.


  20. Laurie Neumann says

    Excellent information, Lynn. Thanks so much.

  21. Hello Lynn, thanks for the keyword modifiers. What would be your numbers, to decide if it is worth using that keyword? I have found at times a large discrepancy between the free wordtracker tool and Google's keyword tool, as much as a factor of 10.

  22. Articles are very good and easy to understand. You always use wordtracker but have you ever worked with other keyword tools? Is site size a factor referring to number of pages? Some people can throw out a few splash pages and claim to get a small fortune from them. I always read that content is key. Women do most of the buying. I have observed many women shopping online and noticed they don't read, just look at the items, description and price. Google seems to be tbe the only one reading content.

    My primary goal is to get people to click on the site I'm promoting. In the past I accomplished this to a certain degree but found that it was the companies site, not me, who did not get the conversion. So do I need to have pages of products on my site, is there a way to further promote the companies site for better conversions?

  23. electing the right keywords is crucial. Our aim is to focus solely on “ready-buyers” key terms. Phrases and long-tail keywords with Commercial Inten

  24. Lynn,
    You are spot on. Choosing the right buying modifiers can make all the difference between getting a flood of traffic, and a flood of traffic that buys or at least clicks on an affiliate link and sets a cookie. (although with actions such as Amazon's recent one on affiliate tracking, it may not be easy to get an affiliate sale much longer, as other online retailers will soon follow suit if it works for Amazon)

    Interestingly enough, one of my old sites ranks near the top of page one on Bing and Yahoo (duuh) for one of the terms in your example, and I do still get buyers from it.

  25. Great info Lynn. Could you please do a post on converting CPA offers.
    I get about 500 visitors on my site a month but still to convert a single CPA offer. What could be wrong ?

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