Review: Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

crush it reviewWhen talking to people about Crush It I got some interesting responses, from "meh" to "um, it's a feel-good book". Others absolutely loved it. And some commented that a crucial point to "crushing it" was completely left out...

I had the opportunity to hear Gary Vaynerchuk speak at the UG6 event a couple of months ago, and was really impressed with this energy and enthusiasm - and his message. So I decided to dig in and read his book.

What you'll find here are my personal thoughts on Crush It!, an easy opportunity to win one of several copies, and details on a Live Broadcast and some Friday fun... πŸ˜€

Crush It! Review - My Personal Thoughts.

I have a growing collection of books written by people of my generation, working in my space - pioneers in the industry just like you and I. We have the opportunity to meet those authors in person at seminars and events and/or communicate with them personally via social media.

Gary Vaynerchuk's Crush It! Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion is another one of those titles that belongs on every serious online business owner's bookshelf. It's a book that defines this space in time. Our space, and our time. And at only $10.99 it's simply a must-have in my opinion.


There are 13 chapters... well, 14 if you count the Conclusion section at the end. And I have to confess, I skipped straight to the back and read the ending first!

In the back of the book you'll find a checklist of Action Steps to take, followed by 5 online business models. All 5 are brilliant as they are, but can also spark thousands of new ideas with just a touch of creative thinking.

The checklist is invaluable. I'm glad I skipped ahead, otherwise I would have been madly taking hand-written notes to try to keep up with. πŸ˜›

Critics Said...

I was told that Crush It! was more of a "feel-good book". And I'll agree it's definitely that. I found it to be chock full of inspiration, motivation and creative ideas that had my mind spinning!

Gary really had me asking myself: What is my personal brand??

As I was reading the book, I realized just how much more I could do. How I could reach more of my market. How I could serve my market better. How I could make A LOT more money - working A LOT less hours.

Speaking of "work", another critique I heard on Crush It! was that one crucial element was left out of the whole book: that it takes a lot more than just passion to succeed. That Gary really glossed over the fact that you have to make a serious investment of time, energy & good old-fashioned hard work to make it happen.

I couldn't really disagree with that assessment, until I got to Chapter 7.

In fact, I think I recall the words "bleeding out your eyeballs" and "pack up your toys" in Gary's conversation about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur...

What I REALLY Got Out of Crush It

I discovered that I've been "crushing it" all along. It's what got me off the ground, and to the point of success that I am at today. I also discovered new and easy ways to really take my business to the next level, as I mentioned before. I gleaned dozens of creative ideas for my business out of this one book.

But you and I may not be in the same place.

I've recommended this book personally to several people in the last couple of weeks. And all for the same reason: they were looking for "where to start" when it comes to starting a successful online business.

When you start researching Internet Marketing, you learn all kinds of "crap". There's some good stuff out there too, of course, but there's a lot of crap. You can do keyword research and join affiliate networks until you're blue in the face. But until you get that fire for it, find that one thing that trumps sleeping and watching LOST, you're not going to cash in. You might make a few bucks, but you're not going to have the lifestyle and business you really want.

There's a big difference between "making money online"... and having the time of your life doing something genuinely fun, and making great money at it.

Ask yourself honestly: Am I having a blast right now? Am I enjoying this so much that I roll out of bed before daylight to start back at it every day? Can I see myself being consumed by this (and enjoying the heck out of it!) for the next 5 years?

Or are you just going through the motions?

I know far too many people who are going through the motions, struggling with motivation & inspiration, forcing themselves through mundane task lists. Life shouldn't be like that. It really shouldn't.

Do yourself a favor, and read Crush It! It will help you with the why, with the how, and it will inspire & motivate you to design the lifestyle you deserve - and create the plan to make it a reality.

For less than 11 bucks, I figure everyone should own a copy...


disclosure: I earn a tee-tiny commission on books sold through my Amazon referral links in this post, like this one:

Crush It! Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

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  1. Mike Bowling says

    Excellent! See if you can get info on his next book.

  2. Traci Knoppe says

    Awesome! I'll do my best to watch you live Lynn. I did enter to win the book, as I don't yet have that one!!

    • We've had about 3 dozen entries so far, and they're coming in steady. I'll do the drawing on Monday around lunch, and mail the books out to winners on the same day - before I leave for Portland, OR next week.

      You'll love Crush It! πŸ˜‰

  3. I actually won this book on another blog and it was a great read. For me it didn't live up the amazing hype it has been given, but well worth a read!

    • I missed the buzz around it, as I tend to work super-focused on my tasks & projects "with blinders on" so I may have had more of an objective read. I also had the opportunity to meet Gary and hear him speak live just recently - so that added to my enjoyment of the book.

      For me, it was all about what *I* got out of it personally, which was A LOT. I also think it can go a long way to help those who are stuck in the quagmire of "methods & strategies" but missing the bigger picture of what it takes to have that success & lifestyle they know is available...

  4. I hope those of us who won't be able to watch it live will be able to view it later!

    I checked out the book from the Library and read it. Great read, got me very excited with some great ideas for my own business.

  5. I got this book when it was initially launched and like you went straight to the last chapter..Gary is unique in that he really pushes the hard work a message not just in this book but throughout his communications--thats another plus- consistent message. He is also super responsive to his audience - i have communicated with him a few times via twitter and even emails..and this was during his book launch which totally blew me away,, apart from the book watching the way he goes about things is also a valuable lessons. Seeing experts strut their stuff for me is most impressive...just watching you Lynn during the Hot Seats at 30DChome in Melbourne,,


  6. By the way..i just woke up to this...i would love to know how you arranged the twitter and website keywords to appear in the comments- never seen this before..very powerful . You really are amazing Lynn

    • They are both comment plugins. I don't recall the name of the Twitter plugin, but other is called KeywordLuv (I like it MUCH better than CommentLuv). And thank you πŸ™‚

  7. ShariLee says

    I am loving the broadcast, but I cannot login to the chat. Boo Hoo! I don't know how I missed the password, but it is still fun to see you live, Lynn. πŸ™‚

  8. I have this book in my Amazon wishlist for summer reading. Will definitely try to pop in and catch the Ustream broadcast today.

  9. Chris Cobb says

    Sounds like an interesting read. I need to study the thoughts of your generation. I'm in for the drawing.

  10. Took the survey, just found my copy of Crush It! and hope to make it to the live ustream today. I found the book to very inspirational and his section about using Facebook was what really prompted me to get my 'fan' page up in the first place and it's been great so far.

    • You're doing an awesome job with your Fan Page, Angie. I follow it, and enjoy your updates! I've been getting a lot more active on Facebook myself, and really trying to pump some life into my ClickNewz page.

  11. Matthew Zinda says


    Great idea here! You got my attention!

    I just took the poll, and entered to win the book!

    I will catch the broadcast, if I can! At the very least the replay!

    Sounds helpful, and fun!

    Thank you!

    Matthew Zinda

  12. I picked up the audio version last month and LOVED it! I totally fired me up again.

  13. Lynn,

    I really wish I could listen to your interview live. Unfortunately, I will be working. I entered to win the book. I just added it last week to my list of books I want to read this summer. So I really hope I win.

    And I will be waiting for the link for the replay.

    Thanks Lynn

  14. Can't wait for the broadcast Lynn! I just heard of "Crush It!" at 30DChome San Diego and was going to look it up. This is perfect timing πŸ˜‰ See you online & thanks!

  15. Bob Miegl says

    Looking forward to the broadcast Lynn. Gary is quite a character, but he sure knows how to market himself. He has a fantastic work ethic.
    Bob Miegl

  16. Enjoyed the live broadcast, Lynn. Gary V is the man, and quite the character.

    Let us know when you decide to try it again. Are you planning on trying it again?



  17. Just read the comment above mine, please go head and delete the "quite the character" line regarding Gary V. Dont want anyone thinking I copied her comment. lol.


  18. Just took the survey. It looks likes 'Crush It!' will be a good read.

  19. LaTara Ham-Ying says

    I took the survey early! I have been wanting to read this book for a long time now! Looking forward to Monday to see if I win πŸ™‚

  20. I have listened to Gary on a few different youtube videos from summits and conferences and would be interested to read his book. I just took the pool to win a copy. Will you be doing a blog post about the results of the poll? I would be interested in reading that as well.

    • I will definitely do that, Tiffany - it will probably be a bit, as there are around 250 detailed responses so far. I plan to go over it all on my flight to & from Portland next week.

  21. Danielle says

    Been reading "Crush It" on my trip to Norway - I love it so far! Great energy in his writing style. Getting some good social media ideas and inspiration to continue to pursue my passion of pet sitting!

    • That's awesome, Danielle! I love that you have a true niche, and that you're seeing the potential with Gary's teachings. There is SO much that can be applied across the web, in a huge variety of markets, and I love that he addresses that in such detail!

  22. I am back to listening to audio books while driving so I will have to try to pick this one up. Thanks for the review.

  23. jamessamy says

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for sharing "Crush It!" and i will getting it from the library near my place. I saw your video sharing, its awesome. Gary V sure has done a great job from your review.
    Will update after reading Crush It!

  24. You made it sound like it's a really good book. I really have to get a copy then πŸ™‚

  25. epic traffic systems review dude says

    I can definitely see the "meh' and "feel good" responses. I would probably go under the "feel good" category myself. However, you need to feel good in order to do what he has in the book. I didn't learn a whole lot but I wouldn't stop anyone from reading it.

  26. jamessamy says

    Hi Lynn,

    I got the book from the library and reading it. Its is a great book that all should read and learn from Gary...he is awesome with simple style of expressing the details. His insight on social media and his message of opportunity out there is great.

    Get the friends and know for yourself what i am trying to say. By the way, thank you Lynn for sharing this great book here.

  27. Sheila Finkelstein says

    Lynn, thank you so much for this review. I purchased the book from Amazon and, amazingly, with Super-Savers shipping it was still here in three days. The book was an easy, engrossing read for me, and gave me a new opening into looking at my passion for always being open and seeing things in new and different ways.

    As I was reading about "branding" in the book, a photograph I had taken a few days before popped into my mind I had the "humorous" thought of branding myself with "Sh*t Happens - Find the Beauty". Though I'm not sure that I want to have my brand start with a negative, I did a blog post on it, showing the photo - from 2 changed "points of view" - totally amazingly different perspectives show up. I also commented on the book. The post can be seen at

    In addition, after reading the author's suggestion for putting our brands on t-shirts, I expanded the fun for me and put the image and quote "Sh*t Happens - Find the Beauty" on t-shirts - - to see if others would find it fun and something they'd like to "sport".

    With great appreciation.

    Inspirational Sheila

  28. Neil Kristianson says

    Thanks for sending me a copy of Crush It. I found it to be very inspirational and has helped me to get off my butt and do something! I have had several conversations with others about the book since finishing it and this has led to even more motivation and maybe some partnerships. Thanks again.

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