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myblogguestWhile I was catching up on my email this weekend, I had a nice conversation with Ann Smarty of

I've mentioned before that Guest Blogging is a great way to increase blog traffic, and also get quality inbound links that will help your pages rank better in the major search engines. It's the easiest way to get targeted traffic.

Ann has created an online community to bring together bloggers who are looking for guest posts, and people who are interested in writing guest posts. You can search by category, tag, topic and specific offers...

It's free, it's super fast to get signed up, and within minutes you'll be able to browse opportunities for fresh blog content - or for guest blogging opportunities.

The link is:

I just signed up myself as I am always looking for cool new people & topics to bring to you here at ClickNewz, and also use guest blogging to increase traffic and improve my search engine rankings. There are a lot of great opportunities posted. Here's just a snippet of what you'll find inside:


As you can see there are writing opps for a women's fitness blog, for tech writers, small business topics, etc. And this is just a sample - there are a variety of topics and niches covered in the network.

Of course, the more people that join and submit their requests, the more opportunities there will be! Check it out, let me know what you think, and share any other guest blogging networks you've discovered in the comments below.


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  1. Great idea, just signed up!

  2. What a great great idea.
    Going to sign up right now.
    Thanks Lynn for the info

  3. This looks like a great site. I can't wait to dig in. Thanks for another great resource, Lynn.

  4. Awesome resource! I signed up and was shocked when I sorted by Blog Power and discovered my blog is at 78 and ClickNewz is at 76. I guess I've been underestimating the power of my blog. Being online longer must make a difference because I don't have as many posts or comments as ClickNewz.

    • My score was affected by the fact that my blog is banned from Digg and that I neglect my StumbleUpon account... but we both have great scores there, for sure. Nice to be in such good company! 😉

      • I don't use Digg or StumbleUpon (Gasp!) so it may be something else. You're right though, at least we both have high scores! Sounds like we're playing a video game *LOL*

    • Glennette, both are AWESOME rankings, congrats.

      The ranking feature is still under development and should be treated as such: that being said, compare it but don't focus on it!

  5. Thanks for letting us know about Blog Guest - I'm off to sign up right now (hope there is some call for craft / art bloggers!)

  6. I am a member of but must admit that I don't make use of it anywhere near as much as I should! It is a fantastic community that Ann has set up!

  7. wow, what a great resource, i'm going to sign up for sure!

  8. Lynn, huge thanks for a great review!

    I hope your readers will find it useful!

  9. Sheila Atwood says

    I am a big fan of Ann Smary, this is a great opportunity to get some targeted bloggers.

  10. jamessamy says

    Awesome post Lynn. Thank you for info given in this post.
    I am also going sign-up too

  11. This is just perfect. I just posted on another blog how hard it is to get the opportunity to write a guest post. Then I check out your blog and find this haha awesome.

    The links you get out of those guest posts are great cause they are highly relevant and on top of that you get targeted traffic. It's a WIN/WIN content/links and traffic

    Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Boomer54 Mark says

    Thanks Lynn for the great tool!

  13. Terrance Charles says

    Thanks for sharing Lynn, I was just thinking about finding couple guest bloggers for my blog and I got your email 😉

  14. Great resource, thanks SO much.

  15. Trish L says

    Thanks Lynn - this looks like a great resource.

    I can see where this can save a lot of time in terms of finding places to submit guest posts and finding interested contributors.

    I just signed up and can't wait to get started!

  16. Daniells says

    Awesome post. These articles deserve to be published in social networks 🙂

  17. Dawnaurora says

    Wow! That makes hunting down guestbloggers so easy. Going to sign up.
    Thanks for the post.

  18. Laurie Neumann says

    Just signed up. Thanks Lynn!

  19. Dan Harrison says

    Hi Lyn

    My Blog Guest is a great tool for guest blogging, have you also checked out It's a free tool for finding guest bloggers too!


  20. Carol Ann Quibell says

    Great idea! Thanks - will be signing up right away.

  21. Matthew Zinda says


    It's like u read my mind. This is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you so much.

    Matthew Zinda

  22. Thanks for sharing Lynn. I will be signing up right away. You always share very good finds. Thanks again.

  23. I love it! Guest blogging is something I need to make more time for. This gets rid of the excuse of not being able to find opportunities.

  24. Lynn:

    When you posted about the effectiveness of guest blogging the first thing I thought was someone has to create a site like this where bloggers can find guest bloggers as easy as possible. I'm pumped such a site already exists. Thanks for the head's up on this. I'm enjoying your blogging tips lately. They've been very timely:)



  25. Thanks Lynn, I love sites like this.

    I am also a member of BloggerLinkup and it's another great resource for guest posts and guest blogging opportunities.



  26. Nice knowing you join the community, meet you there Lynn.

  27. Dan Reinhold says

    I've found quite a few opportunities at MyBlogGuest. I had to stop so I could work through the list!


  28. Martha Giffen says

    Thanks for the great resource! Will be recommending it on my site!

  29. Is this serendipity or what?:) I've just finished reading your post about how to increase blog traffic, and wondered is there a way to start guest blogging for free, and... you got me a link!:)
    Btw, it remindes me on and which is a good thing:)

  30. Lynn,

    Thanks for the great news ! I add your blog as one of my favourite.

  31. Thanks, I just signed up. This is a really cool resource!

  32. I wonder what the implications would be with Google...I think guest posting with a followed link maybe questionable...(technically other people are supposed to link to you not you link to yourself from other people's property)

  33. Stephen Kavita says

    I loved this article since I have just started guest blogging. The post is a great resource. Thank you

  34. Mysoft101 says

    Hello James! Thanks for this good info. My blog went live about 8 weeks ago, and I’m totally fascinated with how all this traffic-generation stuff works. So far, what works best for me seems to be (1) writing naturally, (4) comment blogging, and (5) social media postings. I’ve been on Twitter since last summer, and it took me awhile to figure out the point — but now that I’m getting the hang of it, I’m amazed at how many connections I’m forging (with barely any effort!).

  35. Hi James,
    Just signed up to the blog and it's fantastic.
    If we decided to become premium member, the price is reasonable as well.
    I can't share the good things about the blog as I just joined and still looking around,
    but the forum has many incredible tips.

  36. On my way to give this thing a try. I've got another network I use. But will see what I can do here. Oh yeah is it a good idea to hire a writer for content.

  37. I signed on to this service about six months ago but found that many of the guest bloggers submit content that is low quality. I have a photography blog that goes between PR2 and PR3 but I've had to turn down most of the content. I've tried to seek out guest post opps but haven't really connected with a hit yet. Maybe my niche was too narrow but it didn't stop people from seeking to put irrelevant content on my blog. I'd love to see a greater level of success with this idea. As a link-builder that relies on quality, I've had to build 40 blogs of my own but that's only enough to assure low competition niche results for top SERPs. If I had access to more relevant blogs to guest post, I'd have to rely less on outside sources, nearly all of whom produce abysmal spun content that is the stuff of back-link inflation as everyone builds more and more spun articles that were crap to start with. At least my spun content looks better coming out the other end than most but I still hate the entire article spin concept and I wish Google would find a way to discredit all of it. I'm forced into it because my competitors engage and so the war of spam-tossing ensues until Google stops it.

  38. Lynn, I second your recommendation. is a great resource that I use daily! I love that it's easy to use, that the community keeps growing. The only thing I would change is that if they would allow you to categorize by sites that had PR, and those that were just new and needed some starter content.

  39. I just signed up and added my first "bloggers wanted" post to the forum. They just added the "Sport" category which is perfect for my fishing blog. We'll see what happens!

  40. I am big fan Of MyBlogGuest community its really wonderfull By Ann smarty, I love her for excellent job. Its great benefit for both blog owners and writers. If you are not a member of MyBlogGuest community then i must say your are missing a great chance.

    Cheers! Thank you

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