Top 10 Keyword Research Tutorials

"Are There Any Good Niches Left??"
Yes, there are plenty of good niches left. Its just a matter of what you plan to offer, and how...

Frustrated with market research or finding niches?
It’s time to get past this step so that you can move on to marketing and making money. These are my own personal secrets for finding & researching potential niches, which I almost always do in 20 minutes or less...

5 Things People Spend Money On
People have a certain amount of spendable income in their personal budget, and they spend the majority of that expendable cash in 5 general areas...

The Products People Are Searching For Online
Plug trigger words into a keyword research tool and see what people are looking to buy. For example, check out this list of 100 keyword phrases that shows the products that people are searching for online...

Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketers
The search volume, or the market depth, is important as this is how you are going to reach your market. It’s also how you are going to figure out the best ways to serve that market...

Using Keyword Modifers to Qualify Visitors
To find the buyers in your niche, simply include single keyword modifiers with your primary keywords when doing your keyword research...

Using Keyword Phrases That Make Sales!
It’s easy enough to write optimized content to get rankings & website traffic. But traffic alone doesn’t pay the bills. You want to write content that attracts buyers and makes sales…

Writing SEO Content: Choosing Keywords & Phrases
With these keyword phrases, your target market is telling you very specifically what they would like to buy. They result in a much higher conversion rate than general search terms...

Ideas for How-To Content and How-To Products
An easy way to brainstorm ideas for websites, content or info-products: simply research ‘action words’ or phrases that will show you which...

Keyword Research with is a great place to research physical product keywords...

And a Bonus Link... #11!

Membership Site Ideas
Setting up a successful membership site is a great online business model, but how do you know if your idea will fly? There are a few key things you can do upfront to make sure you choose a profitable topic & niche...

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  1. Lynn,
    This is a great idea! You have soooo much valuable content and having a post that groups some key topics together is very helpful, not to mention the interior links :)!

  2. Matthew Zinda says

    The internet is in it's infancy!

    I think I heard a statistic that 1 in every 8 households worldwide have internet access, or maybe that was in the U.S., I don't remember.

    Anyway, at one time, only 1 in every 8 households had electricity. At one time, only 1 in every 8 households had a telephone. At one time, only 1 in every 8 households had a television.

    My point is, there is almost an infinite number of ideas left out there. Provide the most amount of people with the best solution to the most desperate problem.

    Kind of broad, I know. I'm just trying to encourage you to think outside of the box.

    Find a problem that badly needs to be solved. Find the best solution to that problem. Find your target market (who needs the solution the most). Do some keyword research. Make your own website that explains the problem, and your solution to it. Make sure your website is SEO friendly, user friendly, and has a call to action. Create content that also explains the problem, and your solution to it. Create a link back to your website in your content, with a call to action. Then distribute your content to as much of your target market as you can.

    There, that's a little more specific. I hope that helps.

    Good luck!

    Matthew Zinda

    • Angela Wills says

      It's a great point, though. I think of the people 'offline' in my own life and most of them have absolutely no clue what I do or how I do it. I would say 1 in 8 might have the internet but probably 1 in (a much bigger number!) know how to make sales on the internet.

      Thanks for the links Lynn - tons of useful information right here.

  3. Incredible amount of information available for free for newbies or anyone interested in IM here on your blog. I need to remember to refer people here more often.

    As many questions can be answered by a referral to one of your many helpful guides.

    A MUST bookmark for anyone interested in learning IM.

  4. Thanks so much Lynn! This list is very helpful!

  5. jamessamy says

    Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for writing this post and this is a fantastic post. You are a special and gifted person for sharing your ideas and knowledge to all.

    Once again i tell you Lynn, every morning my first job is to go to your site and read, learn and take note for me to use. Keep up your good work and thank you

  6. This is just what I needed. A friend of mine is getting into this now. He is a total beginner like I have to show him how to set up a hosting account and how to buy domains. This will be perfect when he has covered the total basics and is ready for some of the interesting stuff.

    Most people still can't believe that it is really possible to earn money online haha. That's what stops them from getting into it and having success.

    Just so I mentioned it my fav post of the above: Using Keyword Phrases That Make Sales!

  7. Keyword research is probably the most important aspect of seo, and I find a lot of people just jump into a new niche without even thinking about it.

    Looking forward to delving into your tutorials!

  8. James Reynolds says

    You are 100% right. Research is the most important step in making money online. So many people come to me after months in the game and complain they are making no money online. 9 times out of 10 it is because they have entered the wrong niche or attacked the right niche with the wrong keywords!

  9. The best of the best !

  10. Tiffany says

    There's some great information on these posts for newbies as well as more advanced marketers who may have forgotten a few of these things. Keyword research can definitely make or break a site and so many people don't realize that before they jump into making a blog or website. Thanks for the reminders!

  11. I think proper keyword research is an important aspect. I've saved this page to my favorites and will delve into to these tutorials later on and see what new information I can extract from them 😉

    - Alan

  12. Thanks for sharing these valuable information. It such a great help for newbies in keyword research, online tutorial is really a big help.

  13. I'm to weak on writing skills this is my weakess point any suggestions on how to write a good article if your not a skilled writer?

  14. This is an excellent resource you have put together, Lynn. You see, when I first started my blog I thought I'd just write and they'll come but I soon realized that only the right keywords are standing in the gap between me and the volume of traffic (and kind of readers) I wanted. That was when I put a stop at writing until I learnt keyword research.

    Thanks, this post is going into my learning lab.

  15. Amazing tutorial, I have not done my keyword research like that.
    Your advice are very usefull for me thank you

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