Looking for the Best Cheap Web Hosting? HostGator gets my vote! Find out why…

HostGator doesn't just get my vote. They also get my money, month after month. I have 4 hosting accounts with HostGator with more than 40 sites/domains hosted on those accounts. And I'm still paying less than $40/month!

My accounts would cost me even less (barely over $30/mo) if I was paying annually instead of monthly. You can get the ideal hosting package from HostGator for only $7.95/month.

You'll notice the banner to the right features WordPress hosting. I host a combination of blogs, websites, domains, squeeze pages -you name it.

I'll share with you what I love about HostGator, why I think they're the best cheap web hosting you can get right now, how to save money on your hosting account, and which hosting plan you should choose...

HostGator Coupon Code

When you sign up for your HostGator web hosting account, you'll notice a field for "coupon". Use the code "wordpress" (without quotes) to get your first month for only a penny. That will save you almost 10 bucks!

You can save even more by paying annually, which will equal $7.95/month instead of $9.95/month, saving you $24 a year on your hosting account.

Looking for the Best Cheap Web Hosting?

I have used a variety of web hosts over the 13+ years I've been working online. I switched to HostGator more than 4 years ago, and have since moved ALL of my sites and domains over to HostGator's servers.

They use cpanel, which is short for a specific type of control panel. Below you can see a partial screen shot of the main page of my HostGator cpanel:

hostgator best cheap web hosting

Just some of the reasons I consider HostGator the best cheap web hosting, and why I use them myself, include:

  • Runs smooth, excellent uptime
  • 24/7 Service & Support
  • Contact by online chat or Toll-Free Phone Number
  • ** They will transfer your website over for FREE **
  • Easily install WordPress & more with Fantastico
  • Unlimited domains, sub-domains, sites, blogs, and email addresses
  • Accounts include AWstats and Webalizer for site statistics
  • Offers video tutorials and a Getting Started Wizard

There are tons of features, everything you would expect from any great web host, but the number one reason I have stayed with HostGator - and switched ALL of my sites over to them - is the lack of issues.

The few problems I've had over the years have been problems I caused myself (lol), and they went out of their way to help me resolve them via online chat support. The service has been smooth, and their support team is great. Though I've rarely had to use Support, which is another up-side. 😉

Which HostGator Hosting Plan To Choose

You want to choose the Baby Plan when you sign up for web hosting with HostGator. It's 9.95/month (or 7.95/month if you pay yearly), and allows you to host unlimited sites/domains/blogs on the one account.

You can go with the cheaper plan, but you'll save money in the long run by using the Baby Plan. You never know when you might want to add a new domain or website to your account!

A lot of people ask about reseller or dedicated accounts. Like I said, I have 40+ domains/sites hosted across my 4 HostGator accounts, tons of email & traffic, and have never had an issue with space or bandwidth.

If and when I do upgrade, I'll be sticking with HostGator. They offer dedicated servers and reseller accounts, and you can easily upgrade at any time without all the hassle of moving to a new host for that.

Tip: Never register your domain with your web host. Use a separate company, preferably a domain registrar like GoDaddy. Choose and register your domain name first, then set up your hosting account next.

Ready To Get Started?

If you already have your domain name and you're shopping for new web hosting, or your first web hosting account, you can go straight to HostGator and get signed up for the Baby Plan in a matter of minutes:

If you plan to set up a WordPress blog on your HostGator account, see
How To Start A WordPress Blog for a detailed checklist you can follow.

. . . . . . . . . .

Update: There are new coupon codes floating around for HostGator right now, and several special offers. CHOOSE CAREFULLY. I detailed what they are, and why it matters, in this new post:


Happy Hosting! 😉


p.s. Yes, ClickNewz is hosted with HostGator 😀

Disclaimer: I am both a happy customer and an affiliate with HostGator web hosting and GoDaddy. I earn commission on referrals, which helps support all the time & money that goes into keeping ClickNewz free for you.

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  1. Susan Fuller says

    Steve S I was about to ask the same thing? I've heard it before but never heard a good reason.

    • A registrar is not a host, and a host is not a registrar. If you have issues with your domain, your host is not equipped to help you with the support as well as a registrar. Support would only be one reason though.

      The main issue is the horror stories people have told for years about trying to switch hosting companies, and not being allowed to transfer their domain names. Unfortunate, but it happens. It's best to keep your domains with a registrar, and your hosting accounts with a host, to avoid any issues.

  2. Why should we not host our sites and domains with the same company?

  3. Hi Lynn,

    I've been wondering why everyone thinks Hostgator is so great. I opened an account because most everyone is telling me I'm taking a big risk hosting with GoDaddy.

    First thing I did on my new Hostgator account was to create a new WordPress installation. The version of WordPress which was installed through Fantastico was 2.7. The current version at the time was 2.9.

    The fine people at Hostgator told me they have no influence on what version Fantastico provides and that I can update WordPress from the WP Dashboard. I've had similar results when researching other hosts, such as Bluehost, which are also usually highly recommend.

    I've had some disastrous experiences updating from within the Dashboard of WP and stay away from it.

    I however never had a problem updating to the latest version of WP from within GoDaddy's hosting panel and they provide up to date versions very quickly.

    I don't really understand why everyone is so excited about hostgator and others and slams godaddy at most every chance.

    Any thoughts?



    • Hi Helmut,

      I'm curious what kind of disastrous experiences you've had upgraded WordPress from within the dashboard? This is something you'll have to do over and over, not just when you first install it, so that would definitely be something to look into.

      I outsource that by the way - and make sure everything is being backed up, and all plugins are made compatible after the upgrade.

      GoDaddy hosting has some drawbacks, but they are a great domain registrar. Their support may have improved, but it was pretty bad when I tried to use it for a client's site about 6 years ago.

      Also they have some control over your content according to their TOS. Of particular interest to affiliate marketers. And then there's random content-control issues like this one: http://www.ramblestrip.com/blog/2007/11/suckage-of-godaddy-and-their-stupid-tos.html

      • Hi Lynn,

        Thanks for taking the time to respond.

        I upgraded my WP installation from within the dashboard and it didn't work. All I got was an error message after the upgrade.

        I had database backup and after reinstalling WP I tried to restore the DB and that didn't work either. No matter what I tried I never got the site back.

        This has never happened when using GoDaddy's automatic upgrade to the latest version of WP from within the hosting acct.

        One of the comments I received during my research on how to avoid this was to always upgrade from within the hosting account if possible.

        If I may ask, who are you outsourcing this work to?

        Thanks again,


  4. Marty Green says

    Great post Lynn, it's amazing how inexpensive hosting can be when done right. I too was taught to keep the registering and hosting separate.

    Thanks again!

  5. Mark at Reliable Home Remodeling says

    I actually just got new hosting - through your link here for HostGator. I'm really enjoying the simplicity of it so far. Thanks for a great recommendation!

  6. I was going to ask it too. I've never heard that before. Definitely want to know why.

  7. I think what Lynn means is that you shouldn't buy your domain from your host i.e. have them register it for you. I am a reseller for GoDaddy and often my clients purchase their domains through me and then purchase hosting from me. However, I do NOT usually have them pay me for the domain then purchase it for them.

    The reason? When you want to move to a new host, some unethical companies can hold your domain hostage if you don't have control of it.

  8. bob schmidt says

    I don't have a reply but a question. If Hostgator has unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth, why do you need more than 1 account?

    • I have separate accounts for some of my pen names, to keep them completely separate from me and my identity. I also have an account set up for my son, and all of his sites - and the sites he manages for me. Then I have my two primary sites that both get tons of traffic each set up on different accounts. So if for some reason one site/domain goes down I have the other to fall back on. Just personal preference in how I have it set up. 🙂

  9. I was hoping you were going to mention some other hosting company. I am with HostGator and at times the support is less than wonderful. Plus there was that major glitch last week that had every site down for 2 hours at the beginning of the day.

  10. Why should we not host our sites and domains with the same company? >>> Having control of your domain name would be what I would guess.
    I knew someone who had his whole site heisted by the webmaster who owned the hosting account even though the site owner originally owned the domain name. The webmaster renewed the domain name in the webmaster's GoDaddy acct. The site owner had had the webmaster do work for him, didn't pay for it, and got the entire site hijacked by the webmaster. Large mess. Then he died. Sad...but something to be sure is covered business-wise.

  11. David Lee says

    Hi Lynne

    Great post and an awesome example of how to put a product review post together!

    Hope you don't mind me peeking but the Hostgator stats on your screen print show some great traffic volume to your site - what would you say we should realistically aim to achieve in our first 12 months of setting up review pages - 500 a day maybe (seems like a dream at the moment!)?



    • I would start with the goal of "1000 unique visitors per month consistently" in regards to traffic. That will give you enough to work with in terms of split-testing and conversion rates. From there, just continue to grow!

      • Thanks Lynn

        That makes perfect sense - no point growing the volume until you know you can effectively convert the traffic. One day this is all going to slot into place!



  12. I've found you can have good and bad experiences even with the best of hosts. Sometimes stuff just happens.

    I've had generally good luck with HostGator. They helped me with a server crushing surge of traffic where they had to take my site offline to protect the other sites on the server. Hard on me, but they did all in their power to move me to one that could cope. ehen the surge dissipated, I was able to shift back quickly.

  13. i love their incredible level of service and support, their 24/7 online help is fantastic, they always have someone available to assist via their chat system!

  14. Patty Gale says

    I agree, never register your domains in the same place you host your sites. If your web host should 'glitch' or disappear, you can go back to your domain registrar and point the domain to a new hosting server.

    If the domain is registered with the same hosting provider, you're pretty much out of luck if the host should disappear.

  15. I know this is a little more detailed question but I will throw it at you:

    I am currently hosting my sites at hostgator on a shared server. Now I just recently discovered that some people I share the same IP with are running some sites considered not so great by google I guess you know what I mean. Does using a shared server influence my ranking in the SERPS? Is it better to have your own IP?

    Thanks in advance!

    • I'm not really 100% sure, Alex. Google is obviously smart enough to know that the majority of sites are hosted on shared servers, so I can't imagine that playing any major role in your rankings. That said, the best place to ask is the forums at WebmasterWorld.com

  16. Heather Plude says

    I would also like to know... If Hostgator has unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth, why do you need more than 1 account?

    I use a hosting company that has unlimited domains, cpanel, fantastico... the reason I switched was not only for the unlimited hosting, but for the other Internet marketing tools & training: list building tools, list management & auto-responder, private web conference room & video marketing... but I guess if all you need want is hosting... hostgator would be a good choice.

    Still, why do you need 4 accounts?

    • I answered that above, heather - it's more personal preference in how I have things set up 🙂

    • The all-in-one option is appealing on the outside, but I will never again host my mailing lists with my web host. I use a dedicated mailing list manager (Aweber) for that. Web Host's mailservers tend to get blacklisted and blocked, so you won't get the deliverability rate you will with a company like Aweber.

      For video marketing I use YouTube, Vimeo and/or Amazon S3. And my webinar room is through Talking Communities.

  17. I've used many hosts over the past 9 years and HostGator has given me the best customer service of all of them. On one occasion I tweeted a problem I was having just generally ranting to the world and a HostGator rep helped me fix it! They didn't even ask if I had an account with them before offering to help and I didn't say specifically that I was using HostGator until we were nearly finished fixing the problem.

  18. Thom McCarroll says

    Use Hostgator plan myself and it has been great so far ... 2 years ... can do everything I want .. keep my sites relatively simple for me and my customers. Help out friends when they are trying to launch something new and give them some bandwidth to get on their feet.


  19. Matthew Zinda says

    Wow Lynn-

    I am impressed! You sure do defend your hosting company preference, very well I might add! I admire that!

    They say, "If it's not broke, don't fix it!"

    Well... My hosting company is not broke (literally probably)! I have never had a single problem with them!

    However, I DO respect your opinion very much! If/when I am ever in the market for web hosting, I will look you up!

    Thank you!

    Matthew Zinda

  20. Alex: I don't consider myself an SEO expert although I'm very good at it but I do have an SEO expert who hosts clients on my web hosting server and he insists they have a dedicated IP # for seo purposes.

    Based on what I've learned over the years, a link from a different C class is more valuable than a link from the same c class. If you have multiple sites on the same server (and therefore the same shared ip #), links between the sites aren't given as much weight as if they had a different C class.

    The 3rd # in the IP # is the c class. Search for something like "c class IP #" on Google and you'll find lots to read on the subject.

    My belief is that if you can afford to have a dedicated IP # and better yet, different C class IP #s, go for it! It certainly won't hurt your ranking. You can either spread your hosting accounts across several web hosts or you can find a host that has access to multiple IP # blocks.

  21. Glyn Lafferty says

    Hey Lynn,

    Hostgator is definitely up there when it comes to web hosting and value for money.

    The simplicity of the cpanal is a must for the non techy people

    Great post


  22. Matthew Zinda says

    You know what Lynn, I think I AM gonna go through your link to Hostgator after all!

    I am into helping people make their own websites, and I am going to help my girlfriend's son, a 9 year old kid (but, very smart), build his very own website!

    Maybe I will do a case study on it, or something. But, even as smart as he is, if a 9 year old kid can make his own website, anyone can make their own website!

    So, as soon as I help him get the plan together, I will help him host the website with Hostgator!

    This is gonna be fun!

    Thanx Lynn!

    Matthew Zinda

  23. Thailand Travel Deals says

    I agree on Hostgator. I have been using a few other over the years and Hostgator blow them all away. Apart from some other huge hosters (I mention no names, maybe daddy go angry) Hostgator are easy to startup, not the 10+ pages with extra material to select.

    Support is superfast.
    Interface is very easy to use.

    I have no bad things to write either.

  24. Hugh Fraser says

    Hi Lynn,
    I have hosted my site with HostGator for about a year or so and never ever had any problem with them, I give them a full 10 out of 10.


  25. Timely post. I just switched 116 domains over to Hostgator this past month. I was very apprehensive about doing such a big move but Hostgator support has been fabulous throughout the move. We've had a few glitches (as can be expected) but Hostgator has resolved all but one so far. One being the Miva Merchant shopping cart I have installed on one of my domains still isn't working but they are currently helping me to resolve same. I highly recommend Hostgator!

  26. Kevin Riley says

    Well I finally had to move from my long time hoster whom I will not mention, but they are a monster in the biz. They introduced a new feature called throttling which basically de-indexed many of my sites because they took about 15 to 20 seconds to start loading (great feature guys). I moved 40+ sites over to a VPS (virtual Private Server) with Hostgator and I love it! Consider VPS instead of shared hosting if you have sites that need performance. They are a little more but so worth it.

  27. Recently I have changed my blogging platform from blogger to self hosted wordpress blog. I have bought shared hosting plan from one of my friend. Well hostgator is also my favorite hosting service.

  28. Curtez Riggs says

    I'm fairly new to affiliate marketing, and I must say that I learn something new everyday. While I also have several hosting account, I have been also accepting the free domains. My intent is to find a decent host down the road and transfer everything to one host... It would be a truly tramatic experience if I was unable to move my domains..... Ty for the info, I will ensure that I follow this guidance

  29. Chak Spino says

    Lynn, if you had to use a free hosting service, which one would you use?

    I need hosting to start my internet business, I am a newbie and I dont have a credit card to get hosting payment plans.

  30. Hostgator qualifies as one of the best top web hosting companies in the world. You hardly come across negative reviews about hostgator.

  31. Hi Lynn,

    I'm actually shopping for the best and affordable web host and this post is very helpful to me. I bought my domain name already, not at godaddy but at dyna.dot just because I had to use my paypal act. which is unverified and it's only this domain registrar that accepts such payment option.

    I'm already eying some other promising web hosts but his post completely convinced me. I'll definitely sign up at hostgator through your link. Thanks 🙂

  32. Update: There are new coupon codes floating around for HostGator right now, and several special offers. CHOOSE CAREFULLY. I detailed what they are, and why it matters, in this new post:


    Happy Hosting! 😉

  33. Larry Stoller says

    Hi Lynn,

    I'm using Yahoo for building sites and registering domains. I've done about seven sites using Yahoo Sitebuilder and I love how easy it is to use. I'm kind of new to a lot of this on-line stuff but now I am also getting involved in internet marketing for these sites. I don't want to get in over my head, so that's one reason why I have subscribed to your site. I have never had a problem with Yahoo but I know I need to be flexible so that is why your post about Hostgator got my atention. Your thoughts and thanks.

  34. Sullivan County Real Estate says

    Nice. Those coupons are very helpful. Yes Hostgator is much better than the Yahoo Site Builder option.

  35. Have the coupons expired? I want to set up another site. You are the best!

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