I’m doing this, so you don’t have to…

I'm flying to Portland, Oregon today to meet up with Paul Colligan. He's going to walk me through the tech & biz of setting up a podcast.

My plan is to learn everything I need to know to set up a profitable, successful podcast in ONE day.

I expect to learn a lot. Of course I'll be sharing that with you too. And you won't even have to make a cross-country trip. πŸ˜‰

On my flight over, I'm reading a great new report. It's free, and you're going to love it! I'll share the details with you as soon as I'm done with it...

Talk soon!

p.s. If you have a podcast, I'd love to hear your biggest challenges and/or your story. And if you're interested in podcasting, what questions do you have about getting started?

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  1. Ooh - I can't wait!!

  2. I am really curious how a podcast can be monetized.

  3. Also, how do you build a listenership, how long should it be and should you follow the IMTW model of calling it a weekly podcast but only doing it whenever, just making fun :))

  4. This is the dumb question of the year. Isn't podcasting for those who have or own an iPod? What if one doesn't have an iPod, how can one listen to a podcast.

    • Good question Missy. You don't have to have an ipod,itouch or ipad to listen to a podcast. The podcast can be presented on itunes or zune which means you can pretty much listen to it or watch it on your computer. All you have to do is download the platform from which the podcast is presented on whether it be Itunes or Zune.

    • Hey Missy, Adding to what Ahmad said, I have downloaded the iTunes application to my computer. It's a Media Player originally geared towards Apple. I either listen to podcasts from the iTunes player or sync them to my .mp3 player, which is a 4GB "sansafuze" and much cheaper than an iPod. I had an "insignia", which is Best Buy's store brand, but my grandson tried to use it as a teething device. πŸ™‚ iTunes supports a lot of different .mp3 players. It doesn't have to be a iPod. I hope that helps.

    • Lisa Marie Mary says

      Or you can listen to tons of podcasts on any topic under the sun, just about - right at BlogTalkRadio.com! πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Missy,

      I addressed that here:

      In one of my upcoming posts, I'll share all the ways you can listen to and/or subscribe to podcasts - including screenshots & examples. I just learned this myself as I thought the same thing as you!

  5. Dave Jackson says

    I'm actually working on a book about monetizing a podcast. Lynn you can do this. If you can use a word processor (obviously got that one down) and have attached a document in an email (check!) you can podcast. All you need is the passion, and about $300 bucks to get going. Welcome to the club. Podcasting is a phenomenal tool. It will be cool to add some tone of voice to your marvelous content.

    • Thank you Dave! I've discovered you can actually get started for A LOT less. But I'll admit I have a really good gut feeling about this for my business model, and so I'm investing quite a bit into it going in. I'll be discussing both sides of this (options) in future posts. Keep me up to date on your book as well, please! πŸ˜‰

  6. Hmmm can't wait to see what all of this is about, I thought podcasting was simply creating audio content with a recorder like Skype, audio acrobat or even conference lines and syndicating it on your website, RSS, blogtalkradio, podcasting sites, itunes, etc. much like article marketing.

  7. sheriesmith says

    Lynn, we can't wait to learn 'Everything About Podcasting In a Day! If anyone can do it, it's you. Next time you head to Portland, you might find me hiding in your suitcase. I have a cousin there that I haven't seen in ages.

  8. Making money from podcasting in a day? A claim coming from anyone other than Lynn, this might sound like one of the big shouty emails that are always dropping in my mailbox.
    Can't wait to hear about it!!

    • Ahh, so true Wendy! But just to clarify I *learned* how to create a successful (profitable) podcast "in a day". I'm not walking through the steps and doing the follow-through to make it happen... and having a blast with it so far!!

  9. Wow, blogging from your droid! Cool πŸ˜‰ Have a safe trip and looking forward to hearing all about the new podcast when you get back.

    • That was fun - I published the post from my Droid as my flight was pulling in (as soon as we got service back). I am loving all the mobile capability!!

  10. Courtney says

    I tried to start a podcast for one of my sites once, but it just never took off. I'm excited to hear about your new one coming though.

  11. Sharon McMillan says

    Lynn I use to podcast when I first got online in 2007 and I enjoyed it (http://newurbanmom.com/category/podcast/). Surprisingly the podcast attracted PR people from companies in the sector I was targeting (new urban home and city developments). I ended up doing an interview with a New York Times bestseller and the developer of a Disney community in Florida, among other interesting people.

    It was all very exciting but also draining. I spent a lot of time searching out nice intro music and promotions to jazz up the program and I also spent a lot of time editing. I used Audacity for editing and found that a great tool, but still time consuming.

    Second big issue was the cost of hosting my files on AudioAcrobat. I didn't like the monthly cost.

    So the combination of time and cost eventually caused me to drop this podcast. Of course if I had stuck at it I would have likely generated enough income from the steadily increasing traffic to offset my costs!

    I hope the issues I've shared assist you in coming up with ideas that might help many of us!

    Thanks Lynn,

    • All good points - and things I will address in upcoming posts. I did outsource the intro music creation, and am shooting for as little editing as possible with my episodes. Otherwise I'll outsource the editing/polishing as well if necessary. I'll keep you posted as to how things work out as the series here continues and my podcast goes live.

  12. Jim Campbell says

    Envision millions of people downloading your podcast weekly to their iPods and listening to your valuable content while taking walks, driving, at the beach, while working, evenings before falling asleep, etc. There's much time during the day when we can listen but not watch.

  13. This is something I would really like to implement to my services for clients so learning this from you is going to be wonderful for me. Thanks for being so willing to share what you know with us Lynn.

  14. Carol Ann Quibell says

    Absolutely lookiing forward to learning how I can implement podcasting into my Virtual Asistant Business. Thanks Lynn.

  15. Frank Dickinson says

    I'll be looking forward to hearing about what you learn. Podcasting is on my white board as a "GET TO IT NOW" item.

    Safe travels!

  16. I listen to two podcasts that come out weekly via ITunes. One is Marketing Over Coffee (http://www.marketingovercoffee.com/) which is about 35 minutes and the other is the Monday Morning Memo from Wizard Academy (http://www.mondaymorningmemo.com/page/home)which is always under 5 minutes. They have distinctly different takes on marketing.

    However, listening to the podcast either on my computer or on my iPod is an interesting way to take in the information.

    Go for it!!!! πŸ™‚

  17. I just posted a blog post today about "How to Make a Podcast without the Newbie Mistakes". (http://tastingtheinternet.com/make-a-podcast-without-the-newbie-mistakes/) I'm so excited about this topic and can't wait to hear what Paul teaches you.

    Thanks Lynn!

  18. Brandie Kajino says

    Interested to see what you do with it. Have been podcasting for two years. Keep it simple, real and relatively short. I use Audacity, WordPress and the Blubrry plugin. It's a lot of fun, and has been great for building relationships with future and present clients! Welcome to podcasting!

  19. Lynn, is there a way to present a live interactive podcast as well as a recorded submission to itunes? Just curious about that. I do not own an iphone or an ipod or ipod touch or an ipad, (...yet, lol) but I listen to every audio file I download on iTunes! The flexibility of having podcast subscriptions is great, with Clicknewz via odiogo being one of them. Thanks for learning and doing so quickly, Lynn. Happy trails, Mary

    • Great question, Mary!

      You can do a live webcast, such as a webinar, and then offer the recording of that as a podcast. The main differences being in distribution, or how people consume the content. With a webcast they participate and/or listen in live, and with a podcast they receive the recording via subscription to listen in to whenever they please.

      There are lots of ways to repurpose content using podcasting!

  20. Yay! Can't wait too. And as for publishing on the Droid, wow. I've had mine a day and can barely type on it!

  21. In the post above, I promised you a brand new free report I was reading on my flight to Portland... You can download it here: http://www.clicknewz.com/2444/32-conversion-triggers/ Enjoy! πŸ˜€

  22. Laurie Neumann says

    I have heard a lot about podcasting but it seems like just one more thing to learn! What is the main purpose of a podcast? To let others get to know you better, make money, build traffic? I assume the answer is all three, but looking for the main reason people do this.

    I"m anxious to hear about your experiences Lynn. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

    • Definitely all 3 - but don't feel bad, because I started out with that same question! My next post in the series is actually all about the objective. πŸ˜‰

  23. Can't wait! I've been wanting to do this for a long time and have been looking at gear with mixer, mics & headphones for $139.00 on Amazon but haven't made the jump yet. Once I'm sure how to lay it out and what programs to use I'll feel better. Thanks Lynn!

  24. Steven Ames says

    I actually first learned about Lynn on the podcast "Internet Marketing This Week" (just search iTunes using those keywords), where she's a regular with Paul Colligan and others. I've downloaded all their old podcasts and look forward to receiving the new ones every week. I usually listen to them on my pc, and have learned a lot about Internet Marketing from them. If you're not checking out their podcast, you're really missing out.

    And in response to Laurie's question above, I think one of the main purposes is added convenience and the appeal podcasts (and video) have for a lot of people. For one thing, you can download them to your mp3 to take with you and listen to while you're traveling, standing in line at the supermarket, etc. I don't have time to read all the blogposts I would like to, but I'm able to cram a lot more information into my old brain because of the convenience of podcasts. And of course it does add a personal touch (FYI, their are a ton of podcasts on iTunes about IM, aff marketing, SEO, WordPress, etc. It's a great educational resource for bloggers)

    I'm just starting out in the blogging world, but I definitely want to be able to add audio and video to my blogs, so I'm looking forward to what Lynn has to tell us.

  25. Hi Lynn,
    My hubby & I have been talking about doing podcasting, but neither one of us is the least bit technical, so we would appreciate step by step basics on the podcasting how-to's! You always provide such great info, so I'm really looking forward to what you come up with, thanks! Also, thanks for the free report!

    Have a great trip!

  26. Thanks for all the great comments, and your questions! I have published a new post on the topic here: http://www.clicknewz.com/2448/how-to-create-a-podcast/ and will continue to share tips from what I learned throughout the week. Along with a nice little free report on the topic you can download as a reference guide. Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

  27. Jan Tincher says

    Always looking for new technology to get the job done on internet marketing.

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