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Here are a few of the cool PHPBB Forum Mods that I am looking into for the SSWT Forum. Check them out and let me know what you think (use the Reply box below)...

Of course, I'm open to suggestions as usual! 😉

MOD Name: Email Digests
Sends customized email digests to self subscribed users of a phpBB board. Daily or weekly digests can be send. Digest can be customized to restrict posts to particular forums and to be sent at a particular time of the day. Excerpts from posts are presented with a convenient link back to the original message if the user wants to read more.

MOD Name: Forum description in viewforum
This shows the description of the forum when viewing the forum in viewforum.php just below the forum name

MOD Name: Printer-friendly topic mod
adds a printer button on the topic view page, which leads to a lightweight view of the topic for printing. Allows reader to set up custom pagination for printer output.

MOD Name: Forum Sponsors
Allows you to add advertisments in specific forums (vs site-wide)

MOD Name: Inline Banner Ad
Places a banner ad inline with posts. Configure placement and display of add. Includes psedo-random rotator.

MOD Name: Report Posts
This mod allows registered users to report posts to moderators. It adds a page where all reports can be displayed and the option to email the moderators when a report is made. Moderators can also write some comments about their actions on reported posts and full history of report actions is stored.

MOD Name: View PM while replying
Lets you see the PM you're replying to just below the input box, very like the topic review when replying to topics.

(PHPBB Forum Mods can be found here)

I am also in the process of updating the Forum Feed and its functions, and adding it to Technorati to offer increased exposure to active members. 😉

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