Quick Content Creation You Can Do Anywhere

Guest post by Alice Seba of Contentrix.com

Today’s technology makes it easy to brainstorm and create content on the go.

Just look at Lynn’s gadget closet – she’s got a Droid, an iPad, MacBook, a handheld video camera... and certainly plenty more handy dandy tools.

This girl can write it, record it and even publish it from absolutely anywhere!

But the good news is, you don’t need to buy all the coolest tools and gadgets to create content on the go.

You probably have what it takes to put together several weeks of content in the next few days…even if you don’t take a step toward your computer. Personally, I have a busy life and my computer screen time is limited, so I work things in where I can…all the while keeping control of my life, my obligations and having fun too...

Of course, technology helps – so I’ll be talking about a few options, but even if you just pick and choose from what you already have readily available…you’re still golden. And who knows, this increased productivity might earn you enough to indulge in a little gadget you’ve had your eye on.

On the Go Activities:

Idea Brainstorming: Even if you don’t feel like writing out complete articles, posts or emails…you can come up with ideas wherever you are. Set aside some time for brainstorming during a time where you aren’t productive (think waiting for the kids to come out of school, at the doctor’s office) and challenge yourself to come up with 10 topic ideas.

Ideas on the Fly: Sometimes ideas strike us when we least expect it. If we something happen in a store or we just had a conversation with someone, we might be inspired with an idea. Then we get home – and we forget. Avoid this, by jotting your ideas down.

Writing Content: Personally, I tend to be very inspired and focused when I am away from the computer, so I do quite a bit of writing on the go. Often I put together email messages, promotions, articles and blog posts when I’m out and about.

Audio Recordings: Sometimes we can’t stop to write things down, but we can easily create a recording to share with our readers or have transcribed. It might be a recording of just ourselves or an in-person or telephone conversation that we turn into content.

Videos: Take a video of yourself talking, demonstrating something you’re already doing or anything that would be of interest in your market.

Photos: A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s easy to take a quick photo wherever you happen to be. Whether you’re sharing something personal from your own life, a scene or something else relevant to your market – there are many photo ops available if you’re ready for them.

Keep these in mind as you’re out and about next time and see what content you might create while you’re having your car serviced, are lounging by the lake or are waiting for your takeout dinner to be ready.

On the Go Tools:

Again, you don’t have to have all of these…but you probably have a few of them available to use, so get in the habit of keeping them handy.

Paper & Pen: Ah…the good old classic. A notebook and pen are always with me, wherever I go. If you’re high-tech, you might invest in the Livescribe pen what can turn your written words into audio recordings and transcripts.

Digital Notes or Smart Phone: A digital device that allows you to take notes makes it easy to later import to your computer and you don’t have to fuss with paper. It really depends on your preference or what is most convenient at the time.

Digital Audio Recorder or Smart Phone: Carry some type of digital recorder with you and you’re ready to create content at a moment’s notice. Record your thoughts and publish them to your blog. If you’re meeting someone who is an expert in your market or a fan of your niche, record a quick interview and you’ve got content! If you’re talking on the phone, call into a teleconference service that will record your conversion. Try freeconference.com – you just dial a U.S. based long-distance number and pay a small fee for the recording.

Camera or Smart Phone: Most of us carry a camera around with us at all times, right in our cell phones. The quality of phone cameras is ever-increasing and it makes it easy to load our photos to photo-sharing services and social media sites.

Mini Video Recorder or Smart Phone: Video is becoming a staple on mobile phones as well, so even if you don’t have a Flip camera or other trendy device, you might just have a video recorder available to create content at anytime.

Hmmm…there seems to be a common theme. How many times did I say “Smart Phone”? It is an ingenious device for online business owners. Whether you already have one or don’t have one yet, let’s talk about…

Embracing the Smart Phone:

As I said earlier, you don’t have to have all the fancy gadgets to create content wherever you are. Even if you’ve just got a digital camera with a notepad and pen, you have plenty of possibilities. But if you’ve got a Smart Phone along for the ride…you have virtually limitless possibilities.

Some people shy away from any type of Smart Phone because they hesitate to be “too connected” or “chained to their business”. I guess it really depends on how you use the phone. There’s no need to load up all your business email addresses and check every stat at every given moment because yeah, that would just mean you’re working 24/7. However, there’s something to be said about being able to get away from the computer for the day or however long you’d like (or need to) and still work on building your business value.

Lynn has her Droid. Many have a Blackberry. I personally have an iPhone and there are countless other options. Many apps (or applications) are available across platforms or you can often find something similar available on different phones…but let me share some of the things I can do with my iPhone.

My iPhone (or insert your own device here) is a:

Phone: Great for recording conversations, with permission of course. I can use Skype or regular old-fashioned dialing.

Note pad: I use the default note-taking program, but there are many other sophisticated apps you can download to create and organize your notes.

Camera – Still & Video: A quality camera that makes it super-easy to load pictures online. I even have apps to edit my photos for even more possibilities.

Audio Recorder: This is a device I’ve recently embraced, thanks to Ed Dale. The recorder creates m4a audio files that I can easily load to my server.

Social Media Device: Sharing content through Twitter and Facebook is a snap.

WordPress Management System: The WordPress app allows me to post, edit and manage comments on all my WordPress blogs.

Feed Reader: Great for content inspiration, sharing and more.

Dictionary, Thesaurus & Encyclopedia: All the knowledge I need is at my fingertips.

In short, we have so many opportunities available at our fingertips to create content. We don’t have to sit at our computers and say, “I am going to write X blog posts,” or today, “I will write X articles” and then sit there until we’re done. Before you know it, the day is done and we’ve sat there trying to force creativity. Live your life and allow inspiration to come to you…wherever you happen to be.

It’s a sunny day. Forget the computer. Grab a towel and head to the beach instead. You can create content anywhere you go.

About the Author: Alice Seba is the creator of Contentrix.com. With a focus on using content to create relationships, loyalty and results from writing, she loves helping online business owners get more bang out of their content. Click here for your free Profit with Content guide.

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  1. Excellent post, Alice! I have 2 great examples - one using the WordPress app to blog from my iPad while in San Diego:


    And the other a blog post I wrote & published from my Motorola Droid when my plane landed in Portland Oregon:


    I am on the go A LOT and I *love* being able to work mobile, whether I'm checking in... or in creative mode! 😀

    • Alice Seba says

      I use the WordPress app all the time. I manage my personal blog and my kids blogs from there. I also manage a lot of the comments and posts for Contentrix as well. It's AWESOME.

  2. Most people today have this really terrible habit of repelling money. And when you bring it to their attention their typical response is “no I don’t”. But their actions, life and bank account tell a different story.

    In today’s economy, people claim to be fully focused on “attracting money”. They’ll provide great lip service, but they won’t do anything to attract money. Now here’s the rub.

    Just as it’s written in the Bible in the book of James “Faith without works is dead”. Well, the law of attraction without ACTION is dead. Read that again. If you think you can just sit on your couch and dream about money coming into your life and then one day become rich then you’re on the wrong track my friend.

    In order to attract money, you have to be engaged in activities that money is attracted to. Money is attracted to movement. And in this economy, nobody can afford to sit around and wait for things to happen.

    To attract money in this recession you have to be completely focused on your goal. Let’s say for example you were just laid off your job of 12 years. Now what? You have a wife and kids to support and bills to pay. What do you do?

    You cut the fat out of your life, starting with the things you once thought were necessities. Again, get rid of the fat from your life. If you can’t manage the money you do have, the universe will not give you anymore.

    Movement is key. Instead of saying, “I can’t believe I lost my job. It’s not fair. It’s the economy’s fault”. Blah, blah, blah. Ask, “What can I do to overcome this adversity? What new trade can I learn how to do? Who can I meet that’ll help me achieve the goals in life I wish to achieve? How can I make money from this adversity?”

    Then act! That’s your job. Stay moving, like liquid. When my business slowed down, I quickly enrolled in a new career. When I decided I didn’t like that one, I immediately learned a new trade and began a new career. And you know what? The money started coming quickly. I did not join the “whoa is me” crowd. I joined the entrepreneur crowd and quickly started a new career.

    How do you attract money in a recession? Action is critical. Money loves movement. So move. Action! Nothing happens until something moves.

  3. Okay Alice, now I feel so "old fashioned" because I only use a computer to create content! Here I was feeling so proud of myself for upgrading to a MacBook so I can be more mobile. You've given me some great ideas and food for thought.

    • Alice Seba says

      Lol...a laptop is good too. I don't like lugging one around and looking for wifi can be a pain, but sometimes being disconnected from the web is good for productivity!

      • I agree. I often unplug and take my laptop to the dam, the park, or even a coffee shop. I am most often doing my best content creation from the back deck on my macbook though (working in Pages lately).

        I'm looking into getting a mi-fi 3G hub as that will work on both my laptop(s) and my iPad, whichever I happen to have with me when I'm out & about. But yeah - it's a lot more to carry than my Droid!

  4. I never go out without my notebook and pen and also I love my Iphone 3GS so much since I can take quality photos and write my ideas then transfer it to my computer easily.

    • Alice Seba says

      We definitely have something in common then! 🙂

    • I wish we could get iPhone service here. I expect it will happen in the near future. And - I'm a big fan of pen & paper myself 😀 That said, there's a notepad on the iPad that is great for journaling ideas, which will copy & paste - or you can email it to yourself - which is nice too.

  5. I love tossing my netbook in my bag and going out for the afternoon with the family. In fact, I think I need to start doing that more often, I spend way too much time inside my own four walls.

    • Alice Seba says

      What type of net book do you have? I borrowed my father in law's Acer for a while, but didn't like it enough to get one.

    • I have both the Acer Mini and the HP Netbook. The HP has 3G service, the, the Acer only has wi-fi. So the HP wins hands-down for that reason alone. But it also has a better keyboard layout so it's easier to type on. Definitely handy - like an oversized blackberry 🙂 I use that when I know I need to be connected *and* mobile and want more options than my Droid offers.

      • Missy (from iPhone 4 Covers Blog) says

        I just recently hooked myself up with a Dell Mini 10 and love it. It's not too small like some of the 7 inchers out there, is light and sports a great keyboard.

        It's a great alternative to the keyboard-less iPad, but I have one of those too. lol.

        Now all I need is to upgrade to the iPhone 4 and I am one heck of geek. lol.


  6. Phillip Dews from Internet Marketing 101 says

    Great Post Alice, I completely get everything you said here! I suffer a lot from procrastination but when i do i take a time out and do my other favourite hobby of Bird Watching with a notebook and pen!

    I then find that ideas come into my head more easily so am able to jot them down and blog later! I have just invested in the Xperia x10 phone and cannot live my live without it now, It’s made my Blogging live so much easier!

    Thanks for Sharing!

    -Phillip Dews

  7. Before leaving the home, i never forget to take my laptop, pen and my Nokia N97. I just go a capture the images and writes my view which will after transfer to my laptop. thanks for your tips.

  8. Rick Byrd says


    Love the post. I was on a plane to Biloxi, MS the other day and I was listening to my mp3 player and ideas started coming into my head. I pulled out my pen and notebook and started writing blog title ideas based on song titles, something a little different for me.

    I always have pen and paper handy. I need to start using video more for demonstration purposes.

    I am not very mobile at the moment. I do not have currently have a laptop (getting one soon) and I have an old fashion cell phone (phone calls only).

    Thanks for the info!

    - Rick

    • Pen & Paper still works as well as it ever did! 😉 For all the gadgets I own, and usually have with me, I also carry a mini legal pad or small notebook everywhere I go.

      I have a really good printer/scanner combo now (this one which will scan a document in and put it on my computer as a PDF file. I've been thinking that would make for great downloads, or can easily take a screenshot to create images for illustrations too.

      Here's an example where I just took a photo of my legal pad:

      Just an idea to consider! 😉

    • Alice Seba says

      I love pen & paper too and where possible, make sure I always have it with me. Whatever works for you is what works best!

  9. What a great article. I've invested in an iphone and it really has changed my life! Means I can work anywhere. Genius!

    • Alice Seba says

      Totally. My husband, who is a student, recently got a wireless keyboard for his. I laughed at first, but am warming up to the idea. It's small and light. Plus, it looks like you're really working, instead if testing on your phone. 🙂

      • I have the wireless mac keyboard for my iPad too. It's small and lightweight as well, and makes a big difference in terms of typing speed. I use it when I'm at home without fail, or in my hotel room when traveling - but I love that I can grab the iPad and go and still get pretty much anything done if I need to.

  10. Great article! Alice rocks!

  11. My iPhone has really been a great little work horse. Whether I need to take pictures, make notes, do research, social network or record audio, my iPhone can help me out. It is so easy to have it with me at all times that I always feel prepared. It is just an all around great tool.

    • Alice Seba says

      For sure. Since I got the iPhone, I have pretty much done all my social media on it. That way, I am less distracted on the computer.

  12. Vova Sirotin says

    Great post Alice,
    Now I'm sure it worth to buy iphone4!

  13. Great work Alice,
    Iphone4 is really impressive features.

  14. Alice and I have talked about this several times before. Now, I am even more and more in love with my personal combo. Livescribe pen + Evernote on the smart phone.

    Livescribe for anything and I mean anything. I doodle, draw, sketch ideas, write articles, emails, blog posts, guest posts, autoresponders, make checklists! This is my new favorite a lot of times when you're listening to audios and people give you action steps, this is the fastest way I know how to turn that learning product you invested into something actionable to do list.

    Evernote for photos, audios etc. Yes, I could just save it to the phone but if I use Evernote to snap the photo, when I sit down at my desk later or on some other mobile device, it's there all synced and ready to go. No emailing, attaching, extra syncing involved.

    Lynn... thanks for letting me gush LOL

    • Alice Seba says

      I have never seen so many livescribe pens in one room as I saw at Ed Dale's San Diego event. I felt like such a loser I didn't have one, but I did have my iPhone...lol.

    • I need to check out Evernote. I've heard great things about it, and now that I have everything else synced (finally!) that sounds like a great addition for me. I'll have to see if they have an app or if it works on both the Droid and the iPad (as I'm often working between the two).

  15. I'm still a fan of pen and paper myself I don't know why! Hopefully I can get my hands on an iPad in the next couple months though......


    I live in Nashville and I was wondering if you ever do any local events? I've been starting to see some results from my hard work the last couple months and I would really like to take my IM to the next level. I would love to hear of anything you have going on in the area. Thanks!

    • Alice Seba says

      Nothing wrong with paper and pen. It really brings you into touch with your thoughts and what you're writing. But an iPad might be very helpful for research, organizing ideas, etc. Go for it. 😉

    • Hey Dennis - nice to meet you! 😀

      I teach in Atlanta twice a year at:

      There's also the Nashville Geek Breakfast, and the Social Media Club chapter in Nashville that are great groups. The breakfast is run by @DaveDelaney and the SMC is organized by @JessicaRMurray - or you can Google them both.

      I have a great dane pup with separation anxiety -lol. Just adopted him a few months ago. We should grab lunch sometime and swap ideas 😉

  16. karla campos lopez says

    Great ideas for writing content on the go, I will use my phone for taking random pictures and videos where ever I go, this will be a great brainstorming opportunity. I didn't think about taking pictures to inspire myself before your article, I focused more on taking pictures to use and place straight to web site.

  17. Sam Reiki says

    Ever since I worked only, I always think that everything around me have its own value. All situation, ideas, things that I'm aware of can be converted to a meaningful article that might inspire and help other people.

  18. Cindy Brock says

    Ah...the days of paper and pen. I am actually laptop-less at the moment (sold mine because it was too heavy) and am trying to decide what to buy before NAMS4. But, it's a hard justification to buy an iPad over a netbook when the iPad is more expensive. Or, am I wrong on this one?

    • It really depends on what you need. I have my HP Netbook that has 3G service through Verizon, and find it really convenient for mobile computing. I don't have the 3G version of the iPad because I can't get AT&T service here. So it's wi-fi only. Look at the 3G or connection plans for each in your area to help you decide. I have both, and love both. 😀

  19. Hey Alice, thanks for the tips!

    I will have to look into that wordpress app. I always come up with ideas on the fly too, when I'm away from my computer. Pen and paper are my usual, but I do sometimes take an audio recording, especially when I'm driving.

    With today's technology it's so easy to create content away from the computer.

  20. Matt Kettlewell says

    You listed some good ideas here. I think the one that could be most useful is a audio recording device. These devices are so inexpensive and small in size, making them easy to carry with you for when you get that great idea. Spending too much time in front of the screen makes your eyes hurt along with your brain.

  21. ideas can struck as anytime and anywhere... it's really important that we immediately jot them down, or record them for when we get home, we might have forgotten about it. worse, we can't produce another idea as better as that one we failed to note

  22. Hey Alice

    Great post I found that once I had a blog setup you looked at the world around you in a different light, there is a story in everything you see or do, the only problem was recording the flood of ideas.

    Which is why I am glad you focussed on paper and the smartphone.

    I have had a running battle with my pc based diary and its duplicate entries, so I gave up and went back to paper.

    With the smartphone (Blackberry - no apples in my house) as no one wants to look like the 80's geek talking into a dictaphone when they have a great idea, just pretend you are calling someone and record the message, this will get you over your own inhibitions about recording your voice in public.

    Smartphones now come with a complete mobile outside broadcasting unit, video, audio, press releases - twitter and email to your blog. These are the same features that your local TV company uses a car to transport!

    You could actually create the content in real time with your smartphone, no need to take notes for later.

  23. Andrea Mercado says

    I always write things down when they pop in my head. I find it important to keep the pen and paper handy at all times (in a pinch I've used my daughter's crayon at the bottom of the diaper bag!) 🙂 I also love the idea of the audio recorder. The camera, I never really considered it but what a great way to share content. That is going to be an addition soon! Thanks for the ideas!

  24. Ayush Kumar says

    Very good article, many times i strike no. of topic on which article can be written but usually it vanish since i used to busy in some work. Excellent idea to record own voice about the new article or note it down somewhere on paper.

  25. I use the WordPress app all the time. Great ideas for writing content on the go.

  26. I like the best to use voice recording for "on the go" ideas. Spending a lot of time in the car makes voice recorders ideal as I can record while I am driving. My iPhone is ideal for this - so I do not even need a separate tech-tool.

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