What’s Working Right Now, And What’s Not… (Is Article Marketing Dead?)

Earlier today someone said to me, "I heard Article Marketing is dead." I just shook my head. I'm not sure who started this "method death" talk, but really - enough already. 🙄

What they really mean when they say something like that is that "Article Spamming is Dead". (Replace "Article" with any other word you could put in front of Marketing).

The next thing we'll hear is that Facebook Marketing is dead. Which is when we'll know that Facebook Spamming is dead (finally!).

See the floppy disk in the image above? Now THAT's dead. Does that mean that storing and sharing data is dead? Noooo... (duh)

Things change fast with online marketing & new media, and with technology in general. But when I hear people say "X is dead" I know immediately that they are confused about how you define an online business...

The Business Is Not In The Method

A successful online business is never dependent on a marketing method.

A marketing method is not a business model.

Any given method is simply a means of reaching your target market, or making it easier for them to find you. Your business should stand on it's own regardless of the methods you use to achieve that goal.

Marketing is not about articles or facebook or adwords or squeeze pages even. It's about serving your market, wherever they happen to be online. If they are doing Google searches, you need to meet them where they are - and be at the top of their search results. If they are on Facebook, you need to be there where they can find you - and where you can join in on their discussions.

If your target market is on MySpace then you.need.to.be.there.

I've said this a number of times already, but there is a big difference between starting a successful online business and "making money online". There are many ways to make a quick buck on the internet.

Over the years there have been some great methods where you could ride the wave, so to speak, and pocket a nice profit. Temporarily.

But a wave, or a method, is not something you bank on or quit your day job over - or use to create and sustain your ideal lifestyle. For that, you need to start a profitable business with long-term profit potential.

So if Article Marketing IS your business, you may have some serious foundational work to do. But if Article Marketing is just one of the ways you reach your target market, you're good to go. 😉

Again, replace with word Article with any other in the paragraph above.


p.s. I just heard that "Spamming Blog Comments is Dead". Yay!
(pass it on, lol)

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  1. Peggy Baron says:

    Thanks for the post, Lynn.
    Admittedly, I used to try to jump on the bandwagon and ride the wave to easy, immediate money. But I was never successful with that - either because the technique became saturated and no longer worked or I didn't feel comfortable going that route and soon abandoned it.

    I have learned that going for the long-term, passionate about it, in it for the long-haul 200% real business is the way to go and now I have the success that previously eluded me.


  2. Article marketing is still my top method of driving traffic. Places like Ezinearticles have gotten a lot more selective about what content they will let in now (thankfully), but article marketing sure isn't dead. Nor is any other method, as you've mentioned.

    Bottom line: put out quality content on your business subject matter, communicate with and care about your customers, and success will happen. Just not overnight.

  3. Absolutely. One thing people need to learn is the massive difference between marketing strategy (business models)and marketing tactics (methods).

  4. Lol ~ there are just as many people saying article marketing is the best and or only way to go! I think that whatever you do, you have to give quality, no automation, no spinning or spamming. And pay attention to what works for you in your market.

    Your last paragraph and last sentence are so true 😉

  5. The "death of ..." email subject line or headline is just another tactic that has been found to work. So there has been the death of everything...
    Article marketing, salesletters, adwords, etc.

    Isn't just about all text content an article? Isn't, many times, videos just an article in video form?

    If an article is just information that means that information marketing is dead, which is, of course, ludicrous.

    This post is an article, and when people share it using twitter, or facebook, etc that is article marketing.

    I agree that when someone says some marketing tactic is dead...what it really means is the fast, easy, do nothing get huge returns tactic they were told about, and maybe using, has probably been thwarted by the companies who it was being used against.

    Marketing by giving others access to your content, is in no danger of dying anytime soon.

    The focus should be on the reason behind using a certain method, not the method itself.

  6. rob sellen says:

    Nice post. 🙂

    • "p.s. I just heard that “Spamming Blog Comments is Dead”. Yay!
      (pass it on, lol)"

      Just tested that above and you lied. 😛

      I gotta ask you Lynn, have you tested this anti spam plug in?
      http://robsellen.com/gasp-no-spam-at-last/ 🙂

      Seriously I have not had ONE spam comment since plugging that in! That's well over a month now. Askimet is long gone. 😉

      Would like to see what you think of that, it hit me how simple the solution was... I mean how has this not been done before?

      Any other wordpress users here tried it?

  7. Diversify, diversify! If I've learned one thing from you, it's to not depend on one external source for my business! At least I have one lesson learned. 😉

  8. Um, I thought Lynn that your business specialises in Affiliate Marketing? Isn't that a method?

    {slightly confused}...

    • Ellen Braun says:

      Thanks, Lynn, for a very informative post.

      Isha, I ***think*** that I understand your question here. Affiliate marketing means marketing products for merchants and receiving commissions. That is a business model.

      There really only are a handful of business models, online or offline: Selling your own products, selling someone else's products, selling a service, selling advertising space... hmm, I think that's about it!

      The METHOD of accomplishing affiliate marketing is not a business model.

      There are endless methods. And, as Lynn said, some are alive, and some are dead, lol:)

      Article marketing is a method. Facebook advertising is a method. Methods come and go in their popularity and effectiveness, but any legitimate method will work as long as it keeps pace with current technology!

      Meaning, sending out flyers via the Pony Express probably won't work so well this year;) However, the idea of providing good quality articles to give your audience the information they seek will never "die" - you just have to keep on top of the current technologies. Is your audience reading newspapers, blogs, facebook posts, etc...

  9. I'm sure these headlines are often used to "sell" the newest, latest fad - whatever it might be.

    As you say, if you have a product to sell, go to where the people who might be interested in that product hang out. Be nice to them and every now and then show 'em your product.

    If they people go somewhere else - follow them there, be nice to them and show them your product!

  10. Methinks that's one reason why I'm focusing now on ME as the marketing method and not any one particular idealogy. So far, it's working pretty well....

  11. Lynn, I've made only modest use of article marketing. I've written a dozen or so ezinearticles.com articles, and I make sure that between them I have links to my several blogs for SEO purposes. I get only modest amounts of traffic, but I think being an "expert author" there does help in search engine results.

  12. How about we announce the death of "death of" marketing?

  13. I've never had a lot of success with article marketing, yet I have noticed that articles I've shared with article directories pop up all over the internet in some strange places. Hey, I don't mind; truthfully, as a writer, I just like knowing that I'm being read sometimes, as long as people aren't stealing content I didn't mean to share.

  14. I get tired of hearing "X is dead," too. Blanket statements are ALWAYS false. 😉

    People spend too much time spreading this kind of "news" and not enough time diversifying their methods.

  15. I think the "death of xyz" phrase started with the "death of adsense" back in 2006. After which, there is death of internet marketing, death of email marketing, death of anything. You get the idea. Basically just a tactic to instill fear.

  16. Jubair Saidi says:

    heh... I hope comment spam and other forms of spam are dead or dying... my concern though is... what will it be replaced with that would be either equally or even more annoying.

  17. DeAnna Troupe says:

    ROTFL. Lynn you are too funny. I thought I was the only one rolling their eyes when they heard people proclaiming that XYZ was dead as they proceeded to try to sell me something else that they would proclaim as "dead" in a few months. I'm glad that you are here to keep reminding people to build a sturdy marketing foundation.

  18. I believe it's important to have more then 1 marketing avenue. That way if it suddenly goes dead you aren't left out in the cold. There are so many marketing avenues out there, why sell youself short with just one.

  19. If article marketing is dead then content marketing is dead also. The key to article marketing success is to provide well written content that solves peoples' problems, then re-purpose the content to expand the reach of your audience. Most people give up after publishing a few articles...this doesn't work especially if you have a competitive niche. You'll need to write many articles to be recognized as an expert however with practice your writing improves and you write faster.

    The main benefit of article marketing is your content keeps constantly working for you 24/7 attracting traffic and generating sales.

  20. Lynn,
    Great post. 🙂 I only wish that spamming (article spamming, email spamming, comment spamming, you name it) was dead, but from what I see it is still alive a well. But whether it works or not is another thing.
    Yeh, sticking a spammy article on a spammy article directory full of thousands of spammy articles... sure sounds like a "winning" strategy to me! 🙂

  21. John Ziemba says:

    It all depends upon your business model and plan. There will always be the naysayers, some of whom say stuff just to create discouragement and eliminate competition.

    What it all comes down to is how well you write and what are your intentions. If writing is your primary DNA, be in article marketing, affiliate marketing or whatever, focus on honing your skills, developing a market and moving forward.

  22. Josh Andrus says:

    Thanks for saying it... I think this whole "death" talk is another way to also push the "next big thing" as the new way to drive traffic.
    I love that you spoke to methods vs business models as well.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on my suspicion, if I kill a method in the audience mind then I can share a shiny object theory?

    Josh Andrus

  23. Lynn,

    Thanks for the post. At first, when I saw your title, I was a bit concerned I have to admit. But, then I read the article (like any good blog title will lead to!), and was relieved. In the fast-paced world of the Internet, marketing will constantly be evolving. The bottom line is you need to reach your target market and THIS too will be evolving over time.

  24. Tommi Heinonen says:

    So "dead" means that those who try to get everything fast and give nothing in return are dead... I can live with that. In the end I don´t have to change my business model – they do.

  25. Ah I saw someone give a shout out to Ezine and I have to second that. Google has come down like a ton of bricks on the directories that don't control for quality, and EzineArticles seems to be as strong as ever. Now getting actual traffic from the submissions is still a little hit or miss, but every decent article seems to get a bit of PR and anchor weight that helps translate in to some more search hits.

    Of course though, if that or any other little marketing spot is your sole business plan, then yea there's gonna be some problems...

  26. It’s true. Article marketing is dead, nothing works and the whole affiliate model is just one big debacle and we should all just quit while we are ahead because we’ll never succeed anyway (insert eye roll). The article marketing is dead debate has been going on for quite some time now. Lynn is right, if article marketing IS your business, then you have a little tweaking to do. However, if it’s just another avenue to connect with your audience, then you’ll be alright.

    It’s funny, but this debate can be compared to the debate over eggs. Are eggs good for you or are they not? Will they raise your cholesterol and give you a heart attack or are they a good source of protein? Is article marketing still effective or is it a waste of time? We’ll probably see this debate for years to come.
    It’s no different with affiliate marketing. Some folks say it’s dead. However, a few Google searches and you’ll quickly find that affiliate marketing is alive and well. Just the other day I showed my wife how affiliate marketing has dominated multiple markets of tangible products, like boots and clothing accessories. In fact, she was shopping online for some gifts for our daughter, and the site she was on was an affiliate site. When I explained to her what was going on there, her eyes were opened to the possibilities. Her only question was “why can’t you build a site like that?” haha

    People are still making money online with affiliate marketing and article marketing. They are just working smarter, not harder.


  27. Lynn, once again, succinct - good info. There are only two Blogs I subscribe to out of the incredible online noise - this one...and...nope, not advertising another 🙂 Thanks again Lynn!!

  28. I love your PS, Lynn! Too funny. I completely agree with your assessment of a business method is not a business model (well, it IS for some internet marketers)...when "the next thing" comes along, the savvy IMer will learn it and leverage it to reach his/her target customers. Simple as that.

    As always, Lynn, your advice is worth WAY MORE than the cost of subscribing! 🙂

  29. I'm glad that you keep me updated with little things like this. I pretty much keep my head down and stay focused on my work and don't have time to listen to the bs about how this isn't working any more and stuff like that. I don't even read email from the Guru's anymore, I don't have time.
    For me it's about getting serious with my business and not looking back. Thanks...ml

  30. Hi Lynn,

    You are THE most trusted person online that I know personally and I love how you keep all of our heads clear on what our objectives should always be, Honest.

    Thank you as always for another great post.

    I read them all just stopping by this time.


  31. Hi, Lynn,
    I just found your blog today, and I am totally impressed. I have been working in internet marketing for almost two years, with very little to show for it, yet. However, the success I have had tells me that you are shooting straight in your information. Hopefully, reading and following your blog will help me break through the barrior I have reached.
    Thanks for the info!

  32. Isha brought up a good point because one could easily say the same thing about Affiliate Marketing; it can be used as a method and a business model. I think people need more clarification about what is the difference between a business model and a marketing method. Future post maybe? 🙂

    • Affiliate Marketing is not a method - how you promote your affiliate links, that is the method. Whether it be article marketing, Facebook advertising, etc. Affiliate Marketing is a business model, the same as: info product marketing, service based business, etc.

  33. Cindy Brock says:

    Glad finally someone addressed this. I think the reason that people say "something is dead" is because they have beaten it into the ground in their world, and are not getting the results they expected/wanted/needed. These "nay sayers" seek the quick buck and don't want to invest the time it takes.

    Personally (and I've said this before), I am taking 50% of my business back to traditional, brick and morter marketing. I am establishing relationships with people in my "real world," sending out press releases that are focused to a specific group, and pricing my products/services based upon what I feel is right (none of this "it has to be 7 or 9 nonsense). Sure, I'm going to utilize what's out there online (like article marketing, etc.). However, it's only going to be successful if I've done it right, not because "everyone is doing it." I have brain - and I'm going to use it!

    Again, great insight, Lynn!

  34. Jerry Nielsen says:


    Are you telling us that "The madness is in the method?"

    All joking aside, I really appreciate it when you give us those little doses of reality.

    Deanna Troupe is right when she makes the point that the whole "something is dead" message is primarily intended to sell us the newest "live" thing. We are too much attracted to shiny new things.

    As always, thanks for keeping us grounded.

    Jerry Nielsen

  35. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for encouraging us to focus on building a business as opposed to worrying about fads or whether particular marketing methods will continue working! I found this post and your "Coffee Rant" a few days ago very helpful.

    Thanks for your posts and for making sense.

  36. Oh! I SO wish Facebook spamming was DEAD! It is the bane of my existence at the moment!

    Great article, by the way, Lynn!

  37. I'm often reminded of the fact that any given method might be bad for one person and great for another.

  38. Bill Lassiter says:

    Thank you so much Lynn for the reminder not to get caught up in the method.

  39. I 100% agree with you, Lynn. I'm trying my hand out with affiliate marketing for a gift site, and I can say 100% that article marketing is not dead, but I live and breathe for the day when junk article marketing *is* dead.

    Write quality articles that speak directly to your target demographic and they get republished. I spent quite a bit of time writing and researching great content to write articles with information and personality and I'm getting quite a bit of traffic from article marketing... with more to come, I'm sure, as my articles get republished as we approach the Holiday season.

  40. I have used article marketing and distribution services for some time now for both my websites. I just don't get the results I'm looking for. I think I'm going to cancel the service (distributeyourarticles.com). After 1 year, I never saw a single jump in page rank. I have to say i agree with your post!

    • I don't use any type of software or distribution service myself. When I have outsourced it, it's to a single person for them to hand edit & submit my articles to top article directories. I've tried software in the past that claims to make this easier, but honestly - it took exactly the same amount of time on my end. So I prefer to do it manually, or have someone do it manually for me.

  41. Article Marketing can work great but only when it's part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign.

  42. But Facebook marketing is NOT dead. And based on the comment spam I get on my imported notes on FB, Facebook spamming is not dead either. But FB marketing is done the right way by true marketers, and it brings in serious traffic. It is my 4th largest traffic source.

  43. I am fed up of people coming up with these kind of ideas (link baits perhaps?)... In my opinion what you said is perfectly true. However article marketing can get devalued when spamming or should I say syndication services are cropping up every other day. For new websites, I would suggest article marketing at a slow and steady pace. Don't bother with hundreds of directories. just concentrate on the top 10 or 15 only. The rest will get de indexed in 2-3 months even if they get indexed.

  44. Shannon Suetos says:

    I think the phrase "the death of X" is just another over used buzz term. Like guru--I think you make a great point that just because something evolves doesn't make it dead. I agree with you 100% on that. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed reading it.

  45. David Stephens says:

    This sounds like a black PR - "THE PRODUCT is dead now". Hm, this is also the way. And regarding the method - you need to have several points of view, several ways to go... So all right!
    BTW, here is also one point, nice to check out - http://whatsworkingnowreport.com/?p=94
    This is also about promotion, so just interesting thing to review...

  46. I don’t think that article marketing will ever be dead, as long as people are willing to write, people are always willing to read.

  47. officePROhub says:

    So glad I stumbled on your site when looking for more information on Article Marketing.I will take your advice into consideration – thanks for sharing!

  48. Lynn,

    I think a lot of these sorts of conversations are started by people trying to sell the latest greatest magic button. You can just imagine the headline, "Article Marketing is dead, but with my magic button..."

    The concepts behind something like blogging, internet marketing, or any other business is that they represent a model, how you exercute according to that model may change slightly, but over all will achieve the same end.

    Your blog rocks by the way... I just keep coming back!

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