30 Rocking Search Phrases To Inspire Great Content For Your Blog

"Not sure what to write about? Just ask your readers."

Have you ever heard that advice before? Sure you have, and it's not bad advice at all. Yet, what happens if you don't have a list or any readers at this point? Aren't getting the response you hoped for or are just plain uninspired by the questions you do receive.

Thanks to the tremendous growth of social media, this is how you break in. You find the questions people are asking.

The following is a list of search phrases to get you started. By the time you are done using this list, I guarantee you will have a sweet list of blog posts in your drafts...

1. How do you ___
2. How do I ___
3. How do I make ___
4. How do I get ___
5. How to ___
6. How do I fix ___
7. Where can I get ___
8. Where can I find ___
9. Can you recommend ___
10. Can anyone recommend a ___
11. What is a good ___
12.Any tips ___
13.Any ideas ___
14. ___ help please
15. Thinking about getting ___
16.Looking to buy ___
17. Want to buy ___
18. Need a new ___
19. Things do to___
20. What to do___

The following phrases will yield better results when using a keyword research tool like Wordtracker:

21. Learn ___
22. ___ tips e.g. Hair color tips
23. Fix ___
24. ___ list
25. List of ___
26. Numbers - this probably works best on keyword searched than social
media but wow, you find out a lot with a number. For example, "20
questions to get to know someone" is enjoying 923 searches according
to Wordtracker.
27. ___ checklist
28. ___ cheatsheet
29. Guide to ___
30. ___ ideas

What do you think? Can you start one or two blog posts or articles now? Keep in mind. It doesn't all have to be in social media. You can use it with a keyword research tool or try the phrases on good old fashioned forums.

What I love about doing it in forums, you can respond there and then. You gain a little bit of exposure, attention and credibility. And since you already started writing, there's no excuse to stop. Simply copy your response to your blog and expand on the topic - great way to re-purpose your work, getting more bang for your time.

If you're still stuck with content ideas or you need a different kind of writing prompt, come on over to BlogEnergizer. We'll show you even more stuff you can blog about every week!

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  1. Hey...a link bait article about link bait. I like number 28...the cheatsheet...:)

    Add this one to the list...#31 ______ Review.

    Great post, Lynn!

  2. Very useful lists, Lynette! I copied it at once and also put it into use. πŸ™‚

    I guess that using these phrases as post titles would be a very good idea...

  3. Luca Lazzari says

    Beautiful! And retweeted. Now I'm a little less frightened from the perspective to start my own web presence...

  4. John McNally says

    Thanks Lynn, I've just pinched number 27 for my next blog post. I would never have thought of using the word 'checklist', but if plenty of people search for this, who am I to argue? πŸ˜‰


  5. This list is very useful in coming up good titles that will get lots of search traffic. I copied this now and working to find money-making keywords that can be paired with these phrases you have given. Two thumbs up for you, Lynn.

  6. These are some really great starters! My personal favorite.."___ ideas!" So many options with this one whether for house&home, hair styles, school papers etc! Also, when needing to take advantage of SEO, a good idea would be to try and put the keywords before the number list, i.e. Great Ideas For...;30+ tips. This helps SEO, plus you can still add the bonus list that people want!

  7. How awesome is that list? Very useful way to get the 'ol juices flowing! This list will be easy to use with Keywords and phrases of our own. Thanks - we writers are always looking to expand our swipe files!


  8. bloody brilliant. Imma starting right now! Thanks!

  9. So, this is a cure to that proverbial writer's block we all get once in a while? I'm loving it, especially when I'm stuck in a rut on what to write next for my personal blog. Yes, please do share more of these search phrases. Thanks!

  10. Alun Maxwell says

    This is a great resource, Lynette, and I've wasted no time in pasting those titles into a text box for later use. One thing which I can recommend in conjuction with this list is to set up a free account at Yahoo! Answers. You can provide answers to questions in the niche you know about and gain points that help promote your site or blog. You can also get Yahoo! Answers to email you whenever a new question has come up in your niche. It's a great way of discovering trending topics and your list of titles is a great way to create engine-friendly content that scratches that itch'.'

    Nice blog. As Arnie would say - I'll be back!

  11. Fantastic post! Even though I blog all the time and usually don't have a shortage of ideas, I'll keep this one stashed away for future reference as well as as pass it along to my clients/readers.


  12. DeAnna Troupe says

    Awesome post! I've bookmarked this in delicious for those days when my brain doesn't want to cooperate with me. Hey it happens every so often.

  13. Wow! I never thought there are a lot of things I can think of just by reading the list you posted. I mean, just merely scanning it once, several ideas came into mind. Thanks!

  14. This is a very useful (list) tool Lynette that I will share with my clients. May I also share that going to article directories like ezinearticles.com is another great way to get ideas for titles and to also research what are the most popular subjects. Just search for articles within your niche. I enjoy you blog very much!

  15. Ron Bingham says

    I may be fairly new a blogging but I've worked hard at learning how to create a "hook" for titles, develop good keyword based content, and stay on topic, be relevant and offer useful information. Thanks for address these things. Very helpful. "I hate wasting time." Good points!

  16. Patrick Beaufort says

    I'm really not new in blogging but I still experience those problems and end up having difficulty writing new articles or blog posts. Your post made me think things could be easier with such a tool. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it.

  17. Hey Lynn thanks for the great info. One of the challenges I and my clients have is coming up with great topics for blog posts. I'll have to bookmark this one and share it with my clients. Thanks to Lynette too!

  18. AnnaLaura Brown says

    Wow this is great. I've used checklists with great success but using the same format every time gets boring. Thanks for the suggestions.

  19. This is a NICE list.

    Great to have them all in one place.

    Thanks a ton!

  20. Great list lynn its really great because its easier to get rank for these search phrases while proving great content thanks

  21. Great Post Lynette! This is something I want to share with my clients who have a worse time than I do coming up with ideas for posts.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    • No problem. Some of us just need more inspiration which is exactly why we created BlogEnergizer. Especially posts that monetize. For a long time I didn't see how so now we try to help our members as much as we can.

  22. Thank you so much! I can't wait to implement this!

  23. Joseph L. Huntoon says

    Great list tokeep handy to fight writer's block. Thanks

  24. This is a great idea. I have actually used few of these phrases when I was looking for ideas for posts for one of my blogs. I typed them in google and the autocomplete offered me suggestions which are popular. Your idea for searching for example in forums is even better. Thanks.

  25. Lynn:

    I have been writing a blog for over 3 years and am always trying to think of ways to improve my posts and get them ranked.

    Thanks so much for this information.


  26. Thanks again Lynn...

    With the truly valuable info and resources you keep providing,
    a whole new generation of super-bloggers should emerge :-)!

    All the best,


  27. Wonderful suggestions. I bookmarked this for when I run low on content. Thanks, Lynn!

  28. Thanks Lynn & `Nette. Good noggin` joggin`.

  29. LOL! Oh that is so good Lindy. I've always wondered how well people can tell us apart since my name and Lynn's is so close and to throw a wrench in it all, Lyn actually is part of my Chinese name, different spelling. But it is good to have such an popular and wonderful name sake.

  30. Great list lynn, It will give me more choice to my improve my new blog.

  31. Good job lynette, more helpful for me with list

  32. Great idea generator! Thanks Lynette πŸ™‚

  33. Dana Elliot says

    Great list! Though I had a few of them on mine, I added a few more. I have also started using Yahoo answers a lot more lately to get an idea of what people are searching for. I've also looked at AnswerBag a bit lately...

  34. Thanks for the list it is very useful.

  35. Mike Williams says

    This is a great list! I have a few list but it's not enough to help me create new ideas. Thanks for this. Will add this to what I have.

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