Do You Have a Professional Logo?

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Earlier this week I was reading a great article by Chris Garrett on branding, and while his key message was not that you needed a new logo ("it's much, much deeper than that") it did get me thinking about logos and visual branding.

As you can see (if you're reading from an actual web browser), I don't have a specific logo here at ClickNewz, or even a cute little favicon (browser icon). At this particular site, my brand is ME, and I generally use my personal photo across the web. This is fairly common with personality-driven blogs, or businesses that revolve around an expert or specific person.

Earlier this year I had my social media profiles updated with a custom design. One that matches my color scheme here at ClickNewz. This included Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles as well as a podcast icon for iTunes.

As I expand my online business to include a presence across the web, I want those profiles to send a specific message - to instantly create a visual association with ClickNewz. When people land on my YouTube profile, or see me cross their screen in their iTunes account, I want them to immediately associate that with the quality of content I offer.

In the same space of time that I was reading Chris' post on branding, I had the opportunity to check out Logo Mojo. They have an in-house design team, and offer 100% unique custom designed logos. This is something you could actually get trademarked, unlike logos made from clipart - which is very common.

The idea of a custom logo for ClickNewz really appeals to me. At the moment I am using my color scheme and various versions of my header graphic across the board - but not anything consistent. As my brand and my business expands, I'm giving this serious consideration.

I would love to hear your thoughts. When you see me across the web, is there an immediate association? If so, what is it? I'm going to assume it's my photo - which is now going on 2 years old. Therein lies a problem of it's own. πŸ˜‰

Do you have a custom logo for your online business?

Why or why not?


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  1. We have a professional logo - but I think it's also good to have a 'face' that is frequently connected to that logo.

  2. The very first time I worked with an investor, he banged into my head that a simple logo was everything! If people couldn't recognize you, they wouldn't use you. I remember it to this day.

    Regards, Jannich

  3. I came across a great little company called LogoNerds that were running ads in the Shoemoney marketplace. You can get a pretty good logo for like $29 and the turnaround time isn't bad.

  4. Scott Lovingood says

    A logo can be a great way to quickly visualize your company. Making a good one though can be tough.

    I do love sites that use Favicons though so when I have multiple browser tabs open I can quickly jump back and forth if I am reading or doing research.

    You actually do have a logo for this site. ClickNewz in the heading is your logo.

    You may not think of it that way but that is what it is.

    Logos, slogans, taglines, brand creation are all part of setting your positioning in your clients mind.

    That is the only thing that matters. Making your site #1 for what you want it in your prospects mind. That is a far better #1 ranking than being on Google πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Lynn - I really like your picture and I think it works well bringing together all the various channels. However it does give you a challenge if you want to update the photo - but then perhaps this is your way to eternal youth??

  6. veri kurtarma says

    A good logo is very important for a company. It is your face and signature. But most companies do not want to spend money for that.

  7. Andrew Halliday says

    I think you all need a bit of this:

    It's a perfectly safe link (though it does have sound), and no I'm not affiliated to them, and yes I think it is very funny!

  8. Rhonda Page says

    Ho Lynn, About 6 months ago Chris Brogan went through rebranding. He had folks choose, etc. I think that a Logo is important for folks who are really visual. You are your brand, and I think your picture is important too. If your logo remains constant, your picture can change over time. I just had a log done and it is being tweeked. It will become my header. Rhonda

  9. Randy Cantrell says

    Personally, I don't think you need a logo, Lynn. You are your brand and that transcends a logo - which is what people should want. In a world driven by social media that plays to your favor because we all still want to connect with a person, not a company. You are your company. And that's a great accomplishment I think!

  10. I think your presence online is very identifiable across multiple platforms, so it doesn't appear to be a big issue from my perspective.

    That said, I would still go with the logo. ClickNewz is a great brand name, it should also have a great logo!

  11. Patty Gale says

    Great topic. I have a personal blog, that's a little bit business, a little bit personal and I do not have a logo for that. I don't see having a logo for my personal blog.

    I do have a custom professional logo for my business, though. I think that's a must-have.

  12. One company usually is recognized by the logo, so people should invest in logo that will be recognized.

  13. Logo are very important for a Brand. Just think about Ford, Apple and McDonald for examples. The logo = the company. Just by seeing their logo, you know who they are.

    That's why a logo is important because it's your company's image.

    Thanks for the article!


  14. Sammie Clemmons says

    This is a source of some debate among bloggers, writers, and online marketing people. Often, they feel they don't need a logo, since they work virtually. I would say that it's even more important to have one to help build your brand online, since you do not often physically interact with your readers or clients. On my BizWebForum, I have seen designers offering simple logos very inexpensively.

  15. Tanya Watson says

    I think of your face when I see ClickNewz, but when I see your face I don't think ClickNewz. Perhaps it is because I'm not here on your blog every day.

    This interests me as I determine my new domain name as I have narrowed my niche from Virtual Assistant to Video Advisor/Video Assistant. Once the domain name is figured I immediately want a logo and a tagline.

    Thanks for referring LogoMojo and best of luck on your journey to find a logo for you. You are definitely one of the voices I listen closely too when I'm in range πŸ˜‰

  16. Anthony D Smith says

    Hi Lynn,

    First of all...REALLY great post. I never really thought about getting a logo for my blog. I always thought that the only realy way to brand yourself as a "personality" entrepreneur was with a photo and a name. In fact, I hardly even use my own photos (but I am definitely going to start - lol).

    The name seems to be the most common form of branding in our industry. Haven't really thought that a logo was really that important for our type of business. But then again, I see that the Internet Marketing Center has had one for a while. On the other hand, people like industry giants (and quiets) like Allen Says have never had one. But they make waves in the industry. I think that the best way to brand is to use your content and your personality. Seems to work pretty well for everyone in the biz.

    Graphics are something I think will enhance the personal brand we build. For example: Nobody has the color scheme and layout of their blog quite like you. Every time I see it it's 100% unique to you and it most definitely fits your personality πŸ™‚

  17. interesting subject Lynn ... I think, as someone above said, that 'ClickNews' the way it shows is your logo ... I thought that's the way
    you planned it ... that and the favicon in the address bar! and I love your photo!


  18. As someone who started off in the graphic design field, I find logos invaluable for any serious business. A graphic is not always necessary - sometimes just a recognizable font will do. One of my closest friends is a high level designer who focuses on branding and identity systems, and she consistently reminds me of not only the importance of a logo, but an overall design scheme for a cohesive identity within headers, blogs, social media sites, etc.

  19. John McNally says

    Your logo is your photo Lynn, and I think that's best for a personal blog. If you try and create a separate brand logo, it should represent the different strands of your business and THAT'S the difficult part. πŸ˜‰

  20. Logos are important; the challenge is building recognition for it.

  21. @John McNally took the word out of my mouth. It seems more and more that a picture of the person in some form (whether a cartoon avatar or a headshot) is becoming the go-to "logo" online. It connects a virtual community in a way that's more than text and pretty graphics. That being said, consistency is a great way to build a sense of professionalism, at least from my perspective.

  22. i don't have a logo yet, but i'm planning to pay a freelancer to design one for one of my blogs...

  23. I think a Logo is great for long term recognition... automakers are proof of this. If I'm not sure what a car make is... I certainly can find a logo on the car somewhere and know instantly what make that car is.

  24. Great feedback here, Thank you! I've been giving this a lot of thought and really appreciate your input.

    While I agree that a photo is great for personable connecting, it really kills an exit strategy. So it's not a suitable strategy for someone that may eventually want to sell - or pass their business on to their children when they leave this world.

    After much consideration, I like the idea of a combo photo/logo. An image that includes "me" in it, but represents ClickNewz as well. One where I can update the photo once or twice a year and age with my business πŸ™‚ lol...

  25. Personal picture as a logo is maybe good for starters, but if you want to look professional and have a serious thing going on, a high quality logo is a must. I’d always hire a professional to make one for me, instead of doing it myself. Just think of some famous logos and the importance of the visual effect will be clear to you instantly!

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