Good News: Hosting Just Got Cheaper!

There are new HostGator Coupon Codes floating around, and several new special offers going on at the moment.

This means BIG savings on hosting for you... but you want to watch the offers carefully and make sure you pick the one that is right for you.

I've been using HostGator myself for several years now. In fact, ClickNewz is hosted on their Baby Plan.

There are a number of reasons they are my top choice, which I shared in detail in my post on the best cheap web hosting. For less than $10/mo you can host unlimited domains, websites and blogs on the one account.

If you're interested in seeing the other reasons, including the fact that they will transfer your site/blog to your new hosting account FOR you, see the post I linked to above. But in this post I want to share two new HostGator Coupon Codes with you, and share WHY you should pick your coupon code carefully...

Which HostGator Plan To Choose

You don't necessarily want to go with the cheapest hosting plan they offer, based on price alone. The cheapest shared plan they offer is called "Hatchling" but it only allows you ONE domain on the account.

I recommend (and use) the "Baby" hosting plan, which allows you unlimited domains. That means you only need ONE (cheap) hosting account to host ALL of your domains, sites, blogs, etc.

Trust me, that will save you tons in the long run.

Choosing Your HostGator Coupon Code

Here are the two new coupon codes you can choose from:
coupon code: save994offer

Using the coupon code "save994offer" will let you get your first month of hosting for only a penny. That's about as close to free as you can get, which helps a lot of people set up their first website super-cheap. Basically around 10 bucks (the price of your domain name). After the first month, you are billed the regular rate of $9.95/month for the Baby Plan.

The second coupon code, and newest offer is:
coupon code: save25offer

NOTE: When you go to that page, it says the special offer is 20% off. When you click "sign up" you'll notice the coupon code is "SPRING". Switch that out with the coupon code "save25offer" to get 25% off instead.

This coupon code applies *only* to your first invoice, so if you are planning to pay monthly you want to use the "save994offer" for the best possible savings. But if you plan to sign up for a longer contract, you'll save much more using the "save25offer".

For example, if you sign up for 3 years your Baby hosting plan will come out to only $5.96/month. Or if you sign up for 2 years, it averages out to only $6.71/month. So you're saving A LOT more than $9.94 by using the second coupon code.

You can play around with the different options and see what the rates come to. You can save quite a bit going this route - and avoid monthly billing hassles (such as credit card changes, expiring cards, etc).

Bottom line:

Use "save994offer" if you want to pay by the month.

Use "save25offer" if you're in it for the long haul.

Here are the two special offer links again:
coupon code: save994offer
coupon code: save25offer


p.s. You also get $100 Google Adwords credit when you sign up for a HostGator hosting plan. Great way to kick-start your marketing! 😉

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  1. Peter Lawlor says

    I like the transparency of this post. Most posts simply offer a coupon and let the reader figure it out. It's really helpful you actually explain the coupon details so a buyer knows what they're actually buing.

    I've used Bluehost user for some time and am pleased with them. I did, however, open a HostGator account late last year to give them a try. HostGator is good and do deliver on their promises. I found their customer service excellent when getting set up.

  2. Great post Lynn! You've made me reconsider how I set out my hostgator recommendations now.

  3. Ruth Martin says

    Thanks for sharing Lynn! I am currently using Host Gator's Baby Plan and am paying by the month. I should change that to paying for at least 2 yrs at a time to save some money, shouldn't I! Anyway, I appreciate you sharing this and giving us a head's up, thanks again, Ruth M

  4. Hostgator is the all time best.
    Thanks for the break downs.

  5. So true. When I saw the SPRING coupon a few months back I went for 3 years hosting for an account I'm doing pro bono for. I think that works out about £2.75/month, which is nice peanuts.

  6. Hi Lynn,

    This post is very informative. I use Host Gator and love their customer service. They are definitely the best I've found yet. Coupons for existing customers would be great!

    Follow me @ella15787 on Twitter

  7. Larry Stoller says

    Hi Lynn,

    I've been using Yahoo for both building and hosting. So far I've built about 8 sites, a couple for me and the rest for others. I've used the Yahoo Site Builder tool and it's really easy to work with. And they also have great support, especially for a newbie like me.

    But now that these sites have been built, I'm trying to figure out how to best promote them. Each day I learn something new about Internet Marketing, and I'm wondering: 1. if Hostgator would be as easy to use for building a site as Yahoo, and 2. if it would be easier to market a site on Hostgator than on Yahoo.

    As an aside, I have just become a member of ClickNewsZ, and I am really liking all the information that your site has to offer.

  8. james samy says

    Lynn, thanks for sharing this awesome promotion ... save a lot and gives value-added. You always gives the best to us here and thankful to known you eventhough I million miles apart. Love learning from you site and all here.

  9. Thanks for this post Lynn. I have been using Hostgator for years and am very happy with their service. I wasn't aware that they would move a blog for you, so that is a great gem of information for me.

  10. Ronda Kay says

    Thanks Lynn for the great insights. Even as a Hostgator customer it's helpful to be reminded of these strategy points.

    And as an international customer I find the 24/7 customer support invaluable. (Unlike AWeber where I've learned the hard way not to send emails on weekends as they only work limited US biz hours.) They regularly help me climb out of massive messes - self-made and others. They healed me and my sites from a hack, and the 'site security' department was thorough and sympathetic.

    And I get great satisfaction knowing my sites are environmentally friendly powered by wind power. 🙂

  11. I hear about HostGator but i don't have chance to use their hosting because i have hosting plan from other provider and I paid two years in advance. Soon (june) i must move my websites to other provider and i will take a look at HostGator to see what they will offer, if will still have the Google Adwords bonus probably i will move to them.

  12. Ryan Shazier says

    That is a pretty good price for hosting. They have done a nice job of improving the speed of their servers and the sites I have with them respond well on

  13. This is a great post and I will surely take advantage when it will be time to set up some new sites.
    Great sharing.

  14. Toby Russell says

    Great post shame I'm already with Hostgator & have been for several years. I agree they are a good hosting company, easy to use and support is great if & when you need it

  15. I second the recommendation for the "baby" plan or I think they call it the "baby croc" plan. If you are an affiliate marketer, you can set up unlimited domains using this plan and build as many blogs or websites as you want. It's a great way to save money if you're on a budget. You can't beat < $10 per month.

    Thanks for pointing this out Lynn...:)


  16. I am newbie in web technology and really have great interest in web hosting accounts. You have provided all information about web hosting along with their names and prices. Now it is easy to go for choice.

  17. Hi Lynn, Can you plse tell me what the advantages of a HG reseller account is vs their Baby account? Thanks!

  18. Your advice is really very impressive and being a new writer I was in search of cheaper hosting plan for my post for long term and I am going to take save25offer for my posts and this is going to help me save a lot.

  19. I've heard a lot about Hostgator but never used them to date. I think your blog being hosted on Baby Plan just shows how robust their hosting is, because I am sure you get a lot of traffic.

  20. Mike Murphy says

    Hey Lynn, I was on the chat with Hostgator today and found out that current subscribers can upgrade to reseller hosting, move their current sites over and then close their baby plan.

    This is cool for those doing offline consulting and offering to host their clients sites and is also a good idea for affiliate marketers with multiple websites as they'll get an individual cpanel log-in for each site.

  21. Sunny James says

    I will definitly check this out the next time I buy a domain name

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