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Wow! If you want to compare hosting plans, I just found a cool site you should check out! It's the Web Hosting Search Engine. You may be like me: a bit skeptical when you first land on the site. It's brand new, and obviously an affiliate site.

That said, once I played around with it for a few minutes I was pretty impressed. By changing the specs in the drop boxes at the top of the screen, you get a complete comparison chart within a matter of seconds.

Let's say you want to compare all of the hosting plans that are under $5/month. Choose that in the drop down box, and those plans appear in the chart below it. Or maybe you want to compare all of the hosting plans that are under $10/month. You can then do a quick scan of the chart to see how many domain names you can use, how many email accounts are included, how much disk space is offered, etc.

It's a pretty nifty resource!

Of course, it pays to search around a bit before you make a final decision on a web host. You can ask for (or search for) reviews in your favorite discussion forums - or check out the Web Hosting Talk forum at www.webhostingtalk.com . It's one of the most popular resources on web hosting - and from what I understand, the most reputable.

Let me know what you think of the hosting comparison chart. I just played around with it for a few minutes, but thought it was a great way to get a quick view of features offered by different hosts - all at once. That could sure come in handy!

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  1. Excellent, I was just looking for a site like that.
    I liked this one especially, because it is easy to sort the packages and find what I need, without all the promotions that all the other sites have that drive my nuts.

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