Your Chance to Win a Lenovo ThinkCentre!

This is your chance to win a Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z 23’’ HD-ready Touch Screen all-in-one desktop computer! 😀

Lenovo is currently doing a blog outreach program, and they are allowing each blogger involved to give away one of these super cool systems.

One of the features I didn't share in the video (oops!) is that there is an on-screen touch keyboard.

It stays over to the left at the very edge of the screen, and you simply tap it to bring it open. It also works with a stylus pen.

This system would be super cool with a swing arm mounted by a chaise lounge or big comfy chair & ottoman.

That way you could swing it out of the way, or in front of you at a comfortable level and tilt to work on it like a giant iPad. 😀

All you have to do is a leave a comment below between now and May 2nd, 2011 (10pm Eastern) - specifically with your thoughts on the ThinkCentre M90z - and you're entered to win!

At 10pm Eastern on May 2nd I will do a random drawing from all of the comments about the ThinkCentre M90z on this post, between now and then. One entry per person, multiple comments do not equal multiple entries. YouTube and Facebook comments do not count - you must comment here on this post (below).

Be sure to use the correct email address and Twitter ID when leaving a comment below. I will contact you via Twitter if you win the drawing, and email you to get your shipping address for the prize.

Once the drawing is over and a winner is selected, the shipping details will be sent to Lenovo. They will ship your prize to you directly.

Good luck!! 😉



Product Details

Thinkcentre M90Z - Personal Computer - All-in-one - 23 Tft - Core I5 - 650 - 3.2

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z 3429A3U Desktop Computer. 1 x Core i5 i5-650 3.2GHz. All-in-One 3429A3U Desktop Computers. 4GB Ram. 64-bit Operating System. 500 GB Hard Drive.

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  1. Bill Moore says

    Hello Lynn,

    What a wonderful contest! I am really impressed with the responses too. Over 500 responses for such a great computer.

    Thanks for all you do for us.


  2. Entries will close in just over 2 hours, but I'll leave the comments open on this post. All comments made before 10pm Eastern tonight (Monday May 2nd) will be entered in the drawing.

    We'll make sure there are no comments caught in the spam filter, sift out the comments that don't count (like mine! lol) and draw from the rest. Good luck!! A 1 in ~500 chance of winning this awesome machine is not bad at all 😉

    I'll announce the winner via another demo video within 24 hours of the deadline tonight.

  3. p.s. Remember to enter at the other blogs too, to increase your chances. The participating blogs are listed at the end of this blog post (above). Again, good luck! 😀

  4. Duane Ford says

    I posted a reply earlier (Sun I think) but, in going over your other posts today, I realized that whatever autofills my reply info had my email address misspelled.

    It seems that my chances of winning this are only slightly better than winnint the LOTTO. The only reason I say slightly better is because I don't buy Lottery tickets.:-)

    Anyway, this is a great computer, I'd love to have it and like Wayne Gretzky says,"One hundred percent of the shots you don't take, never go in."

    So, here's my entry. I'll see ya on this month's challenge.


  5. Count me in...I would love to win the touch screen! Thanks for the email letting me know about this. My wife is researching it on her computer right now LOL

  6. Teressa says

    Looks good.

    Follow me @bobbleclip on twitter

  7. Shannon Weidemann says

    That looks like a great piece of tech to work on. What a fun giveaway! Would love to win it 🙂

  8. Marlene Becker says

    OK, who wouldn't want the wonderful computer you've described. And yes, if you don't enter ... you can't win!


  9. Manuel Thomas says

    With respect to "Tech" I'm an old timer. I am a programmer and have been a level3 tech support person, so I've seen fads come and go.

    That said, the All-In-One PC is no fad. The ThinkCentre M90Z – All-In-One PC (23 Tft – Core I5 – 650) offers a sleek and sophisticated (vertically oriented) package, loaded with lots of features.

    Unlike most All-In-One PCs the user can access the innards of the M90z. So, if you need to add memory or replace a hard drive... no problem.

  10. james samy says

    I never used a Lenovo before but always Lenovo is in mind because of their awesome features and flexibility.Lenovo technology is improving day by day to the future. Love Lenovo, the pc is century

  11. Wayne Gonser says

    Hey Lynn

    I love your great site and all the 'goodies' you offer. This awesome computer is one that I've been looking for. The touch screen keyboard is just one of my favorite options on this unit. If you only knew how much stuff is dropped or spilled on or near my keyboard you'd understand. I also like the speed and memory size of the lenovo. Not to mention the all in tower to take up all that space and no wires going everywhere.

    Thanks in advance for choosing an IMer and Tennessean!!


  12. MargaretCampbell says

    I would love to donate this to the school where I volunteer. The kids would get "A"s just to be able to use it! 🙂
    Thanks for all the fun and great info!


  13. Marg Entwistle says

    What a great contest! What an awesome computer to possibly win. I could definately use some updated me in as well!!

  14. I'd probably get really used to the touch screen after a while. And then it would become second nature. When I went from a Windows machine to a Mac, it took a little while to get used to the mac. Now I don't think I could NOT use the mac. HOWEVER, it'd be interesting to see if I'd become addicted to this technology. Count me in. 🙂

  15. MargaretCampbell says

    I cannot believe I did the twitter ID incorrectly...following directions is really difficult.

  16. This looks like a great tool for a busy mompreneur. I love the large screen, portability, and that it supports Adobe flash!


  17. My family uses a Lenovo computer now, and I like them.

  18. Tigue Burgess says

    These all in one computers are interesting in that they blend the traditional computer with the emerging tablet revolution.

  19. Larry H. says

    I love the 23’’ HD-ready Touch Screen - what an amazing computer this would be to have!

  20. Johnathan says

    Well shoot, I missed it.
    Would have been perfect too, I'm starting college this summer.

    Good luck to everyone else!

  21. Oh...I get it!

    So that's the reason why people were looking at me funny for trying
    to drag icons along the screen with my old computer...

    Finally, something that allows me to continue my iPhone fueled finger flicking
    addiction but with all that software that MAC just hasn't found a match for...

    Can't wait...thanks for the contest Lynn 🙂

  22. When the first Itouch and Ipad came out, I said what if they had touch screen computers! and it came true ! It would be awesome and a great space saver. Now imagine it mounted to the walls of your house to create a extreme High tech house 😀

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