Your Chance to Win a Lenovo ThinkCentre!

This is your chance to win a Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z 23’’ HD-ready Touch Screen all-in-one desktop computer! 😀

Lenovo is currently doing a blog outreach program, and they are allowing each blogger involved to give away one of these super cool systems.

One of the features I didn't share in the video (oops!) is that there is an on-screen touch keyboard.

It stays over to the left at the very edge of the screen, and you simply tap it to bring it open. It also works with a stylus pen.

This system would be super cool with a swing arm mounted by a chaise lounge or big comfy chair & ottoman.

That way you could swing it out of the way, or in front of you at a comfortable level and tilt to work on it like a giant iPad. 😀

All you have to do is a leave a comment below between now and May 2nd, 2011 (10pm Eastern) - specifically with your thoughts on the ThinkCentre M90z - and you're entered to win!

At 10pm Eastern on May 2nd I will do a random drawing from all of the comments about the ThinkCentre M90z on this post, between now and then. One entry per person, multiple comments do not equal multiple entries. YouTube and Facebook comments do not count - you must comment here on this post (below).

Be sure to use the correct email address and Twitter ID when leaving a comment below. I will contact you via Twitter if you win the drawing, and email you to get your shipping address for the prize.

Once the drawing is over and a winner is selected, the shipping details will be sent to Lenovo. They will ship your prize to you directly.

Good luck!! 😉



Product Details

Thinkcentre M90Z - Personal Computer - All-in-one - 23 Tft - Core I5 - 650 - 3.2

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z 3429A3U Desktop Computer. 1 x Core i5 i5-650 3.2GHz. All-in-One 3429A3U Desktop Computers. 4GB Ram. 64-bit Operating System. 500 GB Hard Drive.

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  1. Hey Lynn,

    I think that the "a swing arm mounted by a chaise lounge or big comfy chair & ottoman" might be great for web surfing or watching videos but I think it would kill my productivity.

    Curious as to how using a touch screen vertically like the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z compares to an Apple iPad used horizontally?

    Thanks for the review.

    Suzy Weiss
    Divorced Women's Dating Coach

  2. Lynn,

    As always you continue to provide great information for online marketers. Thanks for your great overview of the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z PC.

    I'm kinda like you. I'm not sure I would use a touch screen, but I definitely could come up with a few uses if I were to buy one or get lucky and win one.


    • It's surprising how quickly I'm converting to this iPad/PC combo and how much I've ended up using the touch screen feature. I am falling in love with it more every hour that it sits on my desk!! 😀

  3. Hey Lynn! In the process of setting up my work from home space. This awesome comtuer would have the creative juices flowing in record time:)
    Follow me @ C50something

  4. Chris Hendricks says:

    The Lenovo ThinkCentre has super design. I currently use a laptop, definitely time for an upgrade in my home office to assist with my online business.
    Follow me @Chris_Hendricks on Twitter

  5. Wow! This computer is like an iPad on steroids! I love the idea of an all-in-one desktop with a touch-screen.

  6. Wendy Merritt says:

    Super cool! I have a Lenovo S10-3t which is their tablet/netbook. I love it! I agree with had me at "no tower!" I have four canine kids that frequently cause me extra tower dusting duties.

    ooo ooo ooo Pick me! Pick me!

  7. JW Martin says:

    I'm so excited you provided a review for the Lenovo ThinkCentre and even more excited it's offered in a contest. This all-in-one is legit! It's going to make one lucky winner very happy. Thanks Lynn.

  8. Patrick Bushman says:

    Hi Lynn
    I currently am budgeted for a new desktop later this year, but if I win this amazing device I can put that money toward another IM conference instead. I'm not sure if I'd be more excited about the Lenovo or a chance to get to NAMS!

  9. Robbie Gay says:

    Lynn, your review of the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z touch screen computer has prompted me to explore this machine in depth, and I love what I see: multitouch panel, energy saving features, dual-display mode, built-in camera, all-in-one design, portability, plenty of horsepower, and more. A truly beautiful computer!

    With wrists that are now officially shot, drastically limiting the time I can spend at a computer, I am impressed and inspired most by the touch screen.  After trying a variety of input devices that offered little to no pain relief, I now have hope I will be able to increase my computer use with touch screen navigation. 

    I want to thank you for the opportunity to learn of this machine and to possibly win one. And my wrists thank you 🙂

  10. Shifat says:

    WOW!this is really a great system one i really would love to get my hands one.i don't know if i will be able to win this as i never win a lottery before (its true!)but thank you Lynn for giving me a chance to participate in these contest,God bless!

  11. Terry Britton says:

    Lynn Terry is the smartest woman I know (though we've never met). All of you here will gain from reading her every blog post. And beyond.

    I've listened to her pearls of wisdom on "Internet Marketing This Week", doing a show a day while walking my hour walk, and her insights are what kept it so fascinating. (Well, and Michelle MacPhearson is no slouch, either! Ed Dale and Paul Colligan give very good insights, too - exemplary, even.)

    Lynn often manages to encapsulate and distill the pith of the topic, and give it crystal clear focus based upon years of successful (and sometimes on not-so-successful) experiences.

    Though the show/podcast "Internet Marketing This Week" (available in the iTunes podcast directory and online at seems to be in a hiatus or extended vacation period for a while (I suppose Lynn's compatriot Paul Colligan got waylaid during the "Main Street Marketing Machine" launch and fell out of sync - the last podcast was on February 16th) any of the back-issues of the podcast are gems and are well worth giving a listen to. Lynn is always there. Lynn is always very real!

    Thank you, Lynn - if winning a computer laptop could make me as wise and productive as you are, I would be very grateful. (But, then, I'd be pretty grateful for winning such a cool laptop, either way!) Thanks for giving us the opportunity to allow some of your wisdom to rub off on us. And wise-words number one? "Do the work!" 🙂


    • Thank you for the kind words, Terry! I absolutely love the IMTW Podcast. Yes, everyone has been busy, but more importantly - Paul's mother has been in the hospital for an extended time and they are staying bedside with her. We'll be back on the mic soon! 😉

      In the meantime, stay tuned also for the upcoming ClickNewz! Live podcast which will air right here at ClickNewz 😀 Many thanks to everything I've learned from Paul Colligan of course!

      • Terry Britton says:

        Sorry to hear about Paul's mom. I care for my mom, who is 82 with memory problems, but at least she is happy and has lots of fun.

        See you all at IMTW soon, I hope! And it is super to hear you are starting your own podcast!


  12. I'm hoping it's space saving and cable clutter free design will allow me to get rid of the two monitors and two clunky systems on my tiny little desk.

  13. Lynn,

    What a great idea to do this, I hope I win, win, win. I just love technology! I love your website. I'm new to your community and am getting so much out of what you write. Thank you!

  14. I would love to win this great device - it would greatly improve my productivity. Thanks for an awesome review and a chance to win!

  15. Annie Binns says:


    So glad I caught up with emails just in time to see this! Thank you also for sharing the other contests - as usual, you rock!

  16. Mary Bradley says:

    Think Centre sounds like the dream machine for those of us who spend (probably way too much of) our lives online - working several jobs at once. Thanks, Lynn, and good luck to us all!

  17. Terese says:

    This looks like a great computer. I especially love the energy-saving features, and I'm right there with whoever loves "no tower"!

  18. Steve Pertree says:

    This looks like a fantastic computer. Thanks, Lynn, for the opportunity.

  19. Adrian Loh says:

    Hi There Lynn,

    This is an awesome giveaway. I was given this link by a Internet Marketing friend of mine and I am grateful that he did. I am reading some of your posts and I love your style. I also love your analog with the iPad but bigger 😉

    Finally, this will give me a chance to upgrade my desktop PC from 2002 😉

    Follow me @breakfastfoodtv on Twitter.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Adrian a.k.a Breakfast King

  20. I would love to win a touchscreen system. This would be great for the new pet sitting business I am starting. I could use it as a way to keep track of customers and their kids I will be taking care of while on the go.

  21. Lynn!

    I love that non-Mac-ites (like me) now have the same opportunity to use an updated, quick and easy business tool (with logically built-in components at an arms-length reach, to boot!) There is no question that some functions really are not 'keyboard reliant' and the ability to augment a keyboard experience with this touch screen looks great!

    Sign me up! : )

    Follow me at: on Twitter.

  22. Vic Piercy says:

    Wow, what a great computer. As strickly a Mac user I can see adding this machine to my arsenal of computing power. Nice job Lenovo!

  23. Karen Miyamoto says:

    Technology is so wonderful. New gagdets coming out daily! The swinging mount sounds amazing. My hubby has been itching to get a new computer. This would be perfect and keep blogging!

  24. Jean Meltesen says:

    Hi Lynn, thanks for all your great information and for this opoportunity....the Lenovo looks like a great system, wonderful features that would make working at home even more conventient and
    easier. Thanks for this good review. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS

  25. I have always wanted to start a webcomic. The Lenovo ThinkCentre looks like it would be an amazing drawing tool. I'd love to get my hands on one! Thanks for running this contest Lynn!

  26. Lucie Zak says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Love your review of the Lenovo ThinkCentre desktop.
    As a single mom I would really,really really love to win it,and even if I don't it is on the top of my "I want it" list.
    Thank you for all of your great reviews and information.
    Good Luck Everybody

  27. That's one slick PC....Just thinking about all the fun stuff you could do with it is overwhelming.

    Thanks for the review and giveaway... you rock!


  28. Barb Gerron says:

    I'm unemployed and getting close to broke. I've been busy trying to figure out what to do next. A new computer might be just the inspiration I need to get going with an online business.

  29. Jen Knox says:

    Love it! I have to say, with a preschooler running around while I work, being able to use a screen WITHOUT a keyboard (what is it about kids and all of those "letters" that they love to touch?!) would be pretty handy for me right now. Seems I always have an extra set of hands wanting to "help" me type. =)

    Fantastic product demonstration, Lynn! Looks great!

  30. Kelli Smith says:

    Oh the games I could play on that!!! What an awesome computer. Thank you for putting it out there for us Lynn. Good luck to all.

    Kelli Smith

  31. Stewart Lusk says:

    I would love a new ThinkPad to get my business going. My son has one and he loves it!

  32. Grace White says:

    Having recently obtain an iPhone I'm now addicted to touch screens. I'd love to win this and become even more tactile.

  33. Brian White says:

    Man - it would be so cool to win the Lenovo ThinkCentre laptop! I have three kids and they all have laptops but I have never splurged on one for myself.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  34. Alicia says:

    Does it matter if I am not on Twitter? I would love to win this computer so I can have a dedicated work computer and not have to compete with my kids for the computer.

  35. Debra Matthews says:

    Wow Lynn, really enjoyed the video review, so many great things about the Lenovo ThinkCenter M90Z, am thining my fave may just be its super slim footprint - desktop real estate is always at a premium but I'm pretty sure if I am the lucky winner I can make space for this baby!


  36. Michelle says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your great information and this opportunity to win the Lenovo ThinkCentre. The machine certainly will help a new start up like me to be more efficient. Good luck to all and have a wonderful day=)

  37. Ekram Skaik says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Wow, this machine is so cool and would help me so much with my new online business. I love that it's like a giant ipad, and I have just the perfect space for it. I hope I win!


  38. Hi Lynn,

    Thank you for sharing such a leading edge product.... me writing this comment is proof positive that your communication skills rock! I found your link on twitter.

    Even though it's 1 am in the morning here, I can't stop thinking about the possibility of winning such a fab computer. I loved your quick tour of the features. You made it really easy to follow. The ThinkCentre M90z really does look like a giant iPad and it's the coolest thing I've ever laid eyes on! I'm writing to you from Rome in Europe and I'm not even sure if they have been released here. I've never heard anyone talk about it. No doubt, I'd be the envy of all to win one and I'd certainly make sure that the whole of Europe knew about it!

    I love the fact that the touchpad is soo sensitive to the touch. I would imagine that it would be so easy to use and help me be much more productive, efficient, fall deeper in love with all things technological and ultimately help me succeed!

    Grazie ancora (thanks again in Italian) and Have a Wonderful Day!

  39. This is a sweet looking machine, everyone should have one....

  40. Ray Kelly says:

    Hi Lynn,
    This is a fantastic system. I would love to replace my 5 year old
    machine with it. BTW, saw Mike Dunlops's Top 50 Bloggers List and
    you were most deservingly included.


    Ray Kelly

  41. This looks great, Lynn. Loved watching your video demo. Very enrolling. I would love to have a Windows desktop backing up my Mac.

    I am wondering, is there an ergonomic study on reaching across for the touch control on the screen. Might be great for carpel tunnel syndrome. Wonder though at the reach, or how close can the monitor be to one's eyes.

    Thanks for this opportunity to be in the drawing to have the possibility of being a winner and experiencing it directly.

  42. John Lawson says:

    Hey Lynn
    Its John from!
    This Lenovo looks amazing! It should be called the Lenovo Think-4u-Centre! This computer is sharp! The touch screen function with the stylus looks cool. Lynn, you right about putting it on a swivel, however the comfy chair would be a bad working from home idea 🙂
    I caught wind of this deal from your tweet! THANX

  43. That system looks pretty amazing. A 23 inch touch screen, very cool. I have been thinking about an upgrade lately and that would fit nicely on my desk. No more tower or cables under my desk. I have to say I have never heard of Lenovo. I would love to add one to my office. Great contest Lynn.

  44. Thanks for doing all this,

    and good to see Slim!

    so glad you got him!

  45. I think the touch screen would be a great learning tool for kids. As touch screen computers get even more popular software manufacturers will start developing even more specifically for these devises. It would be great to win one and really experiment with it to see the possibilities.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  46. This would work great sitting on my kitchen counter so I can display my recipes while I'm cooking. Just touch and go.

  47. opps, forgot to say the the ThinkCentre M90z sounds, and looks amazing!
    I'm such a lucky person to have found you, and your site!

  48. Ian Wilson says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Looks like a great piece of kit!
    Is the touch screen pressure sensitive like a graphics tablet?
    I would love to see what difference to your workflow using a touch screen would have with different applications such as graphics programs, mind mapping tools, and IDE application development environments.
    This might be just the thing to rekindle the long dead media centre market.

  49. Dina Tracy says:

    This Lenova touchscreen is awesome. It would be a great addition to my special needs preschool classroom. Sometimes it is very difficult for young children to learn to use a mouse, so the touchscreen would be very helpful. Plus we only get the old "dinosaur" computers!

  50. Bill Moore says:

    Hello Lynn,

    What a wonderful contest! I am really impressed with the responses too. Over 500 responses for such a great computer.

    Thanks for all you do for us.


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