Day 23: Use JV Giveaways to Grow Your List

It’s Day 23 in our Growing Your List challenge and we are in the Viral Marketing section of our free guide. Today we’ll look at how you can participate in JV Giveaways to grow your list...

For Day 23, refer to pages 56-57 in the
31 Day Guide to Growing Your List

The downside to JV Giveaways is that some of these events attract freebie seekers. You'll need to select your giveaway carefully, and create a specific follow-up series for the event...

How JV Giveaways Work

The giveaway events are generally niche-specific, attracting a target market that benefits all of the marketers involved. They usually revolve around Resale Rights, general Internet Marketing products, or could even revolve around a teleseminar series or virtual event where each speaker gives away a relevant product.

Each marketer involved promotes the event, so it becomes a competition as much as a joint venture. All marketers benefit from the mass promotion, and the traffic leaders generally get perks - such as higher placement for their offer.

The more influential the marketers, and the more valuable the giveaways, the more successful a JV Giveaway event will be.

JV Giveaways have a reputation for offering low-value products, and have somewhat lost their appeal over the years because of that. That plus sheer overwhelm for those downloading dozens - or even hundreds - of products at once, and finding themselves in email overwhelm from all the email lists they joined just to download those products.

You want to be selective about which events you participate in, and what you decide to give away during the event.

What To Give Away To Increase Opt-In Conversion Rate

Since the giveaway visitors are given a lot of options to download free products (ie potential overwhelm), you really want your offer to stand out. The first step to that is a well-designed squeeze page that grabs their attention as they are scanning through the offers.

You want to give away something of your own so that you attract highly targeted subscribers to your specific list. It needs to be something of high value, and something new or exclusive - or that you have not given away before. Perhaps a product you usually sell, or something you create specifically for this event.

Tip: Instead of funneling them directly into your main mailing list, set up a new list just for this event. You can also segment the subscribers from this event, but it's better to create a unique follow-up series for this particular group so that you can warm them up to you before throwing them into your regular mailings.

A customized follow-up will welcome them specifically, and thank them for downloading your product. You'll deliver the product in the first autoresponse message, and also offer them something else of value to begin earning their trust and appreciation. A few days later you can follow-up to ask them for feedback on your free product (and your bonus), and invite them to participate in a survey for a chance to win a related prize.

The goal is to create a highly responsive list from the giveaway and turn them into happy subscribers, not just rack up numbers real quick and then ignore that new event-based relationship.

Your Task For Today:

JV Giveaway events are more popular in the Internet Marketing space, but can easily be hosted in other niches. If you can't find any active JV Giveaway events in your niche, that may be a good opportunity for you to host one yourself.

I found a free guide on the topic at along with a list of a few current JV Giveaway events. You can also do a search for "jv giveaway" at Google to find more lists. Signing up for an active, current event will give you an inside look at how they work.

You can also search "jv giveaway script" on Google for scripts and software you can use to set up your own JV Giveaway event.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Lynn,

    JV Giveaways are an excellent way to build a list and build one fast.
    Your tip on setting up a list campaign exclusively for a jv giveaway is
    definitely a good idea. Just a little tip on the website you gave as a
    resourced though.

    It's still a live site; however, it's now not in English and no longer has
    the guide that you received. I hope this is helpful.

    If you're interested in taking part in a jv giveaway starting on Jan.1, I've
    linked the jv contributor invite as my website. There's over a thousand
    jv partners so for so it'll be well worth your time.

    Make it a great day Lynn and thanks again for this valuable post,

  2. it seems like JV giveaway events in the "Internet Marketing" niche have pretty much disappeared. There are a few JV events available in the "health and wellness" niche, but that's not really my thing.

    I remember a guy named David Railey used to run giveaways all the time and I always joined as a paid member and got many subscribers. Seems like he has quit doing it.

    I'm not sure why, as I added thousands of subscribers to my list from these events over the past 10 years, and many of them turned into customers. I wish they didn't go away.

    Maybe someone will resurrect them and bring them back.

  3. In 2020 these co-reg JV Giveaways still exist though only around 3-4 a month and the quality of gifts are getting lower as we speak but for the person willing to do time, reseach, and promote their but off the events still can add 100+ to your list for the exchange of 5-10 hours work at the most.

    Key tips are offer gifts under 2 years old, be ready to lead on promoting, and if possible get your name in lights as a paid contributor as the phot on the front page and more listing and promotional space makes a huge difference.

  4. RIP giveaways it seems 🙁
    What is your best method for getting leads now Lynn, or others?

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