Make More Sales with Product Reviews!

If you want to earn more affiliate commissions in your online business, adding Product Reviews to your website or blog is a great step to take.

You can start writing your evaluation about the product and be ready to promote by the end of the day today!

Lynn has some really great examples right here at Clicknewz that you can model. I strongly recommend checking out her post on How to Write a Product Review. It's one of my favorites, and I refer to it often when writing my own product reviews...

Let's go ahead and get right into some simple things that can help you increase your affiliate commissions while using product reviews....

Blogging, Blogging, and more Blogging

If you want traffic to increase to your site, you need to optimize your content for the search engines. One of the best ways you can do this is to write about the product(s) you recommend. You can do this by either doing the work on your own or hiring ghost writers to do the job for you. The former is naturally more time-consuming on your part while the latter is more expensive. The choice is all up to you.

The most important thing is that you get more clicks when you post something new on your site. The rule of thumb is to put up more content (80%) than promotional write-ups (20% only). It's that good old 80/20 rule. That would mean that you can post your promotional content once you have posted 3 or 4 other pieces.

I agree with that, but it depends. 80/20 is a great guideline, tried and true, but it's not the law. Sometimes you'll have more to say about something than other times. I say go with your gut. If you know your niche and you know your readers, then you know what is going to be acceptable for them. Just stay true to that!

Another Option: Consider Private Label Rights (PLR)

As I mentioned earlier, hiring someone to write blog posts for you can get a bit pricey. Most of the ghost writers I know are quite good at what they do, so I'm not at all surprised at their rates for services. However, for someone just getting started with their first niche site, or maybe someone getting into a new niche with a smaller budget, it's just not in the cards to hire a ghost writer.

If you don't think hiring a writer to work for you is within your project budget or you just want additional options, you might want to consider getting PLR - or Private Label Rights articles & product reviews. There is a better chance for you to increase your affiliate sales with PLR because you are getting really good ready-made, ready to use content.

The downside is that you won't have 100% unique content right of the box.

You generally have two options with PLR content: you can use it as-is, or you can edit it to make it your own. I strongly recommend adding a bit of your own voice to your PLR content, even if it's just one line or a new title. That little tweak only takes a few minutes and it makes a huge difference.

By using PLR reviews and articles you'll add value to your website, blog or newsletter. It doesn't take you a long time to research or write, and it won't cut too deeply into your project budget.

Link It Up & Get Social

This is one of the best things you can do if you want your online business to succeed. If you are visible on other sites that people visit, chances are these people will want to visit your site too. And if you allow big websites to advertise on your page, you can earn from that. The important thing here is that people keep clicking.

I know you're sitting there saying, 'Loretta I thought we were talking about product reviews here.' And we are. But they aren't going to do you any good if no one sees them. Get some links, even if it's just a few social bookmarking links - actually, that's a great place to start in this case...

Social media and product reviews go hand in hand.

Think about your Twitter stream or your Facebook news feed for a second. I'm sure that within the last 24 hours you've seen someone mention somewhere something they bought that they either liked or disliked. Chances are they told you where they bought it and why the liked it or didn't like it.

That's a product review in action in real time. Often people see these and pass the information on to other people they know that might like - or want to avoid - the same products. And sharing means even more potential links!

Be Real and Involve the Masses

One of the things people want to see in product reviews is honesty. When they read all positive raves, they will immediately be suspicious. If you want to increase your affiliate sales, you need to catch the reader's attention and build trust with every paragraph you write.

Let other consumers post reviews on your site too. This can be risky and involve some work. If a particular product review attracts a lot of attention, the lurkers and trolls will come. If a discussion gets out of hand you always have the option of closing comments on it, particularly if you think the conversation has peaked.

Remember, as a blogger or reviewer, your number one goal is not to close the sale. That is the responsibility of the merchant! (Something Lynn teaches us and reminds us about in our weekly Clicknewz Elite Brainstorming Hour often.)

You should focus on reviewing the product, recommending it to the prospective client, praising it, reviewing pros and cons, and describing it in the most honest manner possible...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thank you to Lynn for allowing us to guest post here on Clicknewz. Click here to check out
The Big Bundle Sale at Product Review PLR.

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  1. Graham Lutz says

    The bit about honest reviews is the ticket for me. I feel much better clicking through to a product and am more likely to consider buying it when I hear the good, bad, and ugly up front.

    You can always tell when a review is nothing more than a push for affiliate commissions.

  2. Cindy Brock says

    Great information, ladies! I write reviews on everything from post-it-notes to graphics software to eBooks – for both online/offline items. I have also found that a review goes far beyond a testimonial by creating something of a persona for that product/service. It sends the message that a real person was/is interested enough to obtain the product (maybe buying, maybe not) and learn as much as possible BEFORE making a recommendation. (Unfortunately, for some products, a 5-star rating is an "ain't gonna happen" reality!)

    To substantiate the validity and honesty of my reviews, I mention my status as a top 1,500 reviewer on, as well as an invitation-only, Vine Voice participant. This seems to "seal the deal" and skyrocket the conversion rates!

    • I'm not familiar with Vine Voice, sounds like something I need to check out. That is an amazing number of reviews on Amazon, hats off to you!

      • Cindy Brock says

        Vine Voice is an invitation-only program Amazon has for their top reviewers. Twice a month, we make selections from a list of products (and some of these are high-ticket items such as exercise equipment, software, etc.). We read and/or test the product, and then write the review. We get to keep everything so I turn around and sell it (thus, my “How to Sell on Amazon” ebook series). The BEST PART is that the money I make from selling these items goes to pay for my niche business expenses. In reality, it costs me NOTHING to run my business! WOOHOO! (Sorry I gush Amazon: I just love it.) My latest focus is writing reviews (here we go with reviews again) for eBooks that are in Kindle format. However, that's a whole other story. (Drop me an email if you want to know more!)

  3. Peter Lawlor says

    I can attest to adding posts other than reviews. I bungled a site by writing only reviews as an early effort and the site struggles to this day in the SERPs. My main project now is a mix of reviews and informative articles and does much better in the SERPs.

    I drive traffic from my non-reviews to my reviews. This also creates many internal links.

    A good traffic tip I learned that works well is to incorporate Google Instant as part of your keyword research. You can find some fantastic long-tail keywords. Any phrase that auto-populates is a phrase that is searched by other people. You don't get exact numbers of course, but it's a fast way to put together a starting list of long-tail keywords that are often easy to rank well for in the SERPs.

    I start many Google Instant research sessions with questions such as "how to", "why", "is", etc. Great blog post topics arise from this fast and free exercise.

    Also, mix up your review keywords by adding buying keywords such as "buy", "purchase", "order", etc. in product review posts. People search with these words and are in a buying mindset.

  4. Great article Loretta. You nailed it with your reference to product reviews.

    I have found, personally, that when your article takes the form of a review, then it prequalifies your organic search traffic as buyers of a product already interested in it.

    This equals more sales with lower server load...a win-win...;)


  5. Loretta, we meet again 🙂
    Great article. I had no idea what vine voice was. Very interesting that you had traffic from negative reviews!

  6. But I wonder if writing product reviews for affiliate sales affect our credibility? I mean what if people do not find the product upto their expectations after using it does it reflect to us because we are going to be the one who referred them the product.

  7. Our credibility lies in the honesty of our reviews.It is upto the reviewer to not hype up unnecessarily the buyer's expectations.An objective, balanced review will shed light and not hype.

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