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Aurelia Williams
Parenting My Teen

Hi ClickNewz Community! My name is Aurelia Williams and I am the owner of Parenting My Teen. Parenting My Teen is a resource site that also is the home of a podcast that was created to help parents of pre-teens and teenagers navigate through what can be a rough time.

The site is filled with information that is down to earth and touches on hot topics. On the site you can find information on everything from school, peer pressure, drinking, sex, drugs and more.

1. When did you set up your website?

I created the website in June of 2006! WOW, Five years already.

2. What gave you the idea for this particular niche & website?

Honestly, my own daughter, Isreal Jean, is the reason that I created this site. Back when she was just 14 we were going through such a rough time. She was skipping curfews, not doing well in school, talking back and just about anything else that you could think of when it came to an out of control teenager.

Her issues were “outside” of the normal teen issues. Well, one night while frustrated with her to no end, I searched and searched for information online to help me and I didn’t find anything that truly worked so guess what?... I sat down and wrote down all of the things that I felt would be helpful to me and then I set out to create this site.

I started to collect my own data, do my own podcast interviews with experts and then I started writing my own articles to help others parents just like me.

I can honestly say that this website and the Internet radio show that I produced was truly birthed from my desire to help parents of teenagers get through the trying, yet most crucial time of their child’s life.

The best thing about this process by far is that it actually drew Isreal and I closer together! I began to do podcast with her and I also wrote about a few “real life” issues that she was dealing with as well. It got to the point that when she would mess up and miss a curfew she would say “Oh Man, are you going to post this to your site mom!” (smile)

3. Did you have any experience with online business prior to creating this website?

Yes, I am a certified Personal Life Coach and my 1st online business was Since I believe in learning from others, I quickly joined the ClickNewz Community and Mom Masterminds and have been long time members of both.

Thanks to the help & information that I received from many great internet marketers, I was able to launch my coaching business online and when that became successful, I immediately wanted to help others in different areas of their life (but outside of my personal coaching business).

4. What did you do for work prior to setting up an online business?

For the past 9 years, I’ve worked part time for my husband at his Exterminating Company. I’m a wiz at Administrative Tasks so I handle the day to day running of the office there.

5. How did you initially promote your website, and if different – how do you promote it now?

Thankfully by the time I got around to creating Parenting My Teen, I learned a bit about keyword research and search engine optimization. I used that along with word of mouth, article marketing and guest blogging to promote my website.

I still do all of that now but what I do differently is also add in Social Media. I now use both Facebook and Twitter to promote my site. I also make myself available for special projects that others put on and have served as a ‘Parenting Expert’ for many teleseminars.

6. Is your website profitable? Can you share some basic traffic & profit stats with us?

Yes it is! Yay!. I am constantly seeing growth in my daily unique visitors. Just last month I reached my highest performing month yet and had a monthly total of 20,645 unique views! A lot of my income comes from Google Adsense on the site but the bulk of my income comes from the affiliate programs that I promote and my own products that I’ve created.

So far, I have 3 awesome products in the Parenting Teenagers niche and I also have an affiliate program for those interested in earning a nice commission! It’s funny – once I got a taste of what it was like to earn money from promoting products that others created, I quickly began to learn how to create my own products around my niche and sell them.

7. What are your plans for the site going forward?

Moving forward I would love to jump back into producing my podcast bi-weekly again. I will admit that keeping up with the site, promotion of the products and such left me in a time crunch for producing a top notch podcast and I would like to go back to podcasting on a regular basis soon.

I also would love create more products. Parenting My Teen did inspire me to jump into the product creation realm and also allowed me to showcase all of my products on my site.

8. What ONE piece of advice would you give someone interested in starting their own niche site or blog?

Just do it! Yeah, like Really, if you are interested in starting your own niche site or blog, I would suggest that you surround yourself with people who are knowledgeable and learn from them and then set your plan into motion.

Working smarter and not harder is the key. I also feel that creating a site around something you are truly passionate about is a big help as well!

Aurelia Williams

-Thank you, Aurelia and congratulations on your success!

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  1. Hope your site will stay around for a long time - will have probable use for it in about 8-10 years from now 🙂

    "I searched and searched for information online to help me and I didn’t find anything that truly worked so guess what?… I sat down and wrote down all of the things that I felt would be helpful to me and then I set out to create this site"
    I started many sites similar to you - not with such good results, but when a certain problem arose an no solution found, I investigated more and more and came up with solution for my (and other peoples) problems. Haven't created my own products yet, but have outlined one ebook.

    Good luck with your site for the future.

  2. LaTara Ham-Ying says

    Aurelia your site helped me so much when AJ (now 19) hit those teen years. I am so grateful to you for what you do to help parents and teens work together for success.

    Girl you know you are just AWESOMENESS in my book 🙂

    • Aurelia Wiliams says

      Thanks so much LaTara -- I tell you... just knowing you aren't alone during those times of teen-troubles is amazing and I am happy to be able to share resources with others. BTW, that AJ of yours sure is a great young man ;-)! Thanks for the support!

  3. Pamela Johnson says

    Hi Real, we known one another a very long time and I've been lucky enough to see your business grow exponentially! Even though all of my children are adults, I do share your site information with family and friends that have pre-teens and teens. Thank you for all you do!

    G'Momma P 🙂

    • Aurelia Williams says

      Thanks so much G'Momma P I really love that you share the information with your family and friends! That is awesome 🙂

  4. donna paul says

    Hi Aurelia,congrats on your well deserved success. The information you provide is always helpful and timely. My son is growing up now. His social skills have improved tremendously this summer.Thanks to your resources which included the book,"Parenting Teens with Love& logic". I am proud of the steps he made and look forward to your continue support. Thanks.

    • Aurelia Williams says

      Donna thank you so much for your kind words!

      I am so happy to hear about your son and how his social skills have improved over the summer -- that is Fantastic! I am super proud of him (please tell hinm that... it is true and kids love that kind of stuff) LOL. I look forward to providing more and more information and hearing about your success stories!

  5. Diana Walker says

    Hi Aurelia!
    It is so wonderful to see you featured here on Lynn Terry's Clicknewz site -- you so deserve it!
    You have helped so many people with your coaching, and with your knowledge.
    Great to read and learn more about you and your background and how this particular site came about!
    Wishing you Continued Success!

    • Aurelia Wiliams says

      Diana - thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate your support and of course your encouragement!!

  6. Patti Stafford says

    Great article, Aurelia!

    Reading your material the past few months has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and find something I love and am passionate about. Thank you!

    I had it lucky with my girls (3 of them) and the teen years were great, but other people I knew could have used your information.

    I know your success will only grow because so many people will need this, now and in the future. You're a true blessing to so many parents who are trying to raise teens these days.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Aurelia Wiliams says

      Hi there Patti! Congrats to you for steeping out of your comfort zone and diving into something you are passionate about! *thanks for sharing that*

      You are so lucky to have sailed thu' the teen years without many of the bumps in the road that other parents face. Thanks for your kind words!

  7. Real! Congrats on your site & your awesome love of helping others! I know I will be marketing your site much more w/family & friends because it does help me w/my girls. LOL
    Keep up the great work!

    <3 Aliya

  8. Aurelia Wiliams says

    Thank you so much Aliya!! I sppreciate your kind words and I am happy to hear that you will be spreading the word around about my resources!

  9. It is good that you have taken an initiative for your daughter.You have first started teaching at home with a mature way.

  10. Gary Anderson II says

    Ok, umm, I don't mean to sound too mushy but this is a Super Important topic to me.

    I guess I got lucky coz my 2 kids, Noah-11 and Chloe-14, are the best two kids I've ever met! 🙂 When they were little I would get compliments in restaurants by total strangers that would say to me, "I just have to say young man (I looked 17 until I was 35 or 36 😛 ), those are the most well behaved kids I've ever seen in public... these days kids are screaming their heads off in public....."

    I think maybe it's because I've been at home so much and been able to spend a lot of time with my kids that they feel loved and fulfilled and therefore no need to "act-up". Well, that's my best guess anyway.

    I personally believe that one of the top things a parent can do is to simply be home as much as possible and spend time with their kids "In The Same Room" (maybe that's why dinner at the table is so powerful) just talking to them without the TV on. Nature will take it's course and meaningful conversation will start happening.

    OK, that's my mushy 2 cents worth 😛 I love paying attention and learning about being the best Father I can possibly be! 🙂

    Gary Anderson II

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