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Oliver Olsen offers an entire course titled Speedy Web Videos on Video Marketing for only $37. Incredible value, amazing tutorials!

While this video features Microsoft PowerPoint, you can easily use the free program from to achieve the same thing. Oliver shares resources, including free programs, such as that in his tutorials.

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  1. Making a video or a film is everyone's dream at some point in time. I must say that it was a dream that I also saw for a bit and am in the process of making a film. I was thinking of using Movie-maker or FCP to edit the film. But I must say that this vlog of yours has inspired me to give your editing software a try. Looks good keep up the good work.

  2. I thought it was free. It costs $37 plus you have to buy a license software for video editing. I think it will cost me a lot. It's been a long time since I want to incorporate video marketing to promote my business. I wanted to do it my way since outsourcing it will be expensive.

    • The 14+ minute video in the post IS free. The entire course is *only* $37 - which is a steal. 😉 I'm not sure what you referring to in regards to buying a license software for video editing??

      You can use free resources. Such as instead of Camtasia, and instead of Microsoft Office, etc.

  3. Domenic De Giorgio says

    For a few years in the past I have been contemplating the possibility of having a film of my own. I have tried to get writing a script, testing people for a role, checking out equipment and the like. I must say that this is a great review, I am looking forward to some great editing experiences with this software that you have suggested. Thanks a ton.

  4. Thanks for the video Lynn. You know I've been wanting to learn to do video for a while. I just keep having trouble finding the time with all the content creation and list-building activities I'm doing. Maybe this will give me the push. I just found that I can get Camtasia at a discount on JourneyEd since my dad is a professor at a university. Sweet!

  5. John Slocum says

    This looks like an excellent program Mr. Olsen has, and should be a great deal for the amount of tutorials and material he provides. I had tried to compile PowerPoint slide shows in the past and the files were way too large. I'm glad he'll have tips on getting the resulting movie nice and compact (data-wise). Thanks!

  6. This video is like a trial. But, it really made me want to buy the entire course. I believe that these tutorials are going to help me in the marketing area. I’m not very good at it and I would be very happy to get some help. So I am going to pay the money and hope to learn some valuable things.

  7. The video marketing course should be great with all you said about it. I was astounded by all the cool facts he stated about videos on his sales page. It really is something I should get into some time in the future. But does it work for micro niches?

  8. I had purchased this program some time ago, but got frustrated with the "tech" portion, as I'm just beginning this internet marketing venture and have no tech experience. It is on my list everyday to teach myself "how to create great videos using powerpoint". I'm finding out that WITH this program AND youtube, it is becoming doable! Presently working on my first video, taking me a little longer, but it IS possible for all you newbies!
    Here's to Health, Happiness, Love and Gratitude!

  9. Nice share Lynn. I'm not yet ready for video, but have been thinking about it. I'll definately keep this in mind. $37 sounds like a great price!

  10. I was so excited to see this video, but my internet is barely working today - darn country living. Anyway...the bits and pieces I have watched seem easy enough for me to give 'er a try. My biggest hurdle, however, is finding the time.

  11. This is my next frontier. Looks like a winner to me. Agree on the $37 being a steal. Many thanks!

  12. that was a cool video tutorial

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