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This post brought to you by Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was excited to receive the Fellowes 79Ci paper shredder to review, as I've never owned a shredder before. Getting rid of important documents without worrying they'll be stolen has always been an issue - so I'm thrilled to finally have one in the office.

It's a sweet stand-alone machine on wheels, so no desk space is necessary. I parked mine just beside my desk, and it's the perfect height to shred documents while sitting in my office chair.

As you saw in the video above, you have a chance to win one of these for your home office too!

Interesting to note, Fellowes designed the very first personal shredder back in 1990, and they are still the leader in shredding innovation and technology to this day.

Since this is my first shredder, I don't have any comparisons to make, but I really loved the fact that it destroys documents into almost 400 pieces - making it nearly impossible to piece back together. AND the fact that it runs so quietly!

Fellowes POWERSHRED 79ci Features

Jam Proof: Fellowes is the only brand on the market that offers 100% JamProof Technology. It has multiple levels of advanced jam prevention, not just standard anti-jam features like other brands.

Cross-Cut Technology:  The 79ci has heavy duty blades that shred a single sheet of paper into 399 particles.

SilentShred: One of the features you'll probably love most! Perfect for shared workspaces, or home offices where you share your workspace with your family. ๐Ÿ˜‰

SafeSense: the 79ci has a safety sensor that completely disables the shredder when a hand touches the paper opening. No worries!

Enter to Win a Fellowes Shredder: the POWERSHRED 79ci

It's easy! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post (below) stating what you would be shredding if you won. ๐Ÿ˜€ A winner will be selected in a random drawing from all comments left. One entry per person.

See official contest rules

The Fellowes 79Ci is available at Staples for a suggested retail price of $239.99. For more information on Fellowes, please visit www.fellowes.com

Good luck!

Lynn Terry

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  1. I want to shred the shredder instruction manual!

  2. LaRue Stanley says

    OMG, what wouldn't I want to shred? Old tax returns, bank statements plus - and this is very important -- client drafts and other sensitive materials that I have worked on for my clients. I do tax work for people and sometimes I get pdfs with markups be to input. Can't just toss that stuff in the trash. We have paper recycling bins but you don't want to put that stuff in there either. Everyone needs a great shredder and this looks like it would fill the bill quite nicely! Thanks, Lynn!

  3. Help me clear out the clutter with a new shredder!!

  4. I would like the shredder for a totally different reason, my worms love shredded paper, and it is a pain shredding the newspaper by hand, but with the Fellowes 79Ci Shredder I can shred it, scoop up the pieces, and feed the worms with no mess.

  5. Merl Miller says

    I am about ready for my third shredder in about 10 years. I should have bought a Fellowes last time. I looked at one and got something else instead. I am a life insurance agent so a lot of proposals and handle a lot of personal information for other people. In addition, I am slowly moving to a paperless file system. So, not only do I have a lot of new stuff to shred, I have 7 years of old stuff to shred.

  6. Jeff Stewart says

    I would LOVE to win this Fellows 79Ci because...

    I've never owned a shredder so this would be my 1st and a very welcomed edition in my home office. I will use it shred all papers and documents with sensitive information on them, which I don't need anymore. I would use the shredded paper to feed my worms I raise for helping with composting stuff for my raised bed and container gardening. The Fellows 79Ci would be a great "first shredder" from all I can see about it!

    Thanks Lynn for this chance to win!!

  7. jodi adams says

    Will be shredding lots of papers and documents! We could really use a shredder around here ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I find shredding to be very relaxing.

  9. donna stinchcomb says

    i have a mountain of receipts!!! the shredder would come in handy to declutter my desk.

  10. Crispin C Mclean says

    old bills and junk mail

  11. Michelle B says

    OMG i would LOVE this!!!!

  12. Betty Muscott says

    I would shred all of my divorce papers to finally put an end to that era of my life.

    I don't ever want my current husband to see that trash!


  13. Hi Lynn,

    Interesting review. ๐Ÿ™‚ I might consider getting one afterall since I have so many things with confidential information that I would like to shred. When did you start doing product reviews? I thought you are more focused on internet marketing tips. ๐Ÿ™‚


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