6 Reasons You Need an Accountability Partner

Guest post by Angie Newton of www.AreYouAccountable.com

Lynn has been talking about making the most of online relationships and getting serious about making money. Those two topics fit right into what I'll be talking about today.

I'm going to share with you 6 reasons why you really need an accountability partner...

A partnership can be either you and one other person, a group of 3 like minded individuals or on a larger scale, a mastermind type group. I have had a few accountability partnerships over the last few years so I'm going to share my personal tips.

6 Reasons You Need An Accountability Partnership

1) Get that extra push you need in your business

Sometimes you just need that extra little push. Maybe you're stuck on whether or not to move forward on a certain project or maybe you're not sure if it's even a project you should be working on. On a normal day, you would probably hem and haw over what direction to take and spin your wheels but an accountability partner will be there to help you make a decision and get things done.

2) Someone to bounce around ideas

It's nice to have an accountability partner(s) when you're stuck and not sure how to proceed on an idea or maybe you need help deciding on whether or not to sell a product for a certain price, what website to focus your attention, etc. Working online can be lonely at times and sometimes spouses/family/friends just don't understand the type of help you need. Connecting with someone who does understand is a big deal.

3) Someone you can stay accountable to

At the beginning of every week, you'll share your 3 biggest tasks for the week with your accountability partner(s). It's really nice to have someone to tell when you have accomplished those tasks. Or on the flip side it's nice to have someone there if you're starting to feel overwhelmed and they can bring you back to reality. It's great to know you have someone there that is counting on you to take action!

4) Someone to share accomplishments with

Did you make a big sale? Finish a project? An accountability partner is the perfect person to share those exciting times with.

5) Someone who can be totally honest with you

There are times where you might feel that you are choosing the right project or path in your business but you're really not. In this case, you need someone who will be honest and who feels comfortable telling you like it is, in a nice but firm way.

6) You drastically increase your productivity

Like I mentioned above, having someone to stay accountable to makes you achieve more than you thought you ever could. You are focused on the most important tasks and are less likely to be drawn to all the mundane and most importantly non money making tasks. You will find yourself much more productive, I promise you!

Can you see why I feel this type of partnership is crucial?

I can't even begin to really explain how beneficial having accountability partnerships has been to me (you'll have to find out for yourself!). I'm challenged on a daily basis to do more than I ever imagined. And I'm motivated more than ever to work hard and I truly appreciate the encouragement I get through the process.

And yes, if you're serious about making money, this is one step that will help you in that process. This type of partnership is truly an asset to your business.

One of my accountability partners, Danielle and I have joined forces to give you a total guide to accountability partnership success.

In it we'll discuss:

  • How to Find An Accountability Partner?
  • What Do Accountability Partners Do?
  • How Often Do You Meet?
  • Tips for Great Partnerships?

...and much more!

We believe that having an accountability partner has been a very important part to our success as online business owners.

Do you have an accountability partner?

Angie and Danielle want to share how you too can have a successful accountability partnership. Be sure to get on the list at Are You Accountable so you are first to know when the Accountability Partner Success report is released.

- Angie

p.s. My other accountability partnership is with Lynn, here at Clicknewz and Trish of Web Copy Results. And all of my accountability partnerships have been formed within Lynn's mastermind group and all bring something different to the table.

Now is a great time to check out Lynn's mastermind group here at Clicknewz because the rates go up tomorrow, Tuesday May 8th. 😉

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  1. Hi Lynn and Angie,

    I'm not sure if you remember me or not (from a few years back) but I am finally able to take advantage of Lynn's Mastermind Group (just signed up last night).

    I am looking forward to talking with Lynn and friends I've kind of lost contact with and I believe accountability partners are a "must have."

    Great post, Angie.


  2. Great article especially for those of us that work in isolation. I joined the "Elite Group" just yesterday to take the basics I know to the next level and a viable business model. It's my first step to being held accountable.

    • Thanks Maggie! We look forward to brainstorming with you and we'll definitely keep you accountable.

    • I agree Maggie - I worked in total isolation for far too long. The Elite group is a huge help - just having others to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm with, and get feedback from (a trusted, private group) can make such a big difference...

  3. james samy says

    It has been long time since I left this group because of the time differences. I will be joining back today. Thank you Lynn for giving it at a low price.

    • Hi James! Great to hear that you'll be joining again. I know the time differences can be tough but there is still so much great info in the group plus all the recordings, Lynn's products, etc.

      Can't wait to catch up.

    • So glad to see you're coming back! We do have Monday evening sessions (8pm Eastern) so that should help. 😉 Of course, the private forum is open 24/7!

  4. This is my fave reason: "5) Someone who can be totally honest with you"

    Soliciting feedback on the web is dangerous mainly because so few will tell you the truth. Having someone who will is priceless 🙂

    Great encouragement Angie!

    • That is so true, Kelly. Most people will agree with you, or tell you what they think you want to hear. Or disagree just for the sake of it - lol.

    • Thanks Kelly! Sometimes it's hard to hear the honest stuff but in the long run I know it's best for my business to follow their advice. A lot of people get so defensive though when they ask for help and don't like the answer.

  5. I agree Angie. I have an accountability partner now and it's made a world of difference. She pushes me where I'm unable to take myself, has no problem of suggesting correction, and holds me accountable to projects. It would have been great to have had this years ago, but... better late than never.

  6. Angela Brown says

    These 6 reasons are really very good for why everyone should have accountability partner. Point no 5 and 6 are my reason to have a accountability partner.

  7. Angie, class article!! Glad you will surely mark that success benchmark!! Super stuff!!

  8. Have you ever told somebody were going to do something really cool, like start a new business are write a book or something? Then for whatever reason you don’t follow through. And the next time you see that person they ask “how’s your book going, or how’s that business of yours coming along?”

    It’s like a punch in the gut. Then you find yourself making excuses as to why you didn’t do xyz. Behavior like this can send you into a downward spiral emotionally and financially. Simply put…IT BLOWS.

    However, if you had an accountability partner (either a paid one or a friend), the odds of you following up on what you said you were going to do will increase dramatically. So will your quality of life…and your income.

    Good post Angie. Best wishes to you and yours.

    Good times fuzzy bunnies!

  9. Looking forward to your report. Yeah an accountability partner is important in a business. I was thinking of getting one for my offline business but I thought I could handle things myself. Guess I was wrong.

  10. I do have an accountability partner, but she's not very accountable I'm afraid. She's canceled 3 meetings and moved the time twice in just under 3 months; that's not overly helpful, and because we only talk once a week, since that's all she wanted, on Mondays, I pretty much am left to my own devices the rest of the time. It's a shame, but she's the first I was able to find who would actually try it out locally.

    • Sometimes the accountability partners just don't work out and that is OK. We all need to find someone who is willing to work like we are. If you don't find someone else local, try an online accountability partner in the interim. You might find it helpful!

  11. I couldn't agree more with this article! After many months of spinning wheels, I finally set up an accountability partner, which is also my business partner...after just a few days I feel SO much more productive, and happier! Many partnerships can fall apart but I think if you actually keep each other accountable, you have a much better chance of thriving.

  12. Mary Gallagher says

    Angie, I so appreciate your tips in sharing about this topic. I've had a few partnerships that were exactly what I nneded for a short time over the years. I see the value in stepping up the commitment a notch to get to a higher level of honesty and focus that will always leasd to success. I also have to get away from the "how long it takes me" to "just do it" with the advice available to me. thanks!

  13. I have been doing internet marketing since 2005. And the most important factor that I think is missing in my business is - having an accountability partner. Having someone to be accountable to and someone to motivate you to do things can sure accelerate your success. Since I am from India, there are no one around here whom I can discuss internet marketing with, as majority of them don't even know that something can be done to make money online. I am seriously considering, joining Lynn's the mastermind group.

    Dr.Spencer Jones

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