Market Your Site Like Google Doesn’t Exist!

Do all the recent Google updates have you in a spin? Are you trying to keep up with Penguin, Panda and all the update versions - along with speculation and possible fixes discussed across the blogosphere?

It has people running in circles, watching stats like a hawk, and making all kinds of changes to their sites in hopes of recovering in the search results - or in hopes of not getting "hit" in the first place.

It seems pretty obvious that Google is not done updating. Not by a long shot.

Good grief, let's hope not anyway! Right?

Expect more updates before the year is out. 😉

I haven't experienced a drop in rankings or traffic through any of the Google updates. In fact, my web traffic just continues to improve.

Of course, I've been marketing my business and websites online since way before Google even existed - or Facebook either, for that matter...

Speaking of Facebook, their updates are causing quite a fuss too. Particularly the new option to pay to promote your Facebook Page updates so that they actually show up in the newsfeed... for people who already Liked your Page!

Sure, that's just plain crazy. But Google and Facebook are both constantly growing and changing - and both are FREE for you to use to market your online business.

Should you just give up and throw in the towel with Google and Facebook because of their latest updates? Absolutely not!

A big part of online marketing is meeting your market where they are, and they are definitely using Google and Facebook. 😉

That said, you should never put all of your eggs in one basket.

And your online marketing strategy should never be based on current trends alone.

You absolutely must diversify both your traffic and your income sources for your business to survive long-term on the constantly changing web.

Like I said, I've been successfully doing business online since way before Google or Facebook were ever even on the scene... and before there were even search engines or social media sites to work with at all.

Market Your Business Like Google Doesn't Exist!

Let's face it: Google DOES exist, and it's a great source of highly targeted free traffic. That said, focusing all of your efforts on Google is more detrimental to your success in their results, than simply marketing your business properly - which is the very thing that what will put you in better favor with Google.

That seems backward, doesn't it? But Google is not running your business. And honestly, they could care less if you rank well or not. Their primary objective is offering relevant search results, and taking care of their paid advertisers. Period.

So what's the trick? Targeting specific keyword phrases with content that Google deems highly relevant, and popular or authoritative (trusted).

That may not seem like the case at the moment, given some of the recent shifts in their search results. But like I said, Google is nowhere near done updating. 😉

Stop Playing Defense, Start Playing Offense!

It's time to ignore all the updates, and get back to marketing your business.

What does that mean exactly, and how do you "play offense"? Here's a quick list of all the bases you should be covering in your online marketing strategy:

You should still be optimizing every piece of content, or every page/post you create. Don't dismiss SEO altogether, as Google is a huge traffic source. Even if you're experiencing a loss in rankings and search engine traffic right now... keep in mind that Google WILL shift again.

Focus on Long Tail Keywords, as they are more specific and tend to convert better - and they don't tend to be affected as harshly by the Google updates!

(It's actually rude NOT to optimize your content so your market can easily find your information online!)

The purpose of this post isn't to tell you to "ignore Google" or to "forget SEO", but rather to properly (and aggressively!) market your business online... which is exactly what will land you those good rankings you're after.

Have Questions?

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about the marketing strategies listed above, or if you want to share something that is working really well for you. I'll answer questions in new posts, for everyone's benefit. 😀

While you're promoting your site like a real business, stay away from trends & tactics that have zero purpose outside of manipulating search results. Things like link building networks, automated SEO tools, etc - that you wouldn't even waste your time & money on if Google didn't exist - should be completely avoided right now (actually, always in my book, but especially now). 😉


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  1. Peter Lawlor says

    Hi Lynn,

    Good stuff. I'm definitely moving in that direction. Gotta admit search engine traffic was easy. Anyway, in your list you mention "content marketing". Here are my questions:

    1. Do you recommend submitting the same content on your blog for syndication now (i.e. EZA, ArticleBase, Scribd)?

    2. Or do you submit unique content?

    3. Or do you not bother with article directories?


  2. Paul Cooley says

    This is great Lynn! A breath of fresh air compared to what I have been seeing others say. You are so right on with "A big part of online marketing is meeting your market where they are"... So very true.

    Thanks Lynn! 🙂

  3. Jeff Morelock says

    In my business (firearms) google and other online companies are not very friendly, so I have learned and used the marketing techniques you mentioned to promote my online gunshop, so you're right, you can't rely on google.

  4. Gina Parris says

    Hey Lynn, what do you think of Onlywire for who-knows-what? I know its terrible, I have an account that my VA used to use to bookmark posts all over the place, but I don't even know if it's effective at all. (I no longer have the VA, but I"m not sure how to end my subscription to onlywire.)

  5. Lynn you hit the nail on the head here, Google is in the business of delivering the most relevant search results based on quality of content in order to sustain their business which is funded by advertising sales. So they will never be done updating. All the updates are ultimately aimed at reducing the benefits of trying to 'game the system'. Play by the rules and you'll be fine, play in offense and don't wait or look for the easy way out - that's where real success online lies and really where it always has.

    Do you have a post that speaks to your favorite Press Release services?


  6. I could not agree with you more! Just do your thing well and forget about trying to please Google, which soon becomes your entire job! Great tips, Lynn.

  7. I so agree with you Lynn. Businesses online should quit worrying (which is a ton of wasted time btw) about "how to trick" Google into ranking high and worry more about catering to their end users, their customers/clients. Get out their and engage and start developing relationships with your target market. I've always said TRUST = BUY online so start building trust with your end users and eventually you'll see the $$$ come in.

  8. Hooray! So many people these days are worrying way too much about Google/rankings, etc. Although I still think it's great to keep an eye on your stats (I look at weekly for potential key phrases people use to find me) and monthly I look at my numbers. I do this because my best success so far has been connecting via social media and brands sometimes want to see stats when they want to advertise with you, etc.

    I like affiliate marketing but right now my best income is through different types of advertising which comes from getting out there and building community. Exactly meeting my market where they are!

    I challenge others to get out there and connect with brands and others in your niche and if you are consistent, you'll truly see how beneficial it can be. Then you don't have to worry when your Adsense and other affiliate income drops because you'll have other options that most times pays more anyway lol

    On your list above, list building is something I need to work on. I don't find forum marketing to be a good use of my time anymore so I limit that but I am going to work on doing more guest blogging and the other ideas you mentioned.

    • I might have to take you up on that challenge Angie 🙂 I haven't done any work with brands or tried very hard to connect with other market leaders in my niche...good idea.

  9. A great reminder thanks Lynn. I'm just working through this process right now, not giving up, but pushing on and marketing my business 🙂

  10. Can you explain leveraging your competition?

  11. Rachel Young says

    This is SO true. It's a lot like that saying, never put all of your IM eggs in one basket. You don't want to be totally dependent on Google. Oddly enough I have been having a lot of luck with Pinterest lately, it seems that people love pretty pictures;)

  12. I learned this the hard way with experiments that see my traffic suffer. I used to believe Mr Goog is the only way to go but now I second every word you say in this post.

  13. Thanks Lynn! It's so hard to keep up with all the changes.

  14. At first, I really worry about Google Update. After I read your post above, I understand that working naturally with active promotion in any kind of strategy is the best way. I would like to know more detail about viral marketing that you have mentioned. Thanks.

  15. james samy says

    Good day Lynn,

    I am honored to be here and learning from your post. This post alone makes me think that working with your advice will bring me to a level I do not have worry about Google or Facebook or whatever.
    You have instill in me a new chapter to start on!

    Thank you Lynn for giving your best always for all of us here
    Best wishes from Singapore

  16. Garry Woods says

    hi Lynn,

    Its me Garry Woods, hi hope every thing is going well for you, I am just enquiring if you could give me a little help as I'm seeming to be having a little trouble trying to work out how to set up my auto Responder with aweber, to start my first list, with out any subscribers to start with how do I get it going.

    Thank you in antisipation. Garry Woods.

  17. G'day Lynn:

    Thanks for another succinct post. You've made it pretty clear that just putting up a reasonable looking website and basic SEO doesn't cut it anymore.

    But as a newbie entering my senior years, I'm finding it tough to be an agressive marker. Just as I pat myself on the back for the progress I've made, I read that my accomplishments ain't good enough.

    I'm on the ropes, but time to put my head down and come out swinging.

    List building, at this stage, does not seem relevant to my Amazon site, and I don't get what is meant by "leveraging my opposition".

    But I guess I can start moving foreward by learning how to use Facebook and Twitter, which I have been avoiding.

    Keep up the good work.

    Cheers, Leon

  18. Am working on all of the above and have decided to get rid of some of my sites and start a few fresh clean ones. With security measures in place, and a whole new game plan.

    Since it's the middle of the year, now is the perfect time.


  19. Totally agree with what you said there Lynn. It almost seems that people completely forgot how to market their business once Google made some much needed changes. Then people began floundering around trying to find the next “trick” to get on the 1st page of Google. Nonsense.

    If you have a product that is worth selling, then you need to be where your prospects are. It’s always been that way and it always will be that way. So if you are selling baby products, then you should be on every mommy blog under the sun. And if you sell make money from home products, then you should be on every marketing blog under the same. You can guest post on those blogs and buy advertising.

    And now with Web 2.0 (social media), you can simply “hang out” with your prospects. Just remember, social media sites are like going to somebody’s house for a barbecue. Nobody wants to hear your Amway pitch. They just want to know YOU.

    List building is still the best way to earn money online. No matter what you sell. You can buy solo ads in any niche. ANY NICHE. So there’s no excuse not to build a list. No matter what you sell.

    And when it comes to SEO…nothing really changed. Think about it. You still need your H1, H2, H3 headers. You still put your keyword in the picture. And you still pepper your keyword in your post. Then you submit your post to all the social media outlets and to your list. The basic fundamentals of SEO haven’t changed. It’s just the loop holes have been closed, that’s all. So what if getting the top spot of Google is a litter harder now? Just buy ads on your competitor’s sites and leverage their rankings.

    Good Lord, you can even buy ads on and You can buy ads on Google and Facebook. You can buy ads on nearly every magazine site and you can buy ads in nearly every Ezine.

    And if you ask nicely and pay a pretty penny, you can even buy ads on Lynn’s site.

    Oh, but wait. That would entail investing in your business and using your marketing skills.

    Well…good! That’s what you’re supposed to be doing anyway 🙂

    Happy marketing folks!

  20. Can you explain leveraging your competition?

    • One form of leveraging your competition is simply buying ad space on their website. If they are #1 on Google why not rent space on their site and "borrow" their traffic? This is one of those "ninja" tricks not many people talk about. But it's totally effective. Good luck.

  21. It's so crazy, but WHY didn't we all think this before? By "we", I mean those of us - a lot of us - who relied 100% on Google. I know there are many who didn't, but there is such a huge group of people who didn't, me included. These updates have actually been a blessing because they've opened my eyes, and many other people's too. This is a great post and a must-read for any marketer.

  22. Ashis Bhadra says

    Thanks Lynn, for outlining some great marketing ideas.
    While others are in kind of "panic-mode" about Google updates, you provided with some real strategies of building and marketing an online-business! Great!

  23. Hi Lynny,
    I often get people telling me I'm crazy when I say you can often get pretty much all the traffic you need without google.

    Well, I often get people calling me crazy for lots of things, but this in particular!

    You've hit the nail on the head, and a great list of ways to get that traffic, actionable and logical, which heaven forbids, actually build relationships with followers!

    And people wonder how you got to your level - by using that list, adding the newer ones as they came along!

    Good stuff,

  24. I'm having a "shock and awe" moment. I cant' believe that Google isn't responsible for marketing my stuff! Just kidding, but thanks for pointing out that it's rude to totally drop SEO consciousness. Kater

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