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I've been working with PayPerPost for going on two months now, and the more involved I get with them the more I love this company...

The other day I took a writing opportunity for them, and the system balked. They had just done some major updates to the PayPerPost database, and I couldnt submit my work for a few hours that morning. They are a fairly new company (currently in Beta 2), so there are 'growing pains' like that here and there... but it's definitely worth it.

Every time I experience a little hiccup with their system, I know better things are about to roll out 😉 . They are a very fresh and innovative group, and on the cutting edge of blogging and advertising solutions. Every update brings a little something new that makes things run even smoother than before...

If you're not familiar with the company, they are an advertising broker for bloggers - paying you set amounts for blog posts that contain reviews or text links for relevant advertisers in the system.

Lately they have had a pretty good mix of advertisers to work with. So good, in fact, that I have been doing business with some of them after finding them through the PPP database. I took an opp for an office furniture website awhile back, for example, which is where I am ordering my new desk this week. I've also found several great gift ideas through the advertisers listings and have been placing orders at their sites for personal purchases.

Outside of the obvious (ie making money), some of the reasons that I love PayPerPost include:

  • Daily Payout - I receive payment for writing opportunities daily via PayPal
  • Easy Money - I'm blogging anyway. Adding in relevant blog posts that I find through their database is just easy earnings.
  • It's Fun - they are always coming up with new and creative ways to keep things fun for their bloggers. From contests to humor - a great company to work with!
  • Great Community - everyone involved (bloggers and advertisers alike) has been very friendly, openly discussing issues and opportunities on the PPP forum.

This is one company I am glad I hooked up with... 😉

Definitely check them out if you are looking for a way to make money blogging. The sign-up process is simple, and the payout is great. They do have a referral system in place, so you can give them my email address when they ask where you heard about them: Lynn@ClickNewz .com, or just click here:

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  1. Jennifer Hadorn says

    Working on it myself! I have to have 20 posts over the last 90 days for approval. I just hope they have topics that are relevant to gardening.

  2. Hey Lynn,

    Did you read this post from Yaro about another pay per post/blog company? It's really interesting reading... you may want to work with them too.


  3. Thanks for the link! Yes, I am pre-approved and enrolled at ReviewMe and am currently checking them out. I have plans to review all of the related services, and include excerpts about each in my soon-to-be-published Case Study on PPP.

    ReviewMe looks to have great potential. I will keep you posted on the details 😉

  4. Can't wait to use it myself..... 😉

    I could do with the money too... lol


  5. BackgroundCheck says

    Do you have to write your blog on a certain matter? Do you have to be like specialized in something special...or cand I write about what good movie have I seen lately!?

  6. It is helpful if you have a theme to your blog, no matter what your purpose is for blogging. That said, no - you dont.

  7. My blog has just been approved at PayPerPost. I can now get busy blogging and making some $$$.

    Thanks for sharing the PayPerPost opportunity.


  8. Great news, Ade!

    Enjoy 😀

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