Your Biggest Web Traffic Question?

When it comes to all the ways you can increase website traffic, and specifically get highly targeted web traffic to your blog or site... do you ever feel like you're working your way through an information maze, or feeling your way around in the dark?

This is the one thing online business owners struggle with the most.

You're definitely not alone!

I am in the process of finishing up a detailed action guide on getting highly targeted web traffic, along with a checklist for easily increasing your website traffic.

While I'm wrapping this up, I wanted to give you an opportunity to get YOUR biggest web traffic question answered. 😀 Just leave a comment below and let me know what stumps you most, what you're struggling with, or what you would most like help with when it comes to getting highly targeted web traffic... that converts!

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  1. How to ge the the traffic you attract to convert into customers. Thank you

  2. I am working hard to attract global traffic,its wrong to assume everyone speaks english therefore I want to provide an inclusive translation service.

    When attracting global traffic including non english speaking customers to an english web/blog what is the most reliable translation method available to add to my site preferably at no cost.

    thank you

  3. How can I better identify the type of traffic I am getting? Yes, I see google analytics and stat press data, but how can I learn more about readers to distinguish better who I am attracting. I am concerned that those who comment get more attention and focus from me, though silent traffic may be more our target.

  4. Hi Lynn,

    A while back I considered creating seperate landing pages (or wordpress sites) for a few of the specific products or categories of products I sell on my main ecommerce site that sells children items that I design (like personalized art, plates, placemats, party invitations, and labels). My thinking was that it may be easier to rank for the landing pages that used keywords as the URLs (like fairy princess birthday). I would have those landing pages link back to my main site.

    I would love your feedback on...
    1) if this strategy is worthwhile now after recent changes with Google
    2) if I do proceed with the landing pages, what is the best way to maximize the impact.

    Big Thanks.

  5. Lynn,
    I'd like to know how to get targeted local traffic since my blog is targeted to Atlanta moms.
    Should I use local tags in every blog post?

  6. I recently started How do I get more "likes"?

  7. Hey Folks,

    Recovering Traffic after Site Being Hijacked/Hacked:

    My question regarding web traffic is how do you recover traffic after your website has been hijacked (or hacked)? I worked relentlessly creating content and making sure all of my SEO ducks were in a row and was getting close to 200 hits per day, all organic traffic until one day I noticed my traffic dropped to like 20 hits. I looked into my Google Webmaster Tools and they took me out of their search because several pages of my site had been hijacked. I contacted my hosting company, changed my cPanel password and resubmitted my site to Google per their instructions. It's been a few months and my traffic still has not recovered (I'm only getting 20-40 hits per day still). I've been submitting new content, business as usual but it's very discouraging. This is nothing to boast about, but I was making about $50 plus a month off Google Adsense and a few affiliates, plus a couple sales of my own program. Now I'm barely earning $2 a month. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue. My hosting company said nothing can be done but I'm having a hard time accepting that the 130+ pages of content I've created over the past couple years is just gonna go to waste. Sorry for the book here...


    • I would do some checking to see if your site is still getting indexed at all.

      If you don't show up in Google or place well - you found the problem.

      The solution? You will need to try and appeal to Google and hope they start indexing your site again.

      If not? Start pushing your site through social media and backlinking like a madman. It is possible to get even more traffic this way but it is a ton of hard work.

      Another tactic? Shutdown the site and copy everything over to a new Domain. It sucks sure - but sometimes a clean slate is the way to go.

      • Thanks for your input Jason. I've actually been considering rebuilding my site using WordPress with another hosting company. I've been using a web building program (BlueVoda) but I have a couple frustrations with it so I guess now would be a good time to rebuild my site. Lotta work, but it may be more beneficial in the long run.


        • We had a similar problem in May. Our hits started to drop through the floor and we had no idea, we just thought we were suffering from google panda/penguin/whatever until someone in a different office pointed out their anti-virus was preventing them visiting our site. In short it had been blacklisted by a couple of companies, so even when we turned up in a Google search we weren't getting any visits. We transfered all content to a new domain, deleted everything from the old one, and left a redirect on the old one hoping to keep some of the link "juice" from the old site. This appears to have worked, as a lot of the old links are appearing in google webmaster for the new domain. Traffic has recovered somewhat although not to quite as high a level as previously.

  8. First comment says it all - conversions conversions conversions please.
    How to ensure its targeted traffic? We are "buying" 300 visits a day but getting only 0.1% conversion on a brilliantly user optimised site! Gimme 100 visits and 3 conversions any day!

  9. Hey Lynn,

    My question is:

    1. What is the number 1 best way to find and attract targeted traffic to a specific niche such as fine art paintings and prints, fabric art, sea glass and silver jewelery, soapstone or Island stone carvings?

    2. How do you recommend to convert such traffic into sales that can average low to mid five figure income per sale?

    Is this best done by using standard methods or is there something more unique needed for this type of market?

  10. There are three things that I would like some serious help on...

    1. How do I create a capture page or landing page AND how do I drect traffic to my capture page?

    2. Facebook FanPage/Business Page: I did not sign up for just Facebook, only the FanPage. How do I get traffic to my FanPage/Business Page?

    3. Website: I have a blog that links to my website, but no one is buying. How do I convert visitors to buying customers?

  11. Is it possible to build a blog or a website about many different unrelated topics and still rank for a lot of them on Google? To me this seems hard. What is the key? Is it the number of links? Or do you need more links to subpages? Also, sometimes if you manage to rank for a high traffic term it's extremely difficult to rank for anything else. It's like Google says, "if I give you this one word high traffic keyword, then I can't give you any long tail keywords". How does that work and is there a way to work around it?

  12. My question is, how do you find more targeted places to create backlinks? I'm doing fine with search traffic, but getting very little referral traffic, even though I've done a fair bit of backlinking. Incoming links from article sites just don't seem to get clicked much. Any thoughts?

  13. Marge Burkell says

    I am with Tia, I would love to build up a site that covers a number of related but different topics that are all home & garden a respite from my very tech site. I could use some tips on getting traffic to those individual posts.

    Also, in regard to the tech site; how to get YouTube traffic to make the jump to the website... with well over a million hits on my videos it would be GREAT if that would happen!

    Thanks Lynn!

  14. Star Humor says

    What about the increasing of a image blog? How to make search engines work for my image blog? I want traffic from search engines.

  15. Conversions...all day long!

    I see that people are clicking on the affiliate links on my website, yet no sales to speak of. I've followed all the "best practices" and not sure what to test/tweak next or just give up on this niche altogether. Is it a matter of a bad niche or not enough traffic or something else I haven't considered?

  16. Rob sutton says

    Is anyone using WordTracker for key words & SEO?

  17. Is reciprocal link still a good idea? If not, why many gurus still advise on back linking? Or they are not the same thing?

    Would like to hear your thought. Thank you.

  18. Converting the global traffic itself sounds so difficult and believe me it is really difficult. I am very confused right now and i want to know that why will a person who is new to the social world visit my blog and will even convert? What is the good reason?

  19. Hello Lynn,

    I would like to know how to determine where your market is exactly when you say 'meet them where they are' and how to 'get started' with social traffic generation?

    Thank You.

  20. I would like to ask you that how to convert the people or the traffic visiting my site? I am sure good posts and catchy titles and humorous stuff works a lot. But is there any other way convert this traffic?

  21. Hello Lynn,
    I purchased a domain and build a new WordPress blog on June 18th. Concerned about the lack of traffic thus far, I went to and found that my blog still isn’t ranked in the search engines. Could this be because the site is so new? If so, do you have any idea how long it takes to be ranked? These are the steps I’ve taken so far in marketing the blog (in hopes of being recognized by the search engines):

    Daily blog posts/updates (31 posts in less than 1 month)

    Joined Twitter – I tweet daily

    Joined Facebook – I post daily

    Created a Google Plus account – I’ve added members to my circle and I send updates daily

    Created a blogroll and have linked to other blogs

    Posted comments in several like-minded forum groups with links back to my site.

    Created an XML Sitemap

    Posted articles – 12 articles posted at and 9 at All articles contain profiles with links back to my blog.

    Joined a webring of authors with blogs similar to mine.
    Is there anything I’m missing?

    Greg Winfield

    • Have you set up a google webmaster tools account for this site and submitted the sitemap to it? This usually gets you indexed in fairly short order.

      • Thanks for the reply, I'm not exactly sure what "submitting a sitemap" means. I created a sitemap for my site, then submitted the link to the sitemap page on Google Webmaster Tools. I did this about 1 week ago. Is that all there it so the sitemap submission process?

        • That's pretty much all there is to submitting a sitemap to google, and webmaster tools should show you how many pages have been submitted and how many have been indexed. If you write posts daily, your sitemap should also be updated and re-submitted daily. This will indicate to google there is new content available to crawl and that your site is growing.
          If you have a wordpress blog, there are several plugins that will build sitemaps and ping the search engines automatically for you, every time you update your blog. "Google XML Sitemaps" By Arne Brachhold is a good one.

    • I don't think that site "ismysiteindexed" works. It told me my site is not indexed, yet Google tells me it is! I wouldnt trust that site personally as the gauge if your site is indexed. I would instead install google webmaster tools and see what it tells you.

  22. Hi ThereI have three questions

    The first being the obvious newbie questiion How can you get any reasonable traffic in the beginning?

    Even with social media you have to get a minimum of 25+ people to like you on a new fan page.

    In other words you have to basically start. To actually contact your friends and family who have no interest in the business I am in.

    It would be great if they would pass this on virally. but most people are not interested.

    The second question is regarding social media. Is thare any way to channel wikipaedia's resources?

    Finally I would like to know how to use all aspects of social media to bring about a regular stream of visitors and customers to my site.

    Kind regards


  23. The biggest question I have is how to get that initial burst of traffic. I assume, I have great content, but do I? Or is it just that people are not finding it.

  24. Ashish Chandra says

    First of all I want to increase my pagerank from zero to something significant. How to do that? We are writing since the last six months with regular daily updates and new fresh contents. Still the traffic results are poor.

  25. My question is this; is there a way to combine my affiliate links into one check out? When my traffic gets redirected to the big sites like Amzon, my getting repeat business will be slim. I feel I loose a ton of opportunities when they get redirected to another site for check out. ???
    Plus are there any affiliate programs out there that provide us our own checkout without charging for it?

  26. Hi

    I have the aim to have an initially non monetized site to help people who like to network in all senses of the word.

    It is fully content based and relys on great posts written video, or audio.

    Love it, live it and would love to hear some new ways to go for traffic



  27. Hello,

    I really enjoy your newsletters & blog! Traffic in general is a great topic! One thing I've done recently is make some changes to an affiliate site (almost done). The number of banners and various sized ads are outrageous! I'm thinking about throwing them directly into banner exchange type of ad sites. The problem is I can't stand getting my inbox hammered with emails!!! I'd like to test this particular site for traffic, hits and conversions by ads only before I do anything else.....kinda an experiment. I've been on many over the years but if there are 1-2 you particularly recommend I'd appreciate your input!

    The Marketing Gal

  28. Billies Finds will be a blog that has many unrelated subjects, how can I get traffic to each post?

  29. I have a website focusing on one particular market. However I am having difficulty attrating traffic. Can you please advise me the best method to increase traffic.

  30. Hi Lynn,

    We launched our site the end of May, and then got hacked in June, but thankfully recovered quickly. We get about 5 visitors per day on an average, lower on weekends. initially most visitors were known people. Even now, I think many people just anonymously surf the site without leaving comments etc., so its hard to know how many of these are genuinely interested in our services.

    How do we boost our traffic to say, at least 50 visitors a day? What is a reasonable period of time to expect that kind of traffic?

    We are doing all the following -

    twitter and facebook
    regular posts
    ezine articles
    Youtube videos etc.

    I am going to start commenting shortly too. Appreciate any insight!


  31. Hi Lynne, the trouble I am finding is that the methods I have been using so far (forum posting, blog commenting etc) take up a lot of time and if I go a couple of days without doing them my traffic reduces dramatically.

    What are the best traffic methods I can use that will pretty much run themselves daily once set up?

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