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Having had such a positive experience with PayPerPost, I didnt hesitate to check out ReviewMe when they finally went live last week. ReviewMe is a similar service, paying bloggers a set rate to post relevant reviews to their blogs...

I had originally signed up for their notification list prior to launch, and was glad I did - as I got the email last week that they were officially live and also that they were paying out $25k for reviews of their site ( A quick look at the blog shows that they have increased that offer to $100k, as the first $25,000 was claimed within just 48 hours of launch!

My initial impression of ReviewMe has been VERY positive. The signup process was quick and easy, with immediate approval. They obviously have a system in place to automatically approve or reject blogs for their system, which cuts out the usual waiting time to get started with a service like this.

Not only do they approve your blog(s) immediately, but they also determine what rate you will earn for reviews based on factors such as: inbound links, ranking, traffic, post frequency, etc. All of this is automated, so you will know right away what your reviews are worth on any given blog that you own.

You can submit up to six (6) blogs in your account, and post as many reviews as you like per blog. I tested the system out by submitting this blog ( which was approved immediately and valued at $100 per review. I also submitted a second blog that I own that I assumed wouldnt qualify... and sure enough it was rejected just as quickly. Their system seems to work as expected, which is good.

How It Works

Once your blog is approved at ReviewMe, a value is assigned to your reviews. You are actually paid 50% of this rate - so with a value of $100, I will earn $50 for each review that I select and post on my blog.

I took the first (and most obvious) Review Opportunity that was available, which was to review the ReviewMe site itself. This, of course, being my review (that you are reading now). Quite honestly, I would have shared all of these same details with you once I signed up and tested the system anyway... which is what I love most about these blogging opps.

So for the record, I'll earn $50 for this review - though you can rest assured that I am sharing my honest opinion with you. If they werent worth working with, I wouldnt waste my time 😉 .

Taking this first Review Opp gave me the opportunity to test out the system and see how they operate. I have to admit... it's very smooth. Once I accepted the 'opp', I was given 48 hours to complete the review and post it to my blog - and then log in to the system to confirm completion.

The interface is very clean and fast. All of the necessary information is on the main screen once you log in - including any reviews you have accepted, notes you should be aware of, etc. Here's a screen shot of my account "from the inside" to give you an idea:

The only thing that didnt jump right out at me was how to browse Reviews that I might want to do... so I headed for the FAQ page, where I found the details:

"In the ReviewMe system, advertisers choose which blogs review them. So basically, sit back, and let the review offers come to you."

It will be interesting to see how many Review offers come my way, whether or not I get email notification on those offers, etc. I'll keep you posted as I spend more time with their system.

The ONLY requirement for reviews is the length, being a minimum of 200 words (um, I think I passed that paragraphs ago... ). They do also ask that you disclose that the review IS indeed a paid or sponsored post.

As for payments, those are issued monthly via PayPal (or check if you prefer). All said and done, this looks like a very positive opportunity for bloggers that are reviewing products and websites already (or would like to).

If you are not earning GOOD money with your blog... it would pay (literally!) to check into networks like and 😉

P.S. I did look for an affiliate program, but I found a note on their blog stating that it would go live in 2-3 months. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on that 😉

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  1. Adrian Bold says

    Hi Lynn

    I had reviewed ReviewMe previously on my blog but your second comment really makes a lot of sense. I guess one good reason for an advertiser to still use the service is the element of trust but I would agree that the revenue split needs to be looked at again.

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