Paid to Blog Opportunities

More and more opportunities are becoming available for bloggers to earn money by writing for advertisers. These advertisers may request reviews, buzz, text links or mention of just about any kind. They key to maintaining a good balance between managing a decent blog (that readers will enjoy) and earning money from your blog is in choosing your opportunities wisely.

I have personally reviewed two of the more popular companies that offer these 'paid to blog' opportunities: PayPerPost and ReviewMe. I decided to look into other options, and thought I would give you a list of those that I have found along the way...

I havent found one yet that has the community and FUN FACTOR of PayPerPost, though I am still looking and reviewing. The true test is in how well you can blend the revenue sources into your blog (ie your content) and how much money you can earn.

I would love to see more [serious] competition in this arena. I believe that a good combination of the right revenue sources could mean a substantial income for practically anyone with a blog. Even newer blogs that are less than 6 months old.

It's been awhile since I've seen an opportunity that is relatively easy to get into, with such a potentially quick return. While Affiliate Marketing is one such option, it does come with more of a learning curve. Blogging is as easy as picking a topic you can write about, collect information on, etc. Almost everyone has something to say.

Not to mention you can set up free or cheap, using blogger (not my first pick) or setting up a hosting account for under $10/month that will install WordPress for you with one click (definitely the way to go).

And of course, once you set up a blog and get it established online, the door opens for many other money-making opportunities and income sources. Some examples include: affiliate marketing, selling text links, taking on sponsors or advertisers, using contextual advertising such as Google Adsense, etc.

Below is that list I promised. It is by no means extensive, but this is straight from my resource file where I have been collecting links to review...

Paid-to-Blog Opportunities

  • PayPerPost
    The pay is generally $4-$20 per blog post and the guidelines vary from opp to opp. There are always plenty of opportunities though, and you can post up to 3 reviews/posts per day through their system. You can generally earn $15-$45 per day, or $500-$1,000 per month.
    They do have a referral system in place, so if you join you can tell them I sent you by giving them my email address: Lynn@ClickNewz .com or simply click on the image below:

  • ReviewMe
    The payout structure and the lack of available reviews mean that you may not get many writing or review opportunities here. Time will tell of course - they are new to the scene, but have quite a database and reach, so it may pan out yet. At least get join and get your blog listed as advertisers may find you and contact you directly. No referral program in place yet.
    My Review of ReviewMe and Another Look at ReviewMe
  • CreamAid
    This one looks a little complicated at first glance, but it appears there is definitely a money-making opportunity there for active bloggers. Their goal is to use social networking to create buzz around 'conversations' or spread things through word-of-mouth by offering incentives. They payout for both posts and referrals, and pay you via PayPal within 24 hours. I havent tested this one personally (yet) but here is a screen shot to give you an idea of how it works:

  • Loud Launch
    They havent yet launched their network, but you can sign up to be notified when they go live. I imagine they will offer a service similar to PayPerPost or ReviewMe.
  • Blogitive
    Also similar to PayPerPost, as you get paid for actual blog posts or opinions - not by placing ads or direct advertising on your blog. The site seems to load a little slow, but that could be a temporary issue. They pay out weekly via PayPal. I just signed up so I'll keep you posted on how well it works and on the earning potential.
    They also have a job board for bloggers that may be worth checking out.
  • BloggingAds
    Yet another that is very similar to PayPerPost. The site is very simple, and they dont let you know upfront what type of opportunities they have or what the payout structure is like, but the testimonials on the site make it sound much like PayPerPost. I've signed up for this one as well to get an inside look at the system.
  • Blog to Profit
    They actually emailed me directly which is how I became aware of their website. Once you sign up they will send you an Excel file that contains links that are relevant to the category you choose. You have up to two days per link sent to post these links (so 30 days if they send you 15 links). You then update the file and email it back to them, and receive payment through PayPal. Each link must be within a relevant blog post, one link per post. The payout per link is determined once they review your blog.
  • Blogsvertise
    The description on their site reads: "You write up an entry in your blog about the advertiser however you want! You can review the site, compliment it, relate to it somehow in your daily life, or even complain about it, and link to the website at least 3 times in your blog/journal entry." I see some familiar faces in the 'featured bloggers' section - I signed up to check this one out further.
  • In-Blog-Ads
    You can sell text links OR get paid for individual blog posts with their system. Registration is simple: you can just select a username and password and log straight in. Once you log in, you can submit your blog for review. It must be indexed in Google and have at least 20 posts to qualify for paid posts/reviews. Payments are sent monthly via PayPal.

If you have any experience, comments or questions with any of these websites - I'd love to hear your thoughts! Use the 'Leave a Reply' box below, and of course feel free to let us know of similar 'paid to blog' opportunities that arent yet listed here!


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  1. Thanks for the list

  2. Excellent... have been wondering for a while what other paid for blogging options there are! This will be of great help to me. Thanks Lynn 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing Paid To Blog Opportunities Lynn.

    I have registered at using you as a reference and will have my blog reviewed.


  4. I am a beginner at blogging, qualified only to barely reach preschool admittance! Anyway, I have a few idea regarding blogging that would help the social service community both employees and clients. My goal is basically to give information regarding the system, the softer gentler way of interaction and communication with specific organizations. I probably should set up a new website or tie this one in to my own company that is a document service for divorce and living wills and a great service when I have the time to ever finish the net stuff. Any recommendations for this newcomer still in diapers?

  5. Hi Louisa,

    The easiest thing to do is set up a hosting account for under $10/month that offers to install WordPress for you with one click. Once you get your account set up, you can do this through the cPanel.

    After that, if you want step-by-step instructions setting up a customized blog and optimizing it for search engine traffic, you want to consider getting the OptiNiche package It includes a template, instructions and all the plug-ins and is super-simple in helping you get things set up properly.

    Hope this helps!
    Lynn Terry

  6. Thanks fro the detailed info. In the process of checking them out

  7. Thanks for the list. I have just bookmarked your site so I can come back to read more, but in the mean time, I will be checking out the pay to blog sites in your list.

    Another site I have come across is The site doesn't work with a firefox browser, but it looks similar to your other findings.

  8. Chris Merriman says

    Thanks for the exhaustive list, a contact over at PPP's forums (Ghosty) sent me the link to here.
    Jason mentioned ecashblog a couple of comments above, it doesn't appear to work in FF2 or IE7 at all right now, is the site down?

  9. It's not just you - I wasnt able to pull it up in IE6 either. It appears to be down.

    An update on Blogitive too - ClickNewz wasnt approved because it doesnt have monthly archive links in the sidebar. I'm not sure why that's relative to them. I did email to ask but havent heard back.

    Another site to add to the list that I am now working with, if it hasnt been mentioned already, is

    Lynn Terry

  10. Jewel Goodwin says

    I have found so many good blogs with tips on getting paid to Blog. It has kept me very busy researching new sites, and applying where appropriate.

    One of the most useful I have found to date is Lynn Terry’s Click News.

    Terry has done a lot of research on several paid to blog opportunities, and shared her knowledge. I’m sure you will find it as useful as I did. [...]

  11. Genesis Davies says

    Thanks for the list. I have heard of most of them before, but there were a couple of new ones in there.

    My problem is that my blog is very young, and although I post daily most of the time, it doesn´t qualify for most of the programs yet. So I was thrilled to learn about CREAMaid! 🙂 Nice to see sites that accept newbies.

    I´ve bookmarked your site and will be coming back to learn more frequently.

  12. Welcome, Genesis!

    I'm glad you found something useful in the list. Keep blogging daily and you'll have a lot of options before you know it 😉

  13. Hi Lynn,

    I just started with Blogsvertise and my blog is very new so I haven't gotten a lot of work from them, but so far my experience has been really positive. They gave me two assignments to begin with and paid me as soon as the posts had been up 30 days. They promise their advertisers permanent links so if you plan on moving the post to another URL you have to let them know. The pay for my first two assignments was $5 which I consider to be not bad at all considering my blog was less than a month old when they were posted.


  14. Chris Merriman says

    Quick update for you...
    I've now made $1467 since April 10 from Pay To Blog type schemes, though I am of course waiting for some of those to be paid.
    I've made another $275 from related opportunities that have presented themselves from this sort of business.
    I am hoping to make enough money monthly to not have to go and work in an office over here in Kazakhstan, as I had enough of that back in England.
    Good luck to everyone else who is thinking of taking this up.

  15. Blogging Ads says

    We have launched our new site and are looking for excellent blogs and advertisers.

  16. Also be sure to check out Smorty. Theyr're new and have lots of opportunities for blogger to get paid to write ads.

    Cheers -

  17. I love this blog! It is full of information and comments from people loaded with information. Very helpful. I am fairly new to "real" blogging. When I started my most recent blog, it was seriously just for fun, then upon surfing ran across these paid-to-blog ideas, and thought, hmmm....I like to talk/write about whatever....let me give it a shot. Of course, my blog isn't old enough (less than 90 days). It is only 2 months old really. I do keep it up and am constantly trying to figure out ways to drive traffic to it. Trust me, I know it isn't that easy to get traffic and that takes hours to do. But I am up for the challenge, at this point, it is fun for me.

    I personally LOVE ! They at least allow me to put their PPP Direct on my blog. Never know!

    Thank you again for your information and sharing with us all!

  18. Thank you Melanie 😀

    Its great to hear you enjoy blogging so much, thats a great sign that it may work out very well for you as a long-term revenue source. Keep plugging away at it and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in the next few months!

  19. This is great list of pay to blog sites. Thank you very much Lynn. I just heard on Apsense about it and will be in business soon.

  20. Chris Merriman says

    Another quick update... since April 10, I've made $4475, which has paid for the plane tickets for both myself and my wife to go back to Britain for Christmas. I also spent the money on a trip to Amsterdam with a couple of friends in 9 days time, and the blog money has apid for the tickets, accommodation and some spending money. I will also be popping over to Britain for a few weeks.
    This is not meant as a show off post, I just hope it inspires someone else to try out blogging for money, especially if you already run a blog, but don't make much through PPC etc - the situation I was in until I found this post here, amongst others.
    Thanks, Lynn

    PS Have you considered installing a comment subscriber plugin?

  21. Yes, I am working on that 🙂

  22. Whilst not yet at Chris' level of income, myself and Wendy are heading in the right direction and have just bought a very nice digital SLR from the initial proceeds to up the ante somewhat on our site photos.

    One thing I've noticed is that the average payout on the opportunities available seems to be getting considerably higher as we edge into Winter which suits us brilliantly as our "dayjob" is mainly busy in the Summer months.

    I suspect that you'd need several blogs to play with if you were planning on giving up the dayjob. On that score, we're already working with two and are bringing two more into the paid post fold over the next few months. If payperpost is any guide, you need 20 posts over 90 days before you'll get accepted which isn't an overlly high hurdle.

  23. Hi Arnold,

    It sounds like you are working in the right direction, indeed. Keep in mind too that you can monetize your blog in other ways - contextual advertising, ad sales, affiliate programs, other paid-to-blog opp type sites, etc.

    All the best!
    Lynn Terry

  24. hey Lynn, this is a nice blog! ...Nobody paid me to say that. Honest!! But i think i could do better of course, but then i can only type with two fingers, and one of those is required for spell check. So we'll never know huh! ;o)

  25. Thanks for all the links. I have not been very lucky with pay-per-post, at least now I have other options.


  26. Just heard around abuout paidreview but never been into it personally..., does it still that promising now..., I suppose if yousay so, this is worth to try..., thanks lynn...


  27. I heard it required good PR to join the service is it true...

  28. It depends on the service, Edi. But before you dive in, see this post too:

    A lot of people lost their PR (toolbar pagerank) for doing paid posts on their blogs. Another (better) option is Affiliate Marketing...

  29. Has anybody ever heard of! I signed up a few days ago...this place is off the hook!

    They deal with heavy volumes of advertisers which other companies don't do, and thus end up paying we bloggers more. Pretty simple concept.

    I don't get any referral points or anything like that for this...I'm just being honest and trying to help people out. We can always use some extra cash, especially right now - can we not?

    I just thought it's a quick, and easy way to make some quick cash...and its legit. So, if you have a blog, sign up. They pay within a couple days via Paypal.

  30. Thanks for all the links lots of options.

  31. thanks for your great list!! i think One of the more popular networks is PayPerPost,you need 20 posts over 90 days before you’ll get accepted which isn’t an overlly high hurdle.

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