Easy Article Writing and Blog Content – Love it!

Over the last couple of days I've been reviewing a product /service called Jiffy Articles. I didn't expect it to impress me nearly as much as I did, but this one is definitely a winner!

Particularly if you're looking for easy article writing and blog content solutions. And aren't we all? πŸ˜‰

It's basically a template-based article writing tool, allowing you to put together a 500 word article in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. And if you're not a good writer, or simply don't have the time, there's an integrated article writing service that costs only a penny per word!

Of course, in my usual style, I've secured us a very generous discount. πŸ˜€ So keep reading, and let me show you what it does, with screenshots and live examples of blog posts I've created with it so far...

Why Use Article Writing and Blog Content Tools?

I know what you're thinking: Why would I use something like Jiffy Articles when I obviously whip out content in my sleep? LOL. The truth is, I don't. Well, sometimes I do! But when I can't, I use PLR and other services just like this one.

You would be amazed at just how fast you can go from uninspired and staring at a blank screen, to a very well polished blog post or well-written article in no time flat.

What is Jiffy Articles, Exactly?

It's both a product and a service. It's a template-based article writing tool. You simply log in and you immediately have access to over 5,800 article writing templates in more than 80 different categories.

But it also has a built-in article writing service, allowing you to get articles written for as little as $3.00, or one cent per word. That's hard to beat!

You can check out the web page here for more details...

Once you log in, you'll choose your niche or topic. From there you can choose specific article titles, which have the main outline of the article or blog post already filled in for you - with spaces to edit or rewrite each section right there on the screen.

Here's a screenshot, which is a blog post I'll be publishing next here at ClickNewz (as a live example for you):

As you can see, it gives you suggestions for each section of the content from the title to the introductory paragraph all the way to the conclusion and byline. It very closely follows the outline & flesh out method I use for writing blog posts anyway.

The only difference is you aren't working from a blank slate. πŸ˜‰

Once you fill in each content area, you can choose to save your article or publish your blog post - right from within the website:

I simply copied the text and pasted it into WordPress, just because I found that easier. I took this article (above) and fleshed it out with my own ideas and "voice" and published it on my low carb blog here: How to Stick to a Low Carb Diet.

Not bad, right? πŸ˜€ Honestly, I was really struggling with content ideas for that blog this week, so this made it super simple. Sometimes you just need a good topic and a little inspiration to get you on a roll!

A Generous Discount, Just For You!

As I mentioned earlier, I've secured you a very generous discount on Jiffy Articles. It's normally $127 per year, which includes full access to the super cheap article writing service - in addition to all of the templates and topics.

Use this link, to get it for only $77, saving $50 off the regular price!

That rate will get you full access for an entire year, which means your investment only comes to a total of 21 cents a day, or around $6.42 per month.

How much (MORE) content could you crank out with this tool & service... and what would that content be worth to you? Food for thought, right?

The special offer also applies to renewals, so if you decide to keep your account with Jiffy Articles... you'll also get to keep your $50 discount. πŸ˜‰

This is a site I'm going to be logging into A LOT. It's just super convenient, really gets your brain moving with so many content ideas, and I cannot wait to try the super cheap article writing service that comes included!


p.s. Ready to crank out some serious content??

Click here to get started:

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  1. Very interesting service. I noticed this is from Jon, he has some seriously brilliant products, but what's this difference between Jiffy Articles and his Article Builder program?

    • Oh ~ I think I see the differences now, one has "extras" included with it that the other doesn't have, so Jiffy Articles is sort of like a light version of the Article Builder service?

    • Rick Wilson says

      Hi Loretta!

      If I remember correctly, the ArticleBuilder "builds" the whole article for you and autoposts it to your blog(s). Basically an autoblogging system.

      It also can auto-insert ClickBank links into the articles.

      PLUS it costs a LOT more too! heh heh

      Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 😎

      • I like that this new version is sort of a "light" version of that system, I wasn't all that interested in all the other bells and whistles of the "big" option, but having something to go to that helps get my brain working in the right direction is always a handy tool!

        • I definitely don't do any type of auto-blogging, so this tool is my preference. Unique content all the way. πŸ˜‰

          I am finding tons of topic ideas & writing inspiration in the various templates! Next I'm going to test out the super cheap content writing service. Even with slight editing (to add my own personality/voice) it would be well worth it!

  2. Jessica Kihara says

    For the longest time I've felt that article writing tools were all crap or mediocre at best. This one looks really interesting, particularly because your low-carb article turned out to be good. Too bad there's no demo option...

    • Thank you! It was very easy to write using the template. πŸ˜€

      Definitely a top notch product. I'm really enjoying it so far. And while there is no demo, hopefully the screenshots and examples in my post helped some at least. πŸ˜‰

  3. This seems like a ready to make packet to me, you just fill in the ingredients that you require and it places itself on its own at the correct place after it is completedn cooked. Having a template in front of our eyes while writing an article can make the work very easy and I never heard about this before. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Natalie A. says

    This is something I just might have to invest in. At this very moment I am stalling of writing for both of my sites. I have all the time in the world but I can't seem to get going. This service may just do the trick. Thanks for sharing, Lynn!

  5. Oh I am sure, this is going to make my work easier and faster. An already available format is one feasible source of writing an article making it much technical and improvised. I am going to try this as when I wtrite my next article. I just hope it turns out to be a great attempt and finally leading to a good output in the form of an article.

  6. Erica Lane says

    Hi Lynn, I am usually not a big fan of service like this and personally don't think it is something that I would use. However, some of my clients may be interested in a service like this. Are you ever worried about being to similar to someone else that may be using the same template that you are using?

    • Not at all, Erica. If you saw my two examples in the post above, you can see why. The content you create from the templates is completely unique. It's simply an "idea starter" with an outline to go by - which makes writing your articles and blog posts incredibly easy! πŸ™‚

  7. Jason Shindler says

    This is a horrible idea. Your work on your site should be your own (or ghost written by someone who knows you), and not auto-generated by software or a content writing service working in a foreign country.

    • Rick Wilson says


      Did you even watch the video on the site and read the rest of the page? IF so, then maybe you need to go thru it AGAIN.

      The whole article ISN'T generated by the site software. It gives you some ideas from the category you pick. You still have to write the content and then it puts what you've written all together.

      As for the article writing service, it is done by native English speakers in U.S., Canada and UK.

      Not all of us are gifted writers (as you must be) or able to afford a ghostwriter on a regular basis. This is an inexpensive way to get some decent articles created for our sites.

      I WOULD agree with you, though, that software that TOTALLY automates content creation would never look right. This doesn't do that.

      Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 😎

    • ^ What he said.

      Did you even see my examples? Both completely original content. πŸ˜‰

  8. Very interesting! Is that same as articlebase or other article submission? Looks like i got to learn more. Thanks for sharing.

  9. james samy says

    This is awesome for me cause sometimes I struggle to come out with topics for my site. Thank you Lynn for sharing this new way of doing things

    • You're welcome, James! Have you had a chance to play around with it much yet, and create content using some of the templates?

      • I received the confirmation email but never receive any login info to start-off
        I already submitted a ticket but no message from the support team yet

        • Ahh. It seems they have a backlog of support requests due to PayPal being "off" this week. PayPal should have directed you straight to the product. I'm sure they'll get back to you and get you taken care of ASAP. πŸ˜‰

  10. I bought the tool last night and am VERY happy with it for quite a few reasons. If you are on the fence, like I was, check out my comments in the forum here: http://www.clicknewz.com/members/showthread.php?9036-Ridiculous-Jiffy-Articles-Special-This-Week-Only!\

    I think today is the last day of the special pricing... so hurry! πŸ˜‰

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