Five Things You Didnt Know…

I've been tagged by the SEO Queen to tell you five things that you probably didnt know about me...

Ready? Here goes -

  • 1. I write - anonymously - in other places, about other things.
  • 2. My all-time favorite movie is Somersby and it still takes my breath every time when Jodi Foster says "because I never loved him like I love you!"
  • 3. I'm afraid of the water. I do love to water ski, go fly-fishing, wade the creek, jump on a jet ski and swim at night... but I am deathly afraid. Particularly of shallow water (go figure lol).
  • 4. I absolutely love a good thunderstorm. Despite the fact that we were hit hard in the 2003 tornadoes, the kids and I are more likely to be on the porch watching the storm than hiding under a blanket.
  • 5. I got 'caught beneath the mistletoe' by a handsome friend last night 😀

I'm passing the torch to Chrissie, Teli, Alice, Rob and Paul. If you're linked, you're tagged 😉

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  1. Oh, do elaborate on #5. 😉

  2. oh no no no 😉 not going to happen 🙂

  3. Lynn...

    I wont do it again if you tell.. 😉

    Thanks for tagging me.. I have done my 5...

    Take care.


  4. Michael Jensen says

    I have updated your tags on the blog tag tree!

  5. Thanks Michael 🙂

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