Iomoio: Cheap MP3’s (Better Than iTunes!)

My daughter and I both spend quite a bit at iTunes between her iPhone 4s, and my iPod and iPad. But this week I found Iomoio for mp3 music downloads - and I was *shocked* at the price difference!

On top of being MUCH cheaper than iTunes, when you set up an account at Iomoio you get two free tracks. Very cool. 😀 Perfect timing too, as I was just organizing my music and playlists. I use my iPod a lot while working, driving and on my morning walks.

Just to give you a couple of examples, "Bad Influence" by Pink is $1.29 on iTunes. It's only 16 cents on Iomoio! And the new album released by Jason Mraz earlier this year, "Love Is a Four Letter Word", costs $14.99 on iTunes. At Iomoio you can get the same album with all 12 tracks... for only $1.92.

If you're buying mp3 songs online, you might as well get the best possible price. 😉 There's no monthly subscription or other hidden fees. Tracks are $0.16 USD each with tax already included.

All of their files are iPod, iPhone, and PDA compatible - or you can burn the MP3 files straight to a CD. Do people still do that? I'm big on the legalities of course, so I checked into that as well. Here's what I found on their Help page:

Q: Is your web site legal?

Yes, the availability over the Internet of the materials is authorized by the license # IT - 08/10 and IT - 08 - 01/10 of the Ukrainian Public Organization "Avtor" issued for Beowner Ltd. All these materials are solely for personal use. Any further distribution, resale or broadcasting is prohibited.

Q: If your web site is legal, how can you sell music for $0.16/track compared to iTunes $0.99/track?

A: Our company and licensing authority is located outside U.S. area and we do not have to follow $0.99/track minimum regulations.

Where do you get your music downloads? I admit, I just automatically used iTunes without researching other options. But I'm really glad I found Iomoio! I'm off to download a whole slew of new music and update my playlists. I would love to hear your thoughts after browsing through the site...


And yes, I like Jason Mraz (so far). I heard "I Won't Give Up" on the radio just this week and loved it. There's also a song on the album titled "Living In The Moment" that I'm off to check out. It may just be my new theme song for the year. 😉 *cheers*


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  1. Robert Nelson says

    I'm sure it will be quickly resolved, but due to a new system that my bank has started called Secure Code my payment to Failed, I have both sent a email to there Support and just in case tried again(Still fails). It nows fails at the site level.

  2. Robert Nelson says

    Still no replay to my 1st email and trying again also got a "Payment Failed" error message. 1st attempt was at 12:00:28PM PDT, 2nd attempt was at 15:36Pm PDT.

  3. I am to found of music and yes iTunes are costly now Iomoio sounds cheap i haven't use this i am going to use this for sure.

  4. I think I purchased one day something similar somewhere and it was quickly removed by the industry. A shame of course. I recently wrote an article on my mac site comparing itunes and amazon purchases - amazing, nearly all albums were much cheaper on amazon.

  5. Hi Lynn,

    I would still be suspicious of this service. Being located in the Ukraine(?), I'm thinking that while the downloads may be cheaper, I'm not thinking the artist or the US economy is benefitting to nearly the same degree.

    I too believe the cost of digital downloads has gotten a bit out of control. Have you looked at some Kindle store books lately? Some are priced only a dollar less than the print version. This, because they've figured out where more people are reading them.

    That's all, just a word of caution.


  6. Hello, I am always weary about the software I use when it comes to download music, because there is so much choice but when it comes to actually using it- it either gives my laptop a virus or it is not legal! So I just use Itunes now, it's safe and easy to use- but a bit expensive so I might have to try Iomoio out! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I always get scared when I am downloading music, because I am worried it will give my computer a virus if it is not a well known software. That is why I prefer to use iTunes, because I know it is safe and even though it is more expensive I think it is worth it.

    • it's legal as far as you do not share it with other users or make profit out of tracks you downloaded. And viruses.. use good firewall and antivirus -- it's their job to search for suspicious files, not yours

  8. Robert Nelson says

    Attempts to purchase credits at the Site fail, using there recommended pin reseller fails at the PayPal end. I have emailed Lynn asking her to add a disclaimer to the effect that the Site is having problems(serious in my humble opinion )

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