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I was recently turned on to the idea of Public Domain content (again) during a conversation with my friend, Trish Lindemood. She'd studied Tony Laidig's Public Domain Blueprint and came away with some amazing product ideas!

As she was sharing them with me, light bulbs were going off in my own head. So I checked out Tony's course myself.

I also snagged him for a solid hour of live training earlier this week, which was very enlightening! If you missed that, be sure to see the free webinar replay. Good stuff! But even if you attended live or watched the replay, you may still be wondering if Public Domain Blueprint is right for YOU...

What is Public Domain Content - and Why Should You Care?

Public Domain content is any published material, such as books, magazines, images, videos, and even patents, which no longer fall under copyright protection.

This means that you are free to use these materials however you choose - and there are countless ways you can put a fresh spin on this proven, previously published content - with a lot less effort than if you started from scratch.

One of the biggest challenges with creating a sustainable online business is the need to produce an unending stream of high-quality content and products that provide real value to your audience. Even the most inspired online entrepreneurs will eventually find themselves staring at a blank screen at one point or another.

Fortunately, there is a vast and largely untapped wealth of incredible material out there that is just waiting for someone - like you! - to breathe fresh, new life into it.

But There's a Catch...

Of course, you can't just go out and randomly grab any old content you find and assume its free for you to use. In fact, you can get into a lot of trouble that way!

Instead, you need to know how to determine whether or not a work falls in the Public Domain first and given the sheer volume of previously published material out there, that task can be a little intimidating, to say the least.

Fortunately, Tony Laidig's Public Domain Blueprint offers a complete road map for not only how to find useable Public Domain content, but also offers a wealth of suggestions on how to harvest that material and put it to profitable use.

I had a chance to dig into the Public Domain Blueprint course, and was really impressed with the wealth of material it contains. Like all of Tony's training materials, the Public Domain Blueprint is very thorough, very in-depth... and very inspiring.

As you progress through the training, it is impossible NOT to come up with a ton of great ideas of how you could create money-generating products or site content with this material. In fact, the biggest challenge may be narrowing all that material down to just that ONE thing you are going to focus on from start to finish to get it out there.

Tony is a very thorough hands-on teacher who is there with you every step of the way. He walks you through the entire process from how to select a niche and conduct copyright research to putting it to use in your business.

The 8 Module Video Training Series includes:

  • Public Domain Introduction and Course Overview
  • Public Domain Books
  • Public Domain Magazines
  • Public Domain Images
  • Public Domain Patents
  • Public Domain Government
  • Public Domain Audio
  • Public Domain Videos

While it is primarily described as a video training series, the material is presented in a variety of formats to suit your preferences.

Along with the in-depth video instruction, you'll also receive full transcripts for each video, plus PDFs of the slides used in each video. It is all VERY well organized.

A number of valuable bonuses related to each module, such as a master list of Public Domain magazines, are also included. That, and the professional Kindle Cover templates are two of my personal favorites!

You'll also get access to a Private Facebook Group where you'll get ongoing help, and can interact with & learn from others who are actively working with the course.

Who Public Domain Blueprint Is For: those in evergreen niches who want to get a jump on product creation or who simply want to add quality content to their blogs or websites on an ongoing basis. Just a few examples Tony uses include: photography, dog training, cooking/recipes and vegetable gardening.

Who Public Domain Blueprint Is NOT For: technology or other here-and-now markets. By nature, Public Domain content works best in evergreen niches, so if you write about the best iPhone apps, this isn't the best fit for you.

Check it out for yourself: Public Domain Blueprint

The depth of training and resources you get with this course are absolutely amazing!


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  1. Lynn and Tony, thank you for this special and definitely a lot of information shared.
    I never knew that there are a lot magazine write-up which can be used.
    I will be coming on board before 1st Oct and want to know more.

    Once again thank you Lynn, you always share the best
    Best wishes

  2. Cristian Stan says

    Oh, your tips are awesome! I have to put my hands on Tony's Public Domain Blueprint 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  3. very awesome tips! i wont have a doubt to check Tony´s Public Domain Blueprint!

  4. You'll really enjoy it. You'll be *amazed* at the wealth of information. The bonuses and resource lists alone make it well worth it - but the ongoing interaction with the private Facebook Group is the icing on the cake. 😉 Good stuff - Enjoy!

  5. This was perfect timing for me. I bought the corse and i have already saved myself hundreds of hours trying to research copyright status and laws. I have several new books planned and in the works. One tip he does not cover. Instead of buying old magazines you can get then at the library. I just hired someone in new york to go to the NYPL to scan some articles from very old are magazines there. Your local library can also request copies of articles from any library in the US.

  6. I need to look into this more! Sounds like a very compelling project to take on.

  7. Lynn: I bought the Blueprint and have had a ton of problems trying to download the transcripts. The zip file will never complete downloading. Also on the page that I was sent to, there was no link for the bonus Kindle Cover software or the other stuff such as the list of 1300 magazines that are in the public domain. I have submitted a support ticket and hope he will respond. But at this point, I am ready to ask for my money back.

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