Solavei Offers Great Prepaid Mobile Phone Deals

Guest Post by Jennie Pipkin

Do you know anyone who has a mobile phone, or do you have one yourself?

"Duh", you would probably say "who doesn't have a mobile phone these days?"

What if I told you about a great mobile phone company that offers unlimited voice, text, and data, 4G nationwide for a flat $49 per month, with no contracts...

Yeah, that is not a typo. What if I told you that you could not only get that mobile service for free but just for doing what you do every single day, using your cell phone, you could even make that simple every day thing profitable? If you could earn real cash for something you already do would be interested?

This is how it works; if you change your mobile phone service over to this new company and tell just 3 friends, and they switch over too, you earn $20 per month, plus fast action bonuses and you can tell as many people as you want to.

And the great thing is, if they also tell 3 people and those 3 people join, you get another $20 per month. No limits.

So what's the name of this mobile phone company you may be asking? I will tell you in a minute, but first I want to tell you a story...

Hi, my name is Jennie Pipkin, I am a single, work at home mother who lives in Arizona. I have followed Lynn's blog here at ClickNewz and forums for several years and learned so much. This is a great place to be! If you want to learn about making money online and internet marketing you can't beat the info Lynn shares or the friendly people here and on the forums.

I was recently looking for a new mobile phone as I was not satisfied with the one I have. My mother shared with me this new mobile phone service company which she had switched her mobile phones to. It looked so great to me, the price itself was enough to get me to switch, but when she showed me that I could earn an income from home just by telling people about it, that I could have the opportunity to not only get my cell service for free, but also build a steady and substantial business, not with lotions, potions, or pills, but just by people doing what they do every day anyway, using their mobile phone, I was very excited.

It was a no brainier for me and I signed up immediately.

The next day I received a FedEx package in the mail with a SIM card to use in my new phone. I was even more excited, told a few friends, and within 2 days I had 3 friends switch over and instantly had $20 per month off my phone bill.

Not only that, but this great company also gives matching bonuses. Since I referred my first 3 people within 60 days, I get a $50 bonus, and if I refer 9 more before that 60 days expires, I get a total of $650.00 in matching bonuses, besides the income I will receive every month that they remain members.

Do you see the potential here?

Okay, you may be asking, so let me in on this, how do I sign up and what's the name of this Mobile Service Company? This new company is called Solavei.

You can switch over or learn more at, but first, I recommend you watch this 6 minute video to really get a grasp for how Solavei works:

Mobile phones have become a second limb to where if we leave home without it we've left part of ourselves behind. Solavei gives people the opportunity to pay for a service they are already using, and have the opportunity to build some equity with that service. Solavei truly gives back to those who are it's customers.

You're probably wondering, so what's the service like?

Personally, I have had great service using Solavei, the only issue I had was setting up my voice mail. When I would press the 1 key and hold it down it would take me to my own voice mail to leave a message, not to check the messages.

I finally figured out that I had to manually punch in my number from my cell phone to access my inbox, check messages, and record my welcome message. After that it was a breeze.

There is also the issue of what phones are compatible for use with the Solavei service. The carrier for Solavei is T-Mobile, so anywhere you can get T-Mobile service then you will have service with Solavei.

Solavei offers 3 different models of Androids if you choose to go that way, but any T Mobile or AT&T phone would be compatible. The phone has to be able to take a SIM card.

My Mother switched from AT&T with her iphone. T mobile does not offer iphones. Because it was an AT&T she had to have it "network unlocked" to use the SIM card in her phone. If you choose to do this be sure to back up your photos, videos, and music from your iphone first because when you network unlock an iphone it resets the phone and you lose everything. So back up whatever you don't want to lose.

I did not have a compatible phone, and the Verizon flip phone I had was on it's last leg, so I purchased a T Mobile compatible flip, popped in the SIM card and have had no problems with it. A SIM card slot is usually located behind the battery in the back of the phone, so you will have to remove your battery to put in the card.

When you pop in the card and turn on the phone in will tell you your new phone number on the screen. Or you can have your same number you already have ported over when you become a member of Solavei if it has a contract. A prepaid phone number cannot be ported over.

"Okay that sounds so great," you may be saying "but I live where there is not T-Mobile Service, yet I know tons of people online and in person whom I could share this with who do." Well, with SOlavei they have a membership type called "Social Member without service" which is a person who wants to participate in the compensation plan but has no cell phone service. The cost for this type of membership is $149.00 per year and no monthly fees. SO that option is available if you do not have T-Mobile service but want to participate.

The only other complaint I found is the wait time when calling customer service, which for me has been as long as an hour. However, when you join Solavei you create a username and password to the website, and can not only leave questions for customer service at, but also customize the landing page with videos and email capture where you can send your friends, family and entire social network.

The great thing about Solavei is how it has utilized the power of social networking to help you share the great price, opportunity, and service. You can connect to your social networks; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, you name it and share it with others who also could benefit from such a great price and may appreciate a company who gives back to it's customers for sharing the opportunity to make real cash for what they do every single day.

Solavei also provides it's members with branded WordPress templates for those of you who love WordPress as much as I do ;). This makes it super easy to get a website up and running in no time with minimal web design experience.

They offer two templates. The first is a single page layout, which has a very simple and clean look, with the 6 minute video above imbedded as well as links for contacting you, joining, or learning more.

They also offer a multi-page template for a full blog layout with a contact form. Lynn can tell you of some great hosting sites that have WordPress as a one step install.

One thing I like about Solavei is the Tagline, which has been trademarked; "Powered by Relationships" TM. It's a great way to describe Solavei because it's not just a mobile service, but an entire Social Commerce Network focused on positively impacting peoples lives by making the services they already use not only less expensive, but also profitable.

Find out more about Solavei, including more in depth information about the pay plan or switch your mobile service today by visiting

Thanks and have a Great Day,

Jennie Pipkin

p.s. Remember, even if you live where there is no T-Mobile service you can still share this with friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and join in the compensation plan for a great home business opportunity, so go check out the website now at

Special: If you sign up before October 31st, and you're switching over from AT&T or T-Mobile with a compatible phone, they'll waive the fee for the SIM card and the October service! That saves you over $100. 😀

This post was sponsored by Jennie Pipkin

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  1. What a great review Jennie! So thorough. If we didn't have such a great deal with AT&T I might be tempted to look into this further.

  2. You're absolutely right about Solavei, Jennie. You're experience of excitement and telling others is exactly what is making this company "go viral". It's a great product at a great price, and it's super easier to share with others. I just keep asking myself, "Who wouldn't want to switch?"

    Thanks for the awesome review!

  3. Dean Ethridge says

    This is a great article on a great company. I'm a social member of Solavei as well, and just love what I'm seeing. So exciting to be building something so solid for $49 huh?? Social commerce is just really cool, and someday the masses will get it too. Best of luck to you as you are one of the visionary people that has made a great decision! Take care

  4. Great post on Solavei. I've been building the Solavei business for about a month now and love it.

  5. This is great Solavei post, not many direct marketing companies produce a product people actually need, and the skeptic that i am, I have nothing but good things to say about the company.

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