Get a Cool Virtual Spokesperson at Tweople (Talking Person on Website)

Did you know the attention span of people today has fallen to just 8 seconds?

And did you know... that a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds?

Getting (and keeping!) the attention of your visitors once they land on your site is crucial to your success online. Because if they're not sticking around, they're not clicking or buying.

Using a website spokesperson is one great way to keep people on your page longer, and engage them in your message. Like them or not, when done right - they've been proven to work.

Stick with me here, because whether you're interested in using this cool feature on your own website or not, there's a great affiliate opportunity as well. πŸ˜‰

Tweople Offers a Try-Before-You-Buy Option

Maybe you're not sure about using a video spokesperson on your site. With Tweople's 14-day "try it before you buy it" option, you can test it out and see for yourself if it improves engagement and conversions! (No one else does this...)

Be Your Own "Virtual Spokesperson"

If you don't like the idea of having a stranger "step onto your page" and talk to your visitors, there's also an option to shoot the video yourself so your visitors are actually seeing YOU when they visit your site. Tweople will walk you through the process of creating that video, or you can simply visit one of their studios.

Tacky or Professional?

Auto-play video, walking/talking people, unexpected audio, etc. I know - it can be annoying. Especially done wrong! But done right, like it or not, there's a reason marketers use these features and strategies. Simply put, they work.

And whether you personally like these website elements or not, the truth is in the testing. If you ran a test and found that an element dramatically improved your conversion rate, wouldn't you use it? Of course!

Fortunately you can do just that with Tweople's two-week trial. πŸ™‚

Good news, too! Tweople offers tons of controls and options for your Virtual Spokesperson. You can set it NOT to auto-play with a "click to play" button. There are other cool settings as well like shrinking and remain or close after playing, move from one side of page to the other, volume, order and even geo settings to allow a different message to play from visitors from other cities, states or countries.

What Does a Virtual Spokesperson Cost?

Tweople is rated 5/5 based on 63 reviews, and are called The Most Innovative Website Spokesperson Company Anywhere. They offer a number of services and packages to suit practically any budget, starting at just $29 for greeting templates.

They also offer advanced options, like playing different messages on different days - or different times of day (such as after business hours, for example).

You can see live examples throughout their website, and also check out all of their plans and rates:

If you can't yet afford the cost of the Virtual Spokesperson you want, there's a "Refer a Friend Program" where you can earn credits toward your package. There is also an affiliate program for their services...

Opportunity To Earn Money With Tweople

The majority of their potential clients don't know what to search for to find companies like Tweople. That's where the opportunity comes in for you! In addition to their Refer-a-Friend program, they have an Affiliate Program that pays you to share this cool service with other business owners.

As an affiliate you can earn 20% on Custom Website Spokespeople with an average order being $350. They also pay 50% on all Instant Spokesperson Themes.

Tweople alsos offers another option: affiliate websites where you can set your own prices above theirs, which are already wholesale. All you have to do is promote your website and they'll do the rest!

You can get more information on both options at:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts once you've checked out the Tweople website! Would you consider using this service yourself, or recommending this service to others as a reseller or affiliate?


This post was sponsored by Tweople and written by Lynn Terry.

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  1. Umm, so what you're saying Lynn is that the humble Goldfish concentrates for longer than us humans? I wouldn't disagree with that, having seen some driver's antics on the roads. Shameful though isn't it? I do however, love the idea of a spokesperson, but they would have to have a welsh accent! πŸ™‚ - Caroline

  2. Liz Jamieson says

    Caroline makes a good point about accents. I would need an Essex accent on mine - but I don't think they've got one of those either. Wouldn't stop me giving it a try. Just need to think of the right site to try it out on.

    The prices on this seem to be good if I understand them.

  3. Kate Luella says

    Yeah I like these, very corporate tho to me... they sound expensive too, but I've heard they convert well πŸ™‚

  4. I would definitely try this. The site doesn't seem to be loading though... I've tried in 2 browsers.

  5. The concepts of accent are interesting.
    If you are targeting a specific locale would it convert better with a similar accent?
    Or foreign languages

  6. cool i would try it

  7. This seems like a good offer. People would definitely like to see a good face on the website to welcome them and explain about the site. This engages the traffic for long and I would not mind using this facility for my site. At least I can try if it works well with me and then decide whether to buy it or no.

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