How To Start An Internet Business

I've read alot of articles about Internet Marketing, Affiliate and reseller jobs online... but I'm really leery of them.

I admit I do NOT know a thing about this stuff and so I'm probably an easy target for scammers, so I want to find out if this is truly a viable income and how can I get started? Does it yield a return quickly (as I've read before) and what do I need to know about it all??

Can you help me? Thanks! -Terri

When you research how to start an internet business, you should be leery!

Sadly there are countless scams out there, preying on your lack of knowledge. And many "opportunities" that are seriously misleading in terms of what to expect.

It's all very frustrating, I know. The truth is, it's not at all difficult or expensive to set up an online business. In fact, it's quite simple!

What You Need To Know First...

Yes, you can earn a great income online. Unfortunately there are many advertisements, programs, opportunities (and scams) that make it very confusing - and grossly misrepresent what you need to invest, and what you can expect in return.

The first thing you need to know is that an Internet Business is just like any other business. It's not the lottery or a "get rich quick" opportunity. Understanding that going in, and treating it like a business, is the key to getting started on the right foot.

The trick is in finding the right combination of business model and topic/niche for you specifically. Your business will be unique to you in many ways, so you want to keep an open mind when you're considering what you want to do - and why.

Expecting all the answers from someone else, or searching for a blueprint where you can just follow the steps without investing yourself personally, is an employee mindset. You want to get into the mindset of an Entrepreneur instead, and figure out what you can CREATE. Every business is an opportunity to express yourself, share your best talents and personal assets, and serve a market.

You may not know exactly what that business is going in, and that's okay.

Be flexible and be ready to learn and change as you go.

Your best ideas will come to you while you're actively working, once you dive in and get your feet wet - not while you're... researching. πŸ˜‰

But don't worry. It's not rocket science.

In fact, none of it is nearly as difficult as some people and programs make it out to be. And unlike an offline business, you can start an online business on a shoestring budget, and still build a very successful venture with HUGE profit potential!

How To Start An Internet Business... Successfully

Put some serious thought into it upfront because your business will become a very big part of your life. And done right, it will be something you seriously enjoy! I can tell you from firsthand experience that some business models are no fun at all - they're simply work. Even way more work than any "job" you've ever had.

See: How to Choose A Niche

Another thing I highly recommend is that you connect with people who are already doing what you want to do. Find a community or group of like minded people online where you can brainstorm and share resources. This will be invaluable while you're getting started and going through the steps of setting up your business.

I invite you to join us at the ClickNewz Forum. It's a great group of action takers and savvy online business owners on all levels!

And if you would like personal help with your business, every step of the way, see: Getting Serious About Making Money Online.

Once you've chosen a topic and model, everything else is just a matter of steps to get your business set up online. You'll likely have questions along the way, or you may need feedback about choosing the right niche - or angle within that niche. That's where a helpful community comes in. πŸ˜‰

Next, see How To Make Money Online For Beginners and follow the simple 10-Step Checklist at the end of that post to get started.

Take action today and get your successful Internet Business off the ground!


p.s. If you have questions about how to start an internet business, leave a comment below. I'll be happy to answer your questions, or direct you to a resource or free tutorial here on ClickNewz to help you through the step you're on. So ask away! πŸ˜€

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  1. I had done a little job on internet by investing some of my money but ,I got loss from it because it was scam.
    Your post is very good And after reading this. I am able to choose any best online bussiness for me.
    Thanks for this post

  2. That is some very good advice and it can save people from a lot of the pitfalls of internet marketing

  3. It's important to do a little research first before sending your money to a supposed to be legit business or work opportunity. Usually scams are listed on the internet and by researching you will not fall into the trap of these scam businesses.

  4. Im always researching this topic on the net and thinking of joining internet marketin, but i couldnt find which area to join. i will continue to read your articles.

  5. This is an excellent post. Really like this statement...

    "Your best ideas will come to you while you're actively working, once you dive in and get your feet wet - not while you're... researching."

    That is so true. I've just started out blogging and I've taken at least a dozen wrong turns already. Failing is a huge part of learning. Thanks for this post.

    Big thumbs up and a smiley face from me. πŸ™‚

  6. Heru Prasetyono says

    Great point, Terri. In online business we must act, do something, share good news and useful information which will add value to others. In this way we can make a good social networking which will build our online business. Good posting. Thank you very much.

  7. Kate Tyler says

    Hi Lynn, Just getting on board...I have a niche, but need more assistance w/ the key word research and a business model...smedia and marketing plan. Must hang out where I think my target market is to see what's happening...hoping the Elite group will assist me.


  8. Heru Prasetyono says

    Yes, we must start our internet business now. We can learn by doing. There are some good bloggers we can make as our models. And Lynn Terry is one of the good bloggers who gives me positive ideas and more motivations. Thank you Lynn, this posting adds me value.

  9. An Internet Business can be started with not knowing much about computers.To create a website you don't have to know HTML or CSS or PHP etc.No programming experience is needed.I know may successful internet marketers who are techno phobies!
    You have to be able to put yourself between the buyer and merchant to get commissions.The more you can do this the more money you can make!
    If you can solve peoples problems then you can succeed.
    You don't have to be interested in an niche or be an expert.You can do your homework and research it

  10. I'm glad you put a link to further information about niche research because that's such a crucial step in setting up an internet business. And you're right, networking is super important too. Good article.

  11. Lynn - you are SO right - you need to find something you absolutely LOVE doing - after all this is going to be what you are doing for many years to come hopefully! And - adding value to other people's lives is essential too!

    • Heru Prasetyono says

      Blogging will be very interesting and amusing when we can share what we love to do.
      It happens when we build a blog in our niche. It will last long.
      Find your niche and enjoy it.

  12. "I can tell you from firsthand experience that some business models are no fun at all - they're simply work. Even way more work than any "job" you've ever had."

    Definitely very true words.

    I've been through some or more of those myself.

  13. Too many come into this business thinking they do not need to invest any money and as soon as they find out there are costs involved they revolt screaming SCAM! Even when you prove to them the costs are nowhere near the costs for the average offline business they still have bitterness. Obviously somebody has been painting the wrong picture of making money online.

  14. Blossom Smith says

    Thanks so much for breaking it down to digestible steps. Thanks to your blog

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