How To Increase Profit: Residual Income Ideas

Last week I signed up to study the brand new DIY Profit Pipeline course by Carrie Wilkerson and Paul Evans.

It's specifically about creating digital products, and how to increase profit consistently by setting up a successful Product Funnel for your online business.

Every month you get a new report, an audio recording, and whiteboard training.

Each are chock full of highly focused actionable steps, in great detail, that you can implement in your business right away.

This course is not just about creating reports or ebooks, but a wide variety of digital products in various formats... to keep your market engaged and buying!

Creating products is one of the fastest and easiest ways
to dramatically increase your online income.

At only $27, this ongoing training is a steal. Especially considering the return on investment, given how incredibly profitable it is to have a product funnel in your business. Even a single product can make a HUGE difference to your bottom line.

DIY Profit Pipeline Review

I'm a big fan of the training that Paul Evans and Carrie Wilkerson put out. Mainly because they are doing what they teach, and they both do it very well.

I prefer to learn from those who "practice what they preach" and am always studying those who are successfully doing what I am working on myself.

The DIY Profit Pipeline course is not at all overwhelming, like many others on the market. It is delivered in easy-to-digest chapters, one per month, each on a very specific topic that helps you create your products and build out your product funnel.

Whether you prefer to read from your iPad or computer, print it out and make notes, or listen in via audio - you'll have the option that suits you best. Not only do you get the meaty PDF to download, you get the audio version too, and then the live Whiteboard Training that accompanies each module as well.

Module One: Setting Up Residual Income

I was excited the course started with this module, because recurring/residual (and specifically PASSIVE) income - has been a huge part of my business model over the years. It's what has afforded me the time off when I needed it, the opportunity to travel the world, and the freedom to live my life and run my business as I please.

The idea of taking that to a whole new level with a series of high quality products really inspires me! And this course couldn't have come at a better time, because that is exactly what I have been brainstorming and planning the last few months. 😀

The PDF file in this first module is a very detailed 41-page report on creating Residual Income Reports for your online business. And of course, this is something that can be (and should be!) done in ANY niche.

The topic is specifically about creating low-maintenance recurring income. The kind that doesn't require constant selling to make consistent sales. My favorite - lol! And it starts at the very beginning: choosing a topic, theme, branding & titling, etc.

Every single "how-to" is backed up with real life examples. You'll find this incredibly helpful in getting the creativity flowing as you go through the steps.

They also walk through ALL the technical aspects of product creation and delivery. It's a very well-done, detailed blueprint...

There's even a checklist at the end you can use to stay on track, and methodically work through the steps without overwhelm.

I love it, and I'm already anticipating Module Two. The great thing is though, I have just enough time to complete Module One before that one is released - which creates a nice window (and deadline) to complete the project. Perfect!

I highly recommend you check this out today. You'll be amazed at the detailed training and step-by-step help you can expect for only $27:

Expect exciting new products from me over the next year...

And I'll be watching for the same from you!

Here's to a super-profitable 2013!



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  1. I'm signed up too Lynn! Paul and Carrie have both given me advice this year that boosted my profits so I definitely want more of the same 😉

  2. I think i would try it so i will.

  3. I think I might give this a try. I'm looking for other ways to earn additional income and this could be it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes, very true, Product is a gem in the hand, my boss always advised me to create a product rather then service, Its way better comparitively. At present Blogging proven to be wonderful to me, but never know about the future of Blogging. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm signed up to it. All easy to understand modules and good strategies.

    Like you, Lynn, I like to have training off people who've already done it and know what they're talking about.

    Hope you're feeling better now.

  6. Low-maintenance is certainly my style! I love the idea of working hard now to reap the benefits later without that much work on my part.

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