Google Penalty Evaluation and Recovery

Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde just released a brand new FREE guide on Google Penalty & Recovery.

The title "PERP" stands for Penalty Evaluation & Recovery Program.

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Dan and Leslie are both highly respected SEO experts. This new guide is a must-have free download that explains what has changed and why, along with a step-by-step procedure for fixing various SEO problems related to the recent updates.

Here's a peek at the table of contents:

Not only do they explain what has changed with Google and why, but they also provide a step-by-step procedure for fixing the different classes of problems you may be experiencing with your site(s).

Then, to help you stay out of trouble in the future, they end the book with marketing methods that are safe and effective at increasing rank now - and into the future.

This 92 page document is completely free (an email optin is required) and there are NO promotional links inside. It's pure up-to-date content on current SEO issues and site recovery processes.

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  1. This is great. I would be interested to learn more about Google penalties and how to fix related problems. Thanks for the free guide!

  2. Google is probably the most important friend a business could have online, but you have to play by their rules. Too many businesses got involved in trying to \"buy\" rankings, and it doesn\'t work like that. Just like anything else, there are right ways and wrong ways of doing SEO. If you always strive to do things ethically and honestly, then you will probably never have to worry about getting hit by the next Google algorithm update or filter.

  3. i would like to learn more about Google updates so i can provide more quality with Google guidelines which i can be safe from all algorithms thanks for the guide

  4. Petra Weiss says

    I have just signed up and downloaded the PERP and am very much looking forward to dive into it - I have been hit hard by the latest Google Algorithm updates, and it would be nice to find out how to - if - I can recover from it. Thanks!

  5. i would like to learn more about Google updates so i can provide more quality with Google guidelines which i can be safe from all algorithms thanks for the guide...

  6. Jim Bulkowski says

    I would like Google to actually say what they want instead of talking in a cryptic nature. Our e-commerce store sells Photoshop actions and templates, it is hard to have stories with content when you are simply selling a product. How much content can each item have. I would think making up content for each item would not benefit a customer I would be doing it to please Google which from what I understand is EXACTLY what they DON'T want. But, if I don't have a lot of content or a comment on Photoshop actions then I don't get a good ranking. Why cant Google see its not possible for an e-commerce site to do what they want. It is so confusing since they don't want us to set our sites up to please Google but if you don't, they throw you to the bottom of the pit. This is so illogical.

  7. Rebecca Caroe ( says

    Lynn, thanks for getting this expert advice out here for us all to read.
    i haven't been hit at all by Google's penalties, but I always check a new site's SEO rating using a tool [tweet me to get it yourself].

    And I see you're at a Page Rank of 4 which is the same as me.
    What I find shocking is the number of so-called experts whose own websites just don't cut the mustard.
    If you aren't doing it well for your own website, how can you honestly call yourself an expert?

    Rebecca Caroe - New business development and coaching biz dev

    • Hi Rebecca,

      What you see is not actual PageRank. It's only "Toolbar PageRank" aka TBPR. Google does not reveal actual PageRank - never has, and I doubt they ever will.

      See: 😀

      • Hi Lynn,

        Seomastering provide a tool name PageRank Prediction ( Check: ). Though it's name suggest that it predicts PR but it actually gives you an idea of your real PR based on the quality and quantity of backlinks. For an instance, both of your site Toolbar PR is 4 but Rebecca site scores 5.15 ( Real PR ) whereas your website score 6.17 in PR prediction tool and since both of these PR can be categorized as High PR having just 1 number difference is still huge. Don't know about the algorithm they use but it do show a difference between real PR when you compare a website with another. BTW thanks for the free guide!

  8. Did this resource get taken down? I get an error page when trying to download. 🙁

  9. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for the resource. Now, I just wanted to find out what you thought about individuals not using SEO in their internet marketing efforts and just writing insightful content. I know that SEO has its benefits, but with so many changes in the horizon, wouldn't it be more logical to churn out great content and get readers by that virtue alone?

  10. I definitely was penalized and it was for site crawl errors. Google bot couldn't access my site when I tried to add a blog to my site last October. It is not WordPress, the site uses Volusion shopping cart so there is a lot of hand coding involved (and I am no coder). Because I messed up my site, Google wasn't able to access it and I tanked.

    Yesterday I noticed I am back on page 5 for my main keyword phrase. I used to be on page one. So hopefully I am coming back.

    My site has been up since 2006 and has years of good links to it, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    I am keeping up with my social media and guest building. Also thinking of using paid traffic if my rankings (and sales) don't improve soon.

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